Christina Patchett    (Arizona)

Christina Patchett (Arizona)

Christina Patchett is based at KAVQ, Marana Regional Airport,¬†Tucson, Arizona and flies a RV-6. I got my license in the family Cessna 182 in 2008 but it didn’t take long before I was tailwheel endorsed for my family’s RV-6 in 2009. Our RV-6 has a modified cowling to fit the IO-360. In October 2009 at Copper State Fly-in, I got the chance to fly right seat in a Lockheed 12, a tailwheel unlike any other. Our Tucson 99s chapter makes the shirts on and we buy a bunch. I am the vice-chair for our Tucson Chapter. I spend most of my time flying either an RV-6 or 1960 Cessna 182. The top photo in this next picture is from our first long, cross-country to Wichita, KS during Memorial Day Weekend this year (with Kelly Moran). When I found this website today, I was absolutely ecstatic!! Thanks again for an amazing website! Christina Patchett...

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