Andy Heins: 8 Random things I love about my taildragger

Can it be? Another guy who loves his taildragger? You bet! Thanks to Andy Heins for sending in his 8 random things he loves above his Waco. Andy Heins is based at Moraine Airpark, Dayton, Ohio where we had our 2010 and 2011 Lady Taildraggers Fly-in and flies a 1935 Waco YKC-S. This is one incredible Waco and everything he says is 110% true. I wish I had a picture of the roll down windows he mentio... Read More »

Historical photos from the Robert Keith Armstrong collection

It’s impossible to love taildraggers and not be enamored with the history of aviation. How can you swoon over a Super Cub or an RV8 or a Rans S7 and not be in awe of the granddaddies that trekked the way for what we’re flying today? Even though I jumped “belly down” into the world of aviation when I was 19 (a few sky dives) no one in my family had any interest in flying. Th... Read More »

Susan Theodorelos’ “Thursday Adventure”

Susan and Andy are two of the most passionate aviators I know and they KNOW aviators from one end of this country to the other. Heck, make that around the world!! You’ll agree after reading Susan’s story …. I’m getting too old to stay up til midnight and get up at 0330 to catch a 0530 flight to Charlotte, NC! All that said… we headed out Thursday morning on a grand ad... Read More »

Allison Driver     (Tennessee)

Allison Driver (Tennessee)

Allison Driver is based at (KMBT), Murfreesboro Municipal Airport, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My name is Allison. I’m fourteen and I live in Murfreesboro, TN. I have been flying for most of my life. My grandfather, Ernest Betancourt, bought a Citabria ten years ago with the intention of teaching my sister and me to fly. My grandad has his CFI ratings. He recently started teaching me and alread... Read More »

Lady Taildraggers Fly-Low Magazine Cover

Hey girls, we made the cover of the March 2011 Fly-Low Magazine which is being mailed out this week!!! If you were at our lady taildraggers fly-in last August you’ll remember this fun flight – you may have even been in one of the other 6 or 7 (or was it 8?) taildraggers flying formation that Saturday night.  Me, I’m the one hopping a ride in this beautiful Great Lakes biplane tak... Read More »

I GOT TO FLY THE RNF!!! (Susan Theodorelos)

Susan Theodorelos wrote up a fun little story about her Saturday aviation adventures. Thanks for sharing with us Susan. Sure was fun finally bumping into you and ALL your friends!  Judy Got up yesterday morning…. met Brad down at the airport and hopped in the Grumman (yeah… I know…) and flew up to Urbana for breakfast to meet Daun and Kathy (visiting from Canada, eh?) who had alr... Read More »

Brooke Parsons     (Ohio)

Brooke Parsons (Ohio)

Student pilot Brooke Parsons is based at (5D6) Parsons Airport, Carrollton, Ohio. I live on a family airport. My dad, uncle, and grandfather all own airplanes. I have been flying since I was 2 weeks old. Last year when I was 14 I started to take more and more interest in flying so my dad got me started with a few books. My trainers are my dad, and grandpa Lee Parsons. He was so excited for me to s... Read More »

Lorraine Morris    (Illinois)

Lorraine Morris (Illinois)

Lorraine Morris is based at Poplar Grove Airport (C77), Poplar Grove, Illinois. I started flying in 1980 and started flying taildraggers in 1987 when I met my husband.  He had a 1950 Cessna 140A that he had learned to fly in, so he taught me to fly again (in the 140A) after not flying for 5 years before I met him. We have kept the 140A and I think I will go before it goes as it has been in the fam... Read More »

Herb Stachler (by Susan Theodorelos)

Sometimes things happen in life that, at first glance, start out “normal” and you then realize, how truly special they are!   We had the good fortune, through friends, to meet “Lil Herbie” — or Herb Stachler who, at 92 years old, looks and acts more like someone in his 70’s!  We met at our hangar as Sunday was the day we would take Herbie for rides in the Wacos.  We pl... Read More »

Susan & Andy’s flying adventure to Brodhead 2010!

Susan Theodorelos and Andy Heins flew the Waco to Brodhead, WI for the big fly-in Sept. 9 – 12.  Thanks for sharing your fun trip with us, Susan! “We flew a 1935 Waco YKC-S NC14620 –  My hubby’s plane … although I’m not checked out in the plane — I do a lot of the flying from point A to point B!  It is a great old bird — and it’s pretty much &#... Read More »

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