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Father-Daughter Arrival    (Contest Entry #6)

Father-Daughter Arrival (Contest Entry #6)

Father-Daughter Arrival August 28, 2013 by Brian Lansburgh At fifteen, she’s one of the youngest students I’ve taught.  Predictably, she learns fast.  Couple that with a lot of natural ability and interest and you’ve got a student who is great fun for a teacher. Her father flies and uses his Bonanza for business.  Her mother is taking instruction as well.  Aviation has served as a majo... Read More »

Does it get any better?!!

Does it get any better?!!

Does it get any better than this?! Martha Richards solos in 1989 but does not continue and get her private pilot license. Martha Richards’ husband is a pilot, owns a Cessna 195 and invites Martha to fly to the 2013 Lady Taildraggers Fly-in with him. Martha rarely flies with her husband but decides to come to Savannah and see what this lady taildragger stuff is all about. Martha has a great t... Read More »

Looks like Madeline Norcross is getting awfully close to soloing

Looks like Madeline Norcross is getting awfully close to soloing

Young ladies that passionately want to fly inspire the heck out of me! Something tells me 15 year old Mandeline Norcross is going to have that effect on a lot of people! One thing I happen to know about Madeline is, she LOVES Wacos. Her dad sent me this note and the link to a short video I have to share with you…. “As a proud dad, I couldn’t help sending you a QUICK VIDEO of  Mad... Read More »

Lisa Grant     (Indiana)

Lisa Grant (Indiana)

Lisa Grant is is a student pilot based at KGFD, Pope Field, Greenfield, Indiana. Lisa Grant & 1947 Cessna 120 I have been married for 26 years and was introduced to planes through my husband. Almost all if them were tail wheels, which of course I found out were the best and the most fun to fly in. It will be amazing once I get my pilot’s license and can go up on my own. Lisa works at Ind... Read More »

Hannah Elliott     (California)

Hannah Elliott (California)

Hannah Elliott is based at KRNM, Ramona Airport, Ramona, California. HI, my name is Hannah Elliott. I am 17 years old and I am learning to fly in a Citabria. I LOVE IT!!!! I should be able to solo hopefully this month. I am looking to make a career out of flying. I will be a senior in high school this fall. I live in a small town in the mountains outside of San Diego, CA. Thanks 🙂 Hanna Elliott &n... Read More »

Madeline Norcross      (Missouri)

Madeline Norcross (Missouri)

Madeline Norcross is based at KSTJ, Rosecrans Memorial Airport, St Joseph, Missouri and was introduced to me by her dad in the following email; Dear LLT, My 15 year old daughter is in the beginning stages of getting her license.  She is CRAZY about Wacos!  She has taken a few lessons in everything from a Piper Tomahawk to a Pitts.  I think she would like to get involved in an organization like you... Read More »

Dorothy S Guinn, future taildragger Queen!

Dorothy S Guinn, future taildragger Queen!

Ladies, this is what its all about. Everybody knows our members love to fly and love their taildraggers but witnessing new people …. new women people!!…. getting the bug to fly is so awesome! Here’s a personal story from Dorothy Guinn from Savannah, Tennessee, a non-pilot who came to our LLT fly-in and desperately wanted to go flying. From Dorothy S Guinn’s Registration: Yo... Read More »

McKenzie Manning      (Tennessee)

McKenzie Manning (Tennessee)

McKenzie Manning is based at 2M8, Charles W. Baker Airport, Millington, Tennessee. I’m a 16 year old student pilot. I did my first solo on my birthday in December. Learning to fly my grandfather’s Citabria 7GCBC has been such an amazing bonding experience for us. He’s such a great instructor! I hope to get my license on my birthday in December!! – – – McKenzie M... Read More »

Janet Piper     (Tennessee)

Janet Piper (Tennessee)

Janet Piper is based at Sumner County Regional Airport, Gallatin, Tennessee. I am a pilot in training.  Working on my license in my 1967 Cessna 150, but looking forward to my taildragger endorsement so I can fly our 1940 Piper J-3 Cub. – Read More »

Allison Driver     (Tennessee)

Allison Driver (Tennessee)

Allison Driver is based at (KMBT), Murfreesboro Municipal Airport, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My name is Allison. I’m fourteen and I live in Murfreesboro, TN. I have been flying for most of my life. My grandfather, Ernest Betancourt, bought a Citabria ten years ago with the intention of teaching my sister and me to fly. My grandad has his CFI ratings. He recently started teaching me and alread... Read More »

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