Pitts S2-B

Emily Carpenter     (Ohio)

Emily Carpenter (Ohio)

Emily Carpenter is based at 57D, Ray Community Airport, Ray, Michigan. My name is Emily Carpenter, a.k.a. Miss Maverick. I am a student pilot and I am training in a Pitts S2B in my pink heels (so I can reach the rudders). I started flying because I was, and still am, terrified of flying commercially. I love flying because even though it frightens me, the fear has been my driving force. I was absol... Read More »

Carol Walker     (Texas)

Carol Walker (Texas)

Carol Walker is based at KJWY, Mid-Way Regional Airport, Midlothian/Waxahachie, Texas. Twenty six years ago I learned how to fly in tailwheel aircraft (Citabria and Champ) in Kutztown, PA. Ever since then I have made my living as a flight instructor and I presently own a school south of Dallas, TX where we teach exclusively in tailwheel airplanes and gliders. My husband Pete and I have a stable of... Read More »

Kate Kyer     (Texas)

Kate Kyer (Texas)

Kate Kyer is based at 4TX3 Forest Hill Airport, Petty, Texas. My husband and I live on our little farm with a runway in North Texas. We have a rule that any airplane living here must have a tailwheel. I’ve been a taildragger pilot for most of my aviation days. Lots of BE-18 time, flying newspapers back in the 80s, towing gliders in a Citabria, etc. We’ve owned a Pitts S-2B for 16 years... Read More »

Anne Wright    (Pilot update from Michigan)

Anne Wright (Pilot update from Michigan)

Anne Wright is based at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (KARB), Michigan. On Sept. 10, I took an aerobatic flight in a Pitts S2B, with instructor Don Weaver. I was so nervous I almost cancelled, but once I got the parachute on I was ready to go. My only other experience with aerobatics was in a glider with world champion Lukas von Atzigan last summer at the Women’s Soaring Pilots’ Associat... Read More »

Freya Shiller: 8 Random things I love about my taildragger

Freya Shiller is based in Texas and flies a shiny, red, 1988 Pitts S2B. Check out Freya’s cool pictures and 8 Random things she loves about her taildragger. #1 My taildragger is a biplane! #2 My tail dragger really enjoys “going for a spin”. #3 I have to use a rubber hose to fill it with gas, a step stool to check the oil and several coushins to reach the rudders all of which are... Read More »

Judy Phelps     (California)

Judy Phelps (California)

Judy Phelps is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California. I am the co-owner of CP Aviation, a flight school located in Santa Paula California. I am a CFII and specialize in Tailwheel and Emergency Maneuver Training. My career in aviation began while working at the local airport restaurant where I met my husband Clay Phelps who owned the flight school next door. This was the begin... Read More »

S2-B: Freya Shiller

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Jill “Raggz” Long     (Pennsylvania)

Jill “Raggz” Long (Pennsylvania)

Jill “Raggz” Long was born in Michigan and raised in Oregon and has called many places home; Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; the United Kingdom; South Korea; Tucson, Arizona; Columbia, SC, Wichita Falls, Texas, and Italy… she, husband Chuck, and faithful dog Jackson, recently returned from active duty in Vilseck, Germany.  Hi there, I’m an active... Read More »

Chelsea Engberg  (California)

Chelsea Engberg (California)

Chelsea Engberg is based at Mesa Del Rey Airport, (KKIC) King City, California. I’m a CFI and MEI focusing on aerobatics now. I typically fly an Extra 300L and sometimes a Pitts S2C and S2B. I also have opportunity to fly a J3 Cub and am in the process of selling a Cubcrafters Sport Cub for my company. I think taildraggers are the best aircraft out there and am absolutely enthralled with aer... Read More »

Freya Shiller  (Texas)

Freya Shiller (Texas)

Freya Shiller  is based at KLBX, Brazoria County Airport, Angleton/Lake Jackson, Texas. I learned to fly in a 1947 C140.  I was lucky enough to think everyone flew one.  My first and only instructing job was in tailwheels. I came up thru the ranks as a CFI, ferry pilot and commuter pilot to find myself flying 757 and 767.  I tell people that pays for my AVGAS.  Currently I own a M20E and a Pitts S... Read More »