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Judy Birchler     (Indiana)

Judy Birchler (Indiana)

Thank you for visiting LadiesLoveTaildraggers. My name is Judy Birchler, founder and president of the LadiesLoveTaildraggers organization and web-host of www.LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com. LadiesLoveTaildraggers is a loosely bound group of dynamic women pilots drawn together by one shared love – flying conventional gear aircraft, a.k.a. taildraggers! LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ first post was... Read More »

Should It Stay or Should it Go?

Should It Stay or Should it Go?

It’s been an emotional week for me but, truth is, it all began months before 3rd Class Medical Reform passed and was signed into law. So what’s going on? First I should say, I’ve held a private pilot ticket since I was 21. Five years ago I made the difficult decision to exercise my right to fly light sport privileges and forgo the whole medical thing. Even though it seemed ridicu... Read More »

Rudder Cable Incident, Rans S-7

Rudder Cable Incident, Rans S-7

If you’re on Facebook, you may already know about my incident while attempting to depart my airport yesterday evening. I want to thank all my Facebook friends for your comments, especially your suggestions and recommendations. It’s pretty amazing that I can have a problem, post pictures on Facebook and have real time, immediate, knowledgeable and useful information just that fast. You ... Read More »

Flying the Rans S7 with Jessie!

Flying the Rans S7 with Jessie!

Saturday was a spectacular flying day, all the better because my wonderful daughter Jessie joined me. Flying the S7, we formed up with a few other pilots heading to breakfast at Putnam County Airport then on to Metropolitan Airport for their Vietnam Veterans appreciation day. Jessie had her trusty phone along and created a happy little video in the process. Never flown an S7? Check out the view fr... Read More »

FLYING at the BMW Motorcycle Cookout

FLYING at the BMW Motorcycle Cookout

I’m blessed. I’ve had two great flying days in a row! Winter’s still hanging on here in Indy with a snowstorm brewing but yesterday the sun was shining, there was a crisp horizon line and we topped out at 49 degrees. I had an invitation to fly my Rans S7 south to a friend’s grass strip that I hadn’t been to in over 5 years, never by air. The event was a BMW motorcycle... Read More »

Gettin’ my ride ready for the LLT fly-in!

I’ve been dreaming about a new spinner for my Rans S7 for months and I can’t tell you how excited I am about finally getting the job done! Boyd and I have way more hours invested in planning, sanding, taping, more taping, and painting than I ever dreamed possible. It still needs a little work but it turned out pretty darn cool. My “vanilla” spinner was painted perfectly but... Read More »

Love those Saturdays!

I love Saturdays! And I really love Saturdays when I get to spend the entire day flying into grass strips and hanging around great taildraggers. My mid-afternoon was spent getting my Biannual flight review and you can tell by the picture that CFI Wayne Norris and I had a good time doing it. Hey, I got started talking airplanes and flying way before that though! Chapter 1121’s EAA meeting sta... Read More »

East Tennessee Fall Super Club Fly-in

Anne and I had perfect flights to the East Tennessee Fall Super Cub Fly-in – beautiful weather & scenery and non-eventful! A quick stop for breakfast at Columbus, Indiana was down memory lane for Anne who had lived in the area almost 20 years ago and had landed at BAK on a cross country flight with her instructor. There’s a darn good restaurant on the field with big windows that ov... Read More »

Keep on Flying!

Hello everybody! Fall is officially here and I’m counting on some nice, dry, cool flying weather for awhile. I had a very busy summer flying every chance I got and I don’t expect that to change just because the weather is changing. My great niece Kaylise and sister-in-law Regina were in town last month and Kaylise couldn’t wait to get a ride in an airplane. She argued that her br... Read More »

Lee Bottom Flying Field Sinful Sunday!

I’m so sorry if you don’t live close enough to fly to Lee Bottom Airfield (I64) in the summertime. Its a frequent destination for vintage taildraggers and antique airplanes and a spot not to be missed by taildraggers traversing cross-country. The gate keepers to the airfield are Rich & Ginger Davidson who own and operate this 4000′ grass strip in the Indiana low lands along s... Read More »

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