The Wonderful World of Obsession

The Wonderful World of Obsession

This is about the wonderful world of obsession as it relates to one lady taildragger pilot. And mind you, not just any obsession. By definition, obsession is a state in which someone thinks about something constantly or frequently in a way that is not normal. Seriously? A lady taildraggers pilot not normal? Well just maybe. Obsession is a crazy thing but lady taildragger pilots do not obsess about... Read More »

Gayla Maas     (Texas)

Gayla Maas (Texas)

Gayla Maas is based at 50F, Bourland Field Airport, Fort Worth, Texas. I learned to fly with Edna Gardner Whyte in her Cessna 120. I bought a Cessna 140A not long after soloing Edna’s 120. I’ve been hooked on taildraggers from the beginning! After a several year hiatus from flying, (life happens), I recently bought an RV6, so I am looking forward to more fun and new adventures. Read More »

Test hop pix

Test hop pix

Author: Cathy Testing one, two – testing. Far away and close up pix. Read More »

Karen Kalishek     (Wisconsin)

Karen Kalishek (Wisconsin)

Karen Kalishek is based at KGRB, Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay, Wisconsin. I began flying at the mid-century mark, got bitten by the aviation bug and have become increasingly passionate about flying over the past 8 years. Only a few weeks into lessons I discovered a deep attraction for antique aircraft and earned my tailwheel endorsement with ink still wet on the private pilot l... Read More »

Ladies love to fly taildraggers!

Ladies love to fly taildraggers!

The ladies are out there everyday, everywhere, doing what they love and proving ladies really do love taildraggers! Aune Price (Illinois) Pilot Profile Amy Gesch (works for Wipaire Inc.) Cathy Page (Arizona) Pilot Profile Jan Johnson (California) Pilot Profile Casey Erickson (California) Pilot Profile Diana Votaw (Missouri) Votaw Aviation Pam Fowler (North Carolina) Pilot Profile   Read More »

Cathy Page: 8 Random things I love about my taildragger

More Random things the gals love about their taildraggers!  Cathy Page flew her RV6 all the way from Tuscon, Arizona to Savannah, Tennessee for the Lady Taildragger Fly-in so there’s not much doubt there’s plenty random things she loves about her fast little RV. #1 It humbles me, daily. #2 Once in a while I get it just right and that landing feels so good. #3 It looks cool, even in the... Read More »

Cathy Page    (Arizona)

Cathy Page (Arizona)

Cathy Page is based at Ryan Field Airport, (KRYN) Tucson, Arizona and flies an RV6. I found out about your site from my friend Summer Martell who flew her Student Prince out to Ohio from West Washington last summer for the LLT fly in. Looking forward to meeting some as time goes on. I may even be able to piece together coming out to the fly-in coming up next month, if the stars align. Maybe even f... Read More »

Dianne Hart     (South Australia)

Dianne Hart (South Australia)

Dianne Hart is based at Port Lincoln Airport (YPLC), South Australia. I learnt to fly around 20 years ago in an Australian built Skyfox (similar to a Kitfox) not realising that it was one of the more difficult of taildragger aircraft to land. Eventually I mastered it and still absolutely love the challenge of landing that particular aeroplane. My husband Michael and I purchased a 60 acre property ... Read More »

Stephanie Wells  (Colorado)

Stephanie Wells (Colorado)

Update from Stephanie “My RV-6 is very basic and turns 20 this year, with about 1300 hours on it, and it still looks and flies great.  BTW, I’m building an amphibian – pic attached – also a taildragger.  Hopefully it will fly this spring, and I hope to take it to Oshkosh and land in and camp at the lake.  Won’t be doing the ARC this summer – it’s a pretty ... Read More »

Marta Perez de Segura    (Argentina)

Marta Perez de Segura (Argentina)

Update January 17, 2011: Scroll down to see link to article about Marta  Newest Pilot Update January 14, 2011: 1/14/11 Congratulations to former student pilot Marta Perez de Segura who sent this email from Argentina, “Tomorrow I will be a pilot”! “Next week I will be a pilot. I study in a Cessna 152. My husband and I own a Vans RV6. We feel so good in the air.  We live in La Pamp... Read More »

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