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The Flying Lesson, A Short Film

The Flying Lesson, A Short Film

Many thanks to Dan Wilkins for discovering this wonderful little video. “The Flying Lesson” is a short film by Phil Hawkins featuring Jessica Blake and Richard J. Fletcher. It was shot in only 5 days on a shoestring budget but I think you’ll be surprised by the quality of the film making and the awesome Tiger Moth aerial shots. The cinematography is beautiful and the story will p... Read More »

Pilot Charlotte Zeederberg flies The Great Tiger Moth Air Race

Pilot Charlotte Zeederberg flies The Great Tiger Moth Air Race

The Great Tiger Moth Air Race Australia October 4, 2014 In memory of pilots who failed to return home to their loved ones after WWII The first Tiger Moth Air Race was run in 1977, in order to test the airman-ship of the many pilots who took part. Since the first Tiger Moth Air Race there have been 13 air races, the last being in 2003. The James Strong Memorial Great Tiger Moth Air Race revives thi... Read More »

Charlotte Zeederberg     (Australia)

Charlotte Zeederberg (Australia)

  Charlotte Zeederberg is from St Huberts Island, NSW Australia. I am an ex-South African, who learned to fly just before my 40th birthday in South Africa, and now fly a Tiger Moth out of an airfield, North of Sydney, Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Australia 6 years ago and we fly out of the ‘Home of the Tiger Moth’, Luskintyre airfield, NSW. My husband restored our Tig... Read More »

FLYING at the BMW Motorcycle Cookout

FLYING at the BMW Motorcycle Cookout

I’m blessed. I’ve had two great flying days in a row! Winter’s still hanging on here in Indy with a snowstorm brewing but yesterday the sun was shining, there was a crisp horizon line and we topped out at 49 degrees. I had an invitation to fly my Rans S7 south to a friend’s grass strip that I hadn’t been to in over 5 years, never by air. The event was a BMW motorcycle... Read More »

Valerie Phillips     (UK)

Valerie Phillips (UK)

Valerie Phillips is currently based at LAS, United Kingdom. I was put in touch with this site by Louise O’Grady.  I haven’t an amazing long distance flight like Lou’s in a powered aircraft add to my profile, but I have done 500+km in a glider. This is what I currently am doing. All the photos are some of the power taildraggers which I have flown in the last year. I fly gliders by... Read More »

Roni MacPherson   (California)

Roni MacPherson (California)

Roni MacPherson is based at (KSEE) Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego/El Cajon, California and flies a Piper PA-16 Clipper. Roni with her 1949 Piper Clipper I have a 1927 Travel Air 4000, 1929 Travel Air 4000, 1947 Luscombe 8A/F, 1949 Piper PA-16 Clipper, 1954 Cessna 180. – The Clipper is totally mine and I share the others with my husband who I met in 1979 when he gave my boyfriend and I a ... Read More »

Kerry Conner     (New Zealand)

Kerry Conner (New Zealand)

Kerry Conner is based at NZMS, Masterton/Hood Airport, Masterton, New Zealand. Hello, I am from New Zealand and own a flight training organisation specialising in taildragger training. The only aircraft I have for training ab-initio through to CPL are taildraggers. Available on-line we have a Piper Cub (100hp) no flaps, a Piper Pacer (160hp, 4 seat), a Cessna 180 and a Tiger Moth. I have over 3500... Read More »

Amanda Rutland    (New Zealand)

Amanda Rutland (New Zealand)

Amanda Rutland is based at CHC, Christchurch Airport, New Zealand. Pictures included are the C185 and the Tiger, as that’s what I’ve done the bulk of my flying in over the years. We have a lot of female pilots here in NZ, but unfortunately taildragger pilots in general (male or female) are becoming exceedingly difficult to find. If you want to get a rating on a new type it’s very... Read More »

Jacqui Manley     (UK)

Jacqui Manley (UK)

Jacqui Manley is based at a private grass strip, Swanborough Farm Airfield, West Sussex, UK. I fly as often as the weather is kind in a 2 seater Jodel, G-OABB Mascaret D150. I have held my PPL for 20 years, my first taildragger was a Jodel D112 , which we owned for 16 years, G-BPFD. Most of my flying has taken place in these two aircraft, although I have had some lucky rides around Sussex and over... Read More »

Flavia Lonardi     (Italy)

Flavia Lonardi (Italy)

Welcome to Flavia Lonardi! Flavia is based at the Airport of Boscomantico (LIPN) and flies a PA-18-150 hp Super Cub. I fly my PA18-150, tail number I-GOLF. I love it very much! I got my license in 2006 and I hope to became a mountain pilot too soon… The following two pictures are of I-GOLF at the ERZBERG Fly-in 2008 (Germany). For some remarkable pictures, check out the link to more pictures... Read More »

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