Beth Ellis     (Pilot update from Ohio)

Beth Ellis (Pilot update from Ohio)

Beth Ellis is located at 2B6, Hollister Field Airport, Wilmington, Ohio. I have a PPL now and just got a SuperCub on Wednesday! I love love love this plane. I have been flying it every day as much as I can . Unlike our 172 I can just get it out by myself and go! It’s not like any SuperCub –it is mint green. Definitely stands out in a crowd. But it’s a sweet little plane! I fly it every day possible. If anyone sees it at a fly-in come find me and say “Hi”! And if anyone is doing a cross country and needs a place to stay stop in at 2B6. Thanks for the great Group of Ladies having love affairs with Taildraggers! Beth Ellis Cherrybend Pheasant Farm More about Beth Ellis...

Deb Nelson     (Arizona)

Deb Nelson (Arizona)

Deb Nelson is based at Casa Grande Municipal Airport, Casa Grande, Arizona and KEPM Eastport, Maine. Here’s a very cool email I received from Steve Trieber, the happy guy that’s married to Deb Nelson. I really want to meet them both! If you read through these updates, all sent by Steve, you’ll understand why I think husbands just don’t come any more supportive than him!  “It’s me, Deb’s husband Steve. I’m sending you another update on Deb’s adventures.” “Deb bought her dream plane last week. Pitot the dog, Broken the Cat, and I got to ride along on the re-position flight from KCGZ Casa Grande AZ to our home at KEPM Eastport, Maine.” “Not so sorry to say, but it won’t be a tail-dragger again until the lakes in Maine start to freeze.” “Girls and their toys” Ciao Maine Steve Trieber Eastport Municipal Airport Eastport, Maine ‘the easternmost airport in the USA’ ———- The following posted March 8, 2012 —————————– A very cool update about Deb Nelson from husband Steve Trieber. Congratulations Deb, on your Big News!! “Deb is now an official “Aeronaut “. She passed her balloon check ride with ‘flying colors’ a couple of days ago.” “Here’s our dog ‘Pitot’ thinking that all of his weight has helped with the post flight pack-up.” “Wintering, working & enjoy great flying weather in Arizona until it warms up a bit back east at ‘the easternmost airport in the USA’, KEMP, Eastport, Maine!” Best regards. —————-Following posted November 25, 2011—————- Here’s a surprise everyone can share in! Deb’s proud husband wanted to surprise her so he registered her on Ladies Love Taildraggers. Welcome Deb to our fun group of lady taildragger pilots! We’re anxious to hear more about your taildragger flying – and your hot air balloon flying too! Hi Judy, This is Steve, I filled out a registration application for my wife Deb Nelson. I’m signing her up as a surprise. I found your web-site in an aviation publication. I showed it to Deb and she loved it. She’ll find out soon. Deb loves to fly her Citabria 7GCBC. That’s her in the photo just about to land at KCGZ Casa Grande, Arizona. We’re based there in the winter and at the “Eastern most airport in the USA” KEPM Eastport Maine in the summer. We also have a hangar at KAST Astoria, Oregon. Her GCBC has flown back and forth between all of them. Our dog ‘Pitot Tube’ & cat ‘Broken’ also fly!! Thanks for including her in Ladies Love Taildraggers. I’m sure she’ll add more info & photos once she can log-in. Conventional gear is the best ! Best Regards, Steve Trieber...

Sue Schaffer     (Idaho)

Sue Schaffer (Idaho)

Sue Schaffer is based at KMYL, McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, Idaho and sent this update. Congratulations, Sue, on passing your private pilot written exam AND your new Scout, all decked out and ready for the backcountry! “Just wanted to send an update. In my last post I was procrastinating in my studies for the FAA written after my solo in a Supercub in Arizona. I passed my written, and have now returned to Idaho for the summer/fall. My husband and I did get our American Champion Scout, which now has a hanger home in McCall. I am continuing my flight training and hope to someday fly to all these great places near our home in New Meadows, by myself. The picture is of our plane at Johnson Creek, one of the best and prettiest backcountry strips – 28 minutes from McCall.  Can we just say WOW – to this great country we live in and the freedom we have! “ All the best, Sue ————- Following posted April 20, 2013 —————– Been married to a pilot for 33 years, and recently he got interested in back country flying.  Knowing that I couldn’t even sit on the back of a motorcycle, I knew I would have to do something about this flying thing, and I wondered if I could really learn to fly. We winter in Arizona and the initial thought was to take some back seat time in a cub and get used to it. After a half hour flight, I knew I was signing up for the whole deal. Since we are interested in taildraggers, I decided to go that route for my private certificate. Happy to say that I solo’d one day before my 52nd birthday in a Supercub on Friday, April 12th. Loved seeing all the smiles on the women on this website and thought I’d join…but really, I think I was just taking a break from studying for the written!...

New Pilot from New Zealand – Olivia Henwood has her ticket!

New Pilot from New Zealand – Olivia Henwood has her ticket!

