Debbie King     (Texas)

Debbie King (Texas)

Debbie King is based at KADS, Addison Airport, Dallas, Texas. I fly a Falcon 900 B/C/EX and warbirds. I’m stick & rudder master class training with Brian Lansburgh right now at Sisters Airport, Oregon.     Read More »

Ginny Stromberg     (New York)

Ginny Stromberg (New York)

Ginny Stromberg is based at KITH, Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, Ithaca, New York. Update Summer 2016 Home base still KITH for now…  But I was in Northern NJ for the last two summers. I spent last summer (2015) flying around Andover NJ in a SuperCub decked out for flying the Bush. It was part of a course in learning bush flying techniques. Once that was completed, summer 2016, I started l... Read More »

Thank you to our Veterans from Diane Sokolowski

Thank you to our Veterans from Diane Sokolowski

Saluting our Veterans! Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2015 Freedom to Fly…Thanks Veterans!! Continuing to spread the passion of LadiesLoveTaildraggers! Diane       Diane Sokolowski Pilot Profile Read More »

Jen Topper     (Oregon)

Jen Topper (Oregon)

Jen Topper is based at KBDN, Bend Municipal Airport, Bend, Oregon. Helicopter CFI with a passion for taildraggers! I aspire to have as much gumption as pioneering aviators Pheobe Omlie, Louise Thaden and Marvel Crosen. Why taildraggers? Is there anything else? Oh right. No thank you on the training wheels. Additionally, I’m a wing walker and the way to my heart is through a Stearman! Read More »

Mona Polson (Folstad)     Texas

Mona Polson (Folstad) Texas

Mona Polson (Folstad) is based at 52F, Northwest Regional Airport, Roanoke, Texas. Mona’s airplane-of-choice is N621SR – a 1942 Stearman with a 450 HP radial engine (fill the oil and check the gas, please!) This is the same airplane used in the Clint Eastwood Movie “Space Cowboys.” Her father, Hartley Folstad, flew the Stearman stunts for that movie. It was red back then with no cowl or pants (the... Read More »

Dawn Wavle Rogers     (Kansas)

Dawn Wavle Rogers (Kansas)

Dawn Rogers and her husband are based at their uncharted grass strip south of Wichita, Kansas. I have been flying since 2007. My husband Ross Rogers and I live on our own grass strip south of Wichita (uncharted). We have a Cessna 140 and a 172. Last fall we bought a Stearman. I’m looking forward to getting checked out in it after I get some more time in the 140. I mostly fly for fun but occa... Read More »

Shannon Perdue     (Texas)

Shannon Perdue (Texas)

Shannon Perdue is based at 50F, Bourland Field Airport, Fort Worth, Texas. I’m a third generation pilot, thanks to dad and grandpa before me! I’ve been around planes my whole life, but didn’t find my passion for it until I was 18. I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m currently trying to get my Instrument rating and finish up my last semester of college and commission into... Read More »

Peggy Bates     (Minnesota)

Peggy Bates (Minnesota)

Peggy Bates is based at KFBL, Faribault Municipal Airport, Faribault, Minnesota. I learned in our 1940 Aeronca TC65. It started it’s life with a 55 hp engine. It now has a 90 hp engine. I have about 250 hrs in it. I flew it once to AAA fly-in in Blakesburg. We won several awards that year. Our other Airplane is a 450 hp Stearman. Read More »

Juliet Lindrooth     (Pennsylvania)

Juliet Lindrooth (Pennsylvania)

Juliet Lindrooth is based at North East Philadelphia Airport (PNE). Well it’s been quite a couple of years since I updated my comings and goings. First things first. September 2011, I returned to my job at American Airlines. I am now flying the B767 on long haul international routes. I have to say, I’m having a ball visiting all those exotic European, South American and Caribbean countries. When I... Read More »

Victoria Holt     (Texas)

Victoria Holt (Texas)

Victoria Holt is based at T26, Flying V Ranch Airport, Louise, Texas. I learned to fly in gliders so its just natural to me to fly with my feet constantly moving! I am lucky enough to be able to fly for a living but those planes lock out the pilot’s feet and hands most of the time! I am checked out in the Stearman, the Cub, the Champ, the Husky, Bird Dog and the Scout. Second only to the Ste... Read More »

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