Madeline Norcross      (Missouri)

Madeline Norcross (Missouri)

Madeline Norcross is based at KSTJ, Rosecrans Memorial Airport, St Joseph, Missouri and was introduced to me by her dad in the following email; Dear LLT, My 15 year old daughter is in the beginning stages of getting her license.  She is CRAZY about Wacos!  She has taken a few lessons in everything from a Piper Tomahawk to a Pitts.  I think she would like to get involved in an organization like you... Read More »

Jacquie Warda     (California)

Jacquie Warda (California)

Jacquie Warda is based at Danville, California and flies an Extra 300. When most people turn 50, they figure it’s time to relax and settle into neutral while coasting toward retirement. Not Jacquie Warda! When she turned 50, she launched her solo aerobatic career with her one-of-a-kind Pitts Special biplane. Why not? “The sky never runs out of up!” she says. During the centennial celebration of po... Read More »

Cathy Page    (Arizona)

Cathy Page (Arizona)

Cathy Page is based at Ryan Field Airport, (KRYN) Tucson, Arizona and flies an RV6. I found out about your site from my friend Summer Martell who flew her Student Prince out to Ohio from West Washington last summer for the LLT fly in. Looking forward to meeting some as time goes on. I may even be able to piece together coming out to the fly-in coming up next month, if the stars align. Maybe even f... Read More »

Aileen Watkins     (Texas)

Aileen Watkins (Texas)

Aileen Watkins is based at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, (KDWH) Houston, Texas. I am definitely a taildragger girl and made my living early in my flying career as a taildragger pilot. When it was difficult to find a full-time flying job, my experience in conventional gear aircraft allowed me to fill a need at a couple of local flight schools where this skill was needed but hard to come by. A... Read More »

Lorrie Penner’s winter update!

Lorrie Penner sent in this update on her winter flying fun! Lorrie flies out of Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, Ohio. Lorrie flying “snow tows” in the Pawnee “Well, its that time of year… snow…  But we’ve been fortunate enough that it doesn’t stop us from flying!  Had my first experience taking off and landing on a snowy grass field in the Pawnee.  What... Read More »

Carri Hoagland    (Wisconsin)

Carri Hoagland (Wisconsin)

Carrie Eve Hoagland is based at Bayfield County Airport (Y77), Iron River, Wisconsin. I have owned the Tcraft since 1979 and I bought the Pitts last summer. The Pitts belonged to my daughter at one time and we raced it to a 4th Place at Reno in ’06. Unfortunately she was killed in ’08 racing a Cassut so I will fly it in honor of her. I have also enclosed a picture of my 18 month old gr... Read More »

Pilot Update; Freya Shiller

Freya Shiller from Texas writes; Landing at 81D “I’m in Peru for work and there are paragliders going by my window.  Nice weather here but a cold snap in Texas. I sent a picture of the 81D All Stars; my S2B, a friend’s S2A and Bruce Bohannon’s Legend Cub.” Freya’s red S2B  and friends’ S2A & Legend Cub “I don’t know if you have a link on yo... Read More »

Jessy Panzer     (California)

Jessy Panzer (California)

Jessy Panzer flies a Pitts S1 out of Reid-Hillview Airport (KRHV) Santa Clara County, San Jose, California. I’m a corporate pilot out of San Jose, CA flying a King Air-350 and Gulfstream G2b.  I own a Pitts Special S1 model, and I fly taildraggers because they are the most fun type of airplanes around! 🙂  Plus, they just look good too! 😉 * * This cute little note was sent in by Jan Johnson, ... Read More »

Chelsea Engberg  (California)

Chelsea Engberg (California)

Chelsea Engberg is based at Mesa Del Rey Airport, (KKIC) King City, California. I’m a CFI and MEI focusing on aerobatics now. I typically fly an Extra 300L and sometimes a Pitts S2C and S2B. I also have opportunity to fly a J3 Cub and am in the process of selling a Cubcrafters Sport Cub for my company. I think taildraggers are the best aircraft out there and am absolutely enthralled with aer... Read More »

Karen Greenfield     (Maryland)

Karen Greenfield (Maryland)

Karen Greenfield flies a Pitts Special from Annapolis, Maryland. Portions of an article in the Baltimore Sun by reporter Jonathan Pitts June 14, 2009 “Sometimes, people would say things like, ‘Why are you here? Why aren’t you home with your family?’ ” she says, sounding less bitter than intrigued. “It did make you kind of angry for a while. But you learn to let ... Read More »