Hot off the press from New Zealand, Olivia Henwood writes, “Once again you are heading into summer (in the US) and many flying adventures and down south we are trying to fly as much as we can before winter hits! Here is a quick update for you and the lady taildraggers!” I recently passed my flight test and had my private licence all signed off! I couldn’t wait to get my licence in my hot hands, luckily it only took just over a week to arrive. “Last weekend I took my first passenger up – friend and university supervisor, Catherine. We both share a love of New Zealand’s natural beauty, and I took her out west to Raglan and southwards down the coast over Kawhia Harbour.” “Included was a scenic around the seaward side of Mt. Karioi, and a couple of orbits over Bridal Veil Falls.” “I think this was the moment when reality sunk in and I felt like I’d finally got there!” “Enjoy the pictures and happy flying! I will be fueling my winter flying (or lack of) with all of your stories and photos 🙂 Cheers,” Olivia...

Favorite 2013 Pictures

Thank you Bill Tracy for the fantastic disc full of mostly Supercub pictures. I had a great time clicking through and admiring the hundreds of photographs that make up the 2013 screensaver. members from around the world submit their favorite flying photos which are compiled in a disc and the very best are featured in their 2013 calendar. I’m an airplane picture fanatic who dreams about Supercubs at night, so you know I was in heaven picking my personal favorites. Take a look….....

Joy Terral     (Arkansas)

Joy Terral (Arkansas)

Joy Terral is based at KAWM, West Memphis Municipal Airport, West Memphis, Arkansas. After years of being a certified airport bum, the cookouts, cards and lunch just were not enough – the urge could no longer be denied: I had to fly. After traveling around the country for years in a high performance Bonanza, a true love affair took off with the introduction to Super Cub Flying! Now we have the best of both worlds – Comfort and speed in the Debonair & Low – slow; open viewing from the thrill of a Super Cub. After meeting (airport manager) Montille on a flight home from Chattanooga, TN last year we decided to turn right back around a couple weeks later and attend our first “Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-In” at southwest Tennessee, KSNH, Savannah-Hardin County Airport. Can’t wait to return this year with the Super Cub and hopefully hop a few rides! Can’t wait for this season’s FLYIN’s. We are so looking forward to both Gaston’s and KSNH Savannah, TN! Best Regards, Joy Terral...

Follow up to “What taildraggers do the ladies fly?”

Follow up to “What taildraggers do the ladies fly?”

re·cal·cu·late /rēˈkalkyəˌlāt/ Verb. To calculate again, especially in order to eliminate errors or to incorporate additional factors or data. Alrighty people, because of comments and emails about the “official” numbers posted regarding what taildraggers the ladies love to fly, I’m back with this update. As always, your comments are very much appreciated. I’ve recalculated, grouping similar taildraggers together… within reason. This time I’m reporting actual “numbers” vs. “percentages” but again, don’t take my numbers to the bank. As Natalie McHaffie wrote in her comment, “And here’s a good example of “you can’t keep up to date”. I sold my Pitts last weekend!”  My goal is to get as close as I can to reality and not shortchange any taildragger types! Starting with the third most popular group… Cessnas #3; 120, 140, 150TD, 170, 180 & 185 – Total 49 —- Aeroncas #2; Champ, Chief, Citabria & Decathlon – Total 54  — And at Number One Pipers #1; J3, J5, PA-11, PA-12 & PA-18 (only tandems) – Total 68. (Add in Cub clones & you’re up to 74) What I thought was the most interesting is that over 50% of our members fall into one of these groups.  And for the many onesie, twosies like a Warner Air Sportster, Whittman Tailwind and Summer Martell’s Student Prince – you’re in the rarer breeds that we love to read about. Keep flying and send in your updates ladies!!

An Alaskan Update from Joy Smith

An Alaskan Update from Joy Smith

I love getting updates from our pilots so I couldn’t have been happier when I received a nice email with a few pictures from one of our own, Joy Smith, of Alaska. Joy moved to AK from McCall, Idaho the summer of 2010 and is based at a private airstrip that is very isolated. This is one lady who is passionate about her flying! She loves Alaska but being isolated, tells me how much she misses the fun flying in the lower 48. Joy has a couple of GREAT taildraggers, a Supercub and a Cessna 180 Skywagon. “Thought I would send a few photos of my Cub and I from a few flying trips of the past year. Enjoy your postings. LLT became a very active group just as I moved to Alaska.” “I enjoy Alaska very much for the long winter and Nordic skiing, my other passion. Thanks for your great work with LLT. Also thanks for choosing my Supercub to be the representative Supercub in your posting about what the ladies are flying.” “Look forward to getting to some flyins when I move back South.” Merry Christmas, Joy Smith...

