Peggy Fry     (Illinois)

Peggy Fry (Illinois)

Peggy Fry is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. I’ve been flying since 1992 when I was introduced to the world of aviation through a sightseeing flight in a Cessna 152. My husband Bob and I both got our licenses and bought a 1966 Cessna 206 so we could travel with our 3 children. I bought my 1946 Taylorcraft so I could escape the bonds of earth and enjoy flying in a ... Read More »

Ellen Northam     (Illinois)

Ellen Northam (Illinois)

Ellen Northam is based at KARR, Aurora Municipal Airport, Chicago/Aurora, Illinois.  Ran into Judy at Urbana, OH while flying a Taylorcraft over from Moraine, OH with friends for breakfast. Have been wanting to get my taildragger endorsement for a bit now, think this may be my year to get it! I fly a 1947 Bonanza on a regular basis and have enjoyed antique / classic aircraft for ages! Some of the ... Read More »

Pilot update from Carri Hoagland (Wisconsin)

Pilot update from Carri Hoagland (Wisconsin)

Thanks to Carri Hoagland for sending in this update. GREAT tcraft tail up shot by Geoff Sobering! Carri Hoagland is based at Y77, Bayfield County Airport, Iron River, Wisconsin. I fly a Taylorcraft, a Piel Emeraude and a Pitts. It requires you to be a better pilot with good stick and rudder skills. Read More »

Heidi Stoeppler, “Flying my Taylorcraft”

Heidi Stoeppler, “Flying my Taylorcraft”

Thanks to Heidi Stoeppler for sending in some great summer flying shots and a description of the fun she’s having in her Taylorcraft. Keep it up Heidi, you’re an inspiration! I flew out to Hot Springs, SD from Fort Benton, MT to start my shift loading SEATs for the summer. That was an adventure in itself. It got too hot so I stopped in Colstrip, MT for the night. Met some good people a... Read More »

Laurie Probst     (Wisconsin)

Laurie Probst (Wisconsin)

Laurie Probst flies out of both KMWC, Lawrence J Timmerman Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 57C East Troy Municipal Airport, East Troy, Wisconsin. I have my tailwheel endorsement (Maule Scholarship recipient Ninety-Nine in 2006). Wished I owned one, but currently fly my boyfriend’s Taylorcraft from the right seat. Otherwise, I have my Commercial ASEL, AGI, IR, and have been flying since 200... Read More »

Heidi Stoeppler: Flying the Taylorcraft over the Missouri River

Heidi Stoeppler: Flying the Taylorcraft over the Missouri River

Author:  Heidi Stoeppler This lovely little Taylorcraft will soon be mine! I’m super excited! Looking forward to all the adventures we’re going to have! Read More »

Heidi Stoeppler     (Montana)

Heidi Stoeppler (Montana)

Heidi Stoeppler is based at 79S, Fort Benton Airport, Fort Benton, Montana. I absolutely LOVE flying! I am working on buying a small taildragger to fly around in. Mostly to get hours (I want to be a crop duster some day) but also so I can explore the country and go to all the fly-ins! I am working on getting my tailwheel endorsement, so I don’t have it yet, but SOON. I’m also a member ... Read More »

Nudist Camp   (Contest Entry #5)

Nudist Camp (Contest Entry #5)

Nudist Camp by Gayle Crowder I’m in my thirties. Over the past few years, since I began flying, some of my best pals have become folks in their sixties. Other than my parents, I’d never really talked to people in that age group. I’m so lucky that my venture into aviation has delivered me these gifts of friendship. Otherwise, I’d have missed out on all sorts of crazy things!... Read More »

Sarah Rovner     (Texas)

Sarah Rovner (Texas)

Sarah Rovner is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. **Thanks for the pilot update Sarah!!** Since discovering the awesomeness surrounding conventional gear aircraft, I have made an effort to make most of my flying in these type of airplanes. After building time in a Champ to meet the insurance requirements, I began towing gliders at my local soaring club in a Piper P... Read More »

Shannon Gallagher is a PILOT!!

I have always been interested in flying since I was young but the timing just wasn’t right. Then about 4 years ago I met my other half, Chuck, who just happened to have a 1940 Taylorcraft. Soon after I started to take instruction at our local airport. After almost a year and a half of time my instructor backed out because of airport politics. At this point my student pilot cert was getting r... Read More »

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