Seaplane rating

Tanya Griffie     (Washington)

Tanya Griffie (Washington)

Tanya Griffie is based at KTUS, Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona,  KPAE, Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field) and S43, Harvey Field Airport, Snohomish, Washington. I am originally from Lynbrook, NY but I currently split my time between Tucson, AZ and Seattle (Everett), WA. I have been flying for almost 5 years and am a flight instructor with my CSEL, CSES and CMEL ratings. I love to... Read More »

Olson Fenwick     (Idaho)

Olson Fenwick (Idaho)

Olson Fenwick is based at D28, Tanglefoot Seaplane Base, Cavanaugh Bay, Idaho. From my first introductory flight in 1988 I was hooked! I still have my first plane we bought that year, a Lake Renegade. My husband soon bought me a beautiful 450 Stearman for flying aerobatics. * Today, I enjoy flying the Back Country of Idaho. I am very proud to be both a lady seaplane and taildragger pilot. * We hav... Read More »

Sue Tholen     (Maine)

Sue Tholen (Maine)

Sue Tholen is based at KSFM, Sanford Regional Airport, Sanford, Maine. New pictures from Sue Tholen! …. Actually, they’re not new at all and I owe Sue an apology. She sent me these 2 great Super Cub pictures late last summer and they got buried in my emails.  I’m sorry Sue. This just proves it – I need a new picture filing system!! Sue has CFI and CFII, Airplane Single Engi... Read More »

Pat Ohlsson     (Florida)

Pat Ohlsson (Florida)

Pat Ohlsson is based at 7FL6, Spruce Creek Airport, Dayton, Florida. I started flying in 1974 at Islip Airport, Long Island, New York. Since that time I have had a great time flying and over the years earned Commercial SEL, SES, (Instrument) MEL, (Instrument) Glider, Instructors license and ground instructor. Also ground school for DC8 flight engineer. Passed with a 98%, higher than a friend of mi... Read More »

Tia Robertson     (Georgia)

Tia Robertson (Georgia)

New pictures from Tia!! Tia Robertson is based at 5GA4, Air Acres Airport, Woodstock, Georgia. I earned my private pilot license in a Luscombe 8E March 8th 1981. A few days later the Luscombe and I were on our way to the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in! I continued to build time and add an instrument & multi-engine rating, commercial, CFI and a few years later was flying Jetstreams for a commuter in Atlanta.... Read More »

Kim Ewing    (Georgia)

Kim Ewing (Georgia)

Kim Ewing is based at Gwinnett County Airport (KLZU) Lawrenceville, Georgia. I began flying in 2006, right after I graduated from high school. My aunt and uncle own and operate Bermuda High Soaring School in Lancaster, South Carolina and I learned how to fly in gliders with my uncle as my CFIG. After that, I was definitely “bitten by the bug”. At the time, I was attending college in SC... Read More »

Lisa Haag    (Texas)

Lisa Haag (Texas)

Lisa Haag is based at Covey Trails Airport (X09) Fulshear, Texas and flies a Stearman and Cessna 140. “I have my Commercial, Instrument, Multi, and Single Engine Land and a Commercial Single Engine Sea rating.” I got my taildragger sign-off 10 years ago in our Stearman N2S3, and I also have a Cessna 140. I have flow a little bit corporately, but mainly just fly for fun. I live at a gra... Read More »

Tracy Salmi     (Texas)

Tracy Salmi (Texas)

Tracy Salmi is based at 44TE, Shirley Williams Airport, Kingsland, Texas. * Tracy Salmi with her Cessna 170 Neil Salmi and I were married in January and we have bought a hangar home on 44TE in TX. I sold my home and hangar in KS. Still have the C170.  Am a CFII multi engine instrument  land /single engine sea. I enjoy flying and the people that fly and build airplanes. Read More »

Bobbi Boucher  (Virginia)

Bobbi Boucher (Virginia)

Meet Bobbi Boucher,  A&P, IA, & CFI based at  Shannon Airport (EZF) Fredricksburg, VA and builder, pilot and owner of this RV-4. This white, pink and gold RV-4 pictured was built and test-flown by Bobbi Boucher over a period of six years – all 14,820 rivets; no quick-build for this girl!  The plane first flew in January 1998 and has since accumulated 402 hours.  N2QT is powered by a ... Read More »

Anne Wright     (Michigan)

Anne Wright (Michigan)

Anne flies a PA18 Super Cub out of Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (KARB), Michigan. Anne Wright meeting friends at a grass strip in Michigan for lunch I earned my PPL in Sept. 1995 and got my seaplane rating in Feb. 2009. About 800 hours, almost half in my Super Cub which my husband bought for me as a surprise in June 2002!  I mostly fly locally, Michigan, Ohio & Wisconsin but sometimes venture a... Read More »