Stefanie Spencer     (Arizona)

Stefanie Spencer (Arizona)

Stefanie Spencer is based at E95, Benson Municipal Airport, Benson, Arizona. I’m not sure when my love for flight began, but building model airplanes with my Dad when I was young might have sparked my interest.  I remember later on, maybe when I was 10 yrs. old or so, being admonished, “Flying is only for rich people, and we are not rich.”  I might have put my dreams of flying aside, but they never left the back of my mind.  Fast forward about 15 years… I finished school, married a fabulous guy with two beautiful daughters, and together we started a business.  I hadn’t thought about flying this entire time, until… As 2004 drew to an end, I was going over our business needs and realized how beneficial it would be if we could get around to our customers faster. We often travel to out of the way military facilities all around Arizona and New Mexico, and sometimes up to Nevada, so having an airplane would be perfect – and I always wanted to learn how to fly!  I was so excited and told my husband, but the first words out of his mouth were, “Are you crazy!?” I convinced him to go with me and we both did an introductory flight lesson. He began to warm up to the idea, and we both really enjoyed the flight.  I told him there was one catch – for tax reasons we had to have the plane purchased and paid for within the year, and it was already the end of November. He had one month to figure out what kind of airplane we should get, find it for a good price, inspect everything, and have it delivered, quite an exciting challenge.  On December 30th we both stood at the airport and watched our beautiful 1979 Grumman Tiger arrive in Benson, AZ (E95).  I felt so blessed, and life has never been the same! We spent the following months learning how to fly from a wonderful instructor in Benson, Eric Seabase, and I passed my check ride in June (2005).  The Tiger did a great job of getting us to all of our customers, and as our first plane will always have a special place in my heart, but the backcountry dirt strips were out there just beckoning us to come.  After way too much time spent watching Cubs Gone Wild on YouTube, the new wish was to get a Cub.  In December of 2009 we bought a 2005 Cubcrafters Top Cub. *  I wasn’t so sure at first that I wanted to fly a taildragger. I had heard that they were sooooo difficult to fly and thought I would ground loop it and tear up a beautiful plane.  I was only a passenger for the next year, and we did start flying to some really cool backcountry strips here in AZ, before I finally got up enough nerve to step up to the front seat.  I started lessons in a 1956 Cub with much smaller tires. It was quite a shock looking at a panel with hardly any instruments, definitely not the dual Garmin 430 panel I was used to.  The next lesson I learned was that those foot rests on the floor actually had a purpose!  I will say that learning to fly and land the Cub was definitely difficult, and may have brought me to tears on occasion, but the pride of having succeeded was so satisfying.  It was worth every minute.  Now after flying it for some time, I have really come to appreciate its capabilities, and I love the tundra tires.  To me, the disadvantage of the Cub is that it is slow.  It can take you anywhere; however, at 100 mph it isn’t exactly getting there anytime soon.  We started looking for a more efficient way to travel  around the Southwest to our customers, and that brings us to our next plane, an RV-8.  I guess we finally took the plunge into the dark side – experimental aircraft.  This year we purchased Blondie, a 2009 Osh Kosh Lindy award winner, meticulously built. The 200 mph speed at 8.5 gph is just awesome.  It has been another trial learning how to land it smoothly, but I appreciate a good challenge.  I used to think that most tailwheel pilots were just really arrogant, but I have come to appreciate the skill required and I think it is great for them to be proud of their accomplishments; it’s not easy!  Through all of interactions in the aviation community, we have made so many great friendships and have become more involved in promoting aviation and preserving backcountry airstrips.  My husband, Mark Spencer, now volunteers as the Arizona State Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation, and I volunteer my time to be the Webmaster for the Arizona Pilots Association.  It has not been without heartaches, when a fellow pilot crashes or passes away I second guess everything, but still I’m so happy when I’m flying, feel so blessed and privileged to be a part of this community, and I could never go back!...

Louise O’Grady     (Australia)

Louise O’Grady (Australia)

Louise O’Grady is based at YBLA, Benalla Airport (BLN), Benalla, Victoria, Australia. My first ever flight was in a Chipmunk, when I was an Air Cadet at 13! Well before my first flight, I had a fascination with aviation. I am not really sure where it came from, as none of my family or friends where involved in Aviation. Amy Johnson was from my home town, Hull, Yorkshire UK. I use to walk past her statue in Hull city centre, and she fascinated me! I took up gliding when I was 23 and shortly afterwards I did my PPLA. I didn’t do a great deal of ‘noisy’ flying as I called it, as gliding was my first love. I really didn’t find flying with an engine much fun really, it was noisy and bumpy, and to be honest, pretty boring. About 1.5 years ago, I got my Tailwheel endorsement, which I did in a Supercub VH-CUB. A very expensive endorsement it was too, as I eventually bought a Supercub with my partner Tim. VH-HFT.  I have qualified as a glider tow pilot and I now fly the Pawnees and the Scout. Flying tailwheel’s are so much fun, and challenging! So after discovering ‘Tailwheel’s’ I no longer find flying with an engine boring! I have met so many great people since flying tailwheels and I have had so much fun! I have recently returned back from a trip with the Australian Antique Aircraft group, we flew from Melbourne to Perth – return. It was a fantastic trip, a holiday of a lifetime! My ambition is to fly Supercubs in Alaska, on Ski’s and floats and do some bush flying. There is so much to learn, and so little time! Maybe I will get to meet some of you taildragger gals out there! Louise O’Grady Lou’s Cross-country flight Across Australia...

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