Lady Taildraggers 2010 Fly-in Video!!

Lady Taildraggers 2010 Fly-in Video!!

Hope you enjoy this short video I put together of our fun weekend with the girls (plus plenty of guys as you’ll see!!)  Turn the volume up and dance along to “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride….. Read More »

Fly-in Video and more from Saturday evening

Wouldn’t ya know we’d get a thunderstorm in Dayton Saturday afternoon, right when we’re trying to have a Lady Taildragger fly-in?! The good news is, it was hot as heck and the rain cooled us all down a notch. All the birds were pushed to temporary housing in several hangars on the field but the most beautifully jam packed, busting at the seams hangar was Susan & Andy’s.... Read More »

Mile Hi in a Highlander

Here’s a video of a Just Aircraft, Highlander that I got a real kick out of!  I’ve been wanting to see one up close and personal so I checked and they’ll be at Oshkosh.  Not only that, but LLT, Lynn Gardner will be there too.  Lynn completed hers in 2007.  I don’t know much about them other than they look like amazing short field take off and landing airplanes.  I know Just... Read More »

Valdez STOL Competition (EAA video)

Here’s a fantastic “aviation rodeo” video straight out of Alaska. The best 5 minutes you’ll spend in a long time! So how do these bush pilots do it? Some very wise words at the end of the video! Read More »

New Ladies Love Taildraggers “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” Video

New Ladies Love Taildraggers “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” Video

Hope you enjoy this new Lady Taildraggers video! It was fun adding some of our new taildragger gals and new pictures from some that have been on LLT a little longer.  Turn the volume up and enjoy! Read More »

GMC Commercial – Airplane Shot!

Cool video!  So what if there are no ladies in it …. so what if it’s really a commercial!?!  The NBA Finals are going on right now so basketball and a Cub on a grass strip works for me!  Double click to get the full screen effect. Read More »

Women from American Aviation

Here’s a quick, peppy little video I really enjoyed that seems to end with a challenge …… Read More »

Tina Thomas from Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois

From Tina Thomas at Poplar Grove Airport flying the 1941 Waco SRE! “Some wacky Waco flying over the weekend…first time out this season for T.O.L’s…Steve’s been playing producer of flying videos this weekend!” And if the Waco SRE isn’t a rare enough sight for you, check out Tina Thomas flying her 1930 Brunner-Winkle Bird this week! Thanks, Tina, for the 2 fun videos.  Makes me wis... Read More »

Fantastic Beach Flight Video

If you like the Beach Boys AND taildraggers you’re going to love this Cub flight from Winter Haven, Florida to St. Pete’s Albert Whited Airport past the Skyway Bridge and along the coast.  Greg Scott says we can all enjoy his little video and wants everybody to know he does not own the rights to the music.  Hey, this one’s a guy thing  – lady taildraggers understand some of... Read More »

The Infamous Ground Loop!

While airport hopping yesterday, Boyd and I struck up a conversation with a really nice guy flying a Cessna 180.  He said he’s been flying over 50 years, many of them in the 180, and in all that time had never been involved in any kind of incident or accident – until the day before!  He wasn’t the pilot and was just flying along with an old friend in his taildragger when things g... Read More »

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