Piper J3 Cub

Lisa Leng     (Illinois)

Lisa Leng (Illinois)

Lisa Leng is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. I am currently flying a J3 Cub. I have also flown a Champ. I got my seaplane rating in a J3 Cub at Jack Browns in Florida. My husband and I have built a couple airplanes together and I am currently recovering a J3 Cub. As you can tell I have a thing for cubs ūüôā Read More »

Martha Eney     (Maryland)

Martha Eney (Maryland)

Martha Eney is based at MD50,¬†Chesapeake Ranch Airport, Lusby, Maryland. I soloed in 1982 in the J3 Cub that I now own. It has been flying since 1997, after a 3 year restoration. I bought it in 1985 as an insurance salvage after someone else rented it and wrecked it. One sweet ride! Everybody should have a Cub! Read More »

Long Island Aviation

Long Island Aviation

I typed four words in YouTube, just 4 words, and some little treasures popped up. The words? “Long Island Aviation Club”. Thank you to David Schlick who discovered this first video and prompted my search. I got a kick out of the 1940’s lighthearted commentary nearly as much as the short but sweet video. My favorite, “the controls allow instant correction on the part of the ... Read More »

Nicki Ervin     (Illinois)

Nicki Ervin (Illinois)

Nicki Ervin is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. Currently, I am a flight instructor trying to accumulate flight hours in the hopes of becoming an airline pilot. I just recently received my tailwheel endorsement in a Cessna 140 and Piper Cub and it sure was a different experience than I was used to! It was a lot of fun training in the taildraggers and I look forward to te... Read More »

Donna Perkins     (Arkansas)

Donna Perkins (Arkansas)

Donna Perkins is based at 9M8 Sheridan Municipal Airport, Sheridan, Arkansas. Aircraft:¬†1946 Piper J3 Cub &¬†1940 Waco UPF7 (newly acquired) I just bought a UPF7. I’m planning on giving rides to kids and having them sign the aircraft when done. I want to see how many signatures I can come up with before a total restoration. Right now, the tailwheel is being rebuilt. As soon as that is don... Read More »

Lara Gaerte     (Indiana)

Lara Gaerte (Indiana)

Lara Gaerte is based at KGWB,¬†De Kalb County Airport,¬†Auburn, Indiana. I’ve been a taildragger pilot (and a CFI) for nearly 20 years. I kept current in rented/borrowed aircraft for much of that time, although the tailwheel rentals in our area are becoming more scarce. I gave my husband his tailwheel endorsement about 5 years ago in a borrowed Stinson S108-2. We didn’t have anything to ... Read More »

Terri Cole     (Texas)

Terri Cole (Texas)

Terri Cole is based at KATA,¬†Hall-Miller Municipal Airport,¬†Atlanta, Texas. I married into an aviation family 7 years ago, began flight instruction and now have my commercial, multi, and of course my tailwheel endorsement. I’ve logged just over 900 hours and 170 of that is taildragger. My husband and I are looking to crew a Citation Jet or King Air for a Part 91 operation. February 10, 2015 ... Read More »

AVWeb video “Cub vs. Champ” Shootout

AVWeb video “Cub vs. Champ” Shootout

Hot off the AVWeb press is lady taildragger pilot Elaine Kauh and co-presenter Paul Bertorelli comparing two great old taildraggers, the Aeronca Champ and the classic Piper J-3 Cub. It’s chocked full of nice flying video and commentary on the differences in how they fly. And for those thinking about purchasing a light sport aircraft, a few thoughts about flying a 60+ year old taildragger vs.... Read More »

Michelle Carter     (California)

Michelle Carter (California)

Michelle Carter is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California. My name is Michelle Carter, 22, and I received my Private Pilots license two summers ago at Santa Barbara Airport. Now you can find me at Santa Paula Airport flying a Piper J-3 Cub with my boyfriend, Sammy Mason. Nothing’s better than doing touch and go’s in the grass with the door open and the slide-slip r... Read More »

Mary Griffiths:  J3 Cub & Beech 18

Mary Griffiths: J3 Cub & Beech 18

Author: ¬†Mary Griffiths My favorite taildraggers!!   Read More »

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