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Margaret Rogers     (Oklahoma)

Margaret Rogers (Oklahoma)

Margaret Rogers is based at KRVS, Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last October I had the opportunity to go on a river run in a J3 Cub. When I got back home I told my husband how much fun the Cub had been to fly ~ he told me to go for my tailwheel endorsement so I could fly it myself. Wednesday, July 10th, I earned my TW endorsement. Now we are in the process of buying a share in a... Read More »

Flight of 10 Cubs Video

Flight of 10 Cubs Video

Above photo from 2012 Fly-in. Video & comments from Vanessa Jump Nelson: Thirty Cubs had flown in by Thursday and a total of 60 Cubs flew in by Friday night. I was honored to take noted aviation photographer Eric Presten up to shoot some “setting sun” photos of a formation flight of three Cubs on Friday night. On Saturday my husband was my bombardier for flour bombing, which culmin... Read More »

Lane Davis    (Georgia)

Lane Davis (Georgia)

Lane Davis is based at (KPDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport, Atlanta, Georgia and sent in this wonderful pilot update! 2 Years ago, learning to fly in a 1946 JR Piper Cub, with my dad as my instructor It’s funny to think back to when I first signed up for Ladies Love Taildraggers: I made my page, wrote a blurb, and sent in a few pictures, and never wrote again. I had to remember to bring a camera... Read More »

Rowena Mason     (California)

Rowena Mason (California)

Rowena Mason is based at Santa Paula Airport (KSZP), Santa Paula, California. Rowena just keeps checking them off her “must fly” list! Fun news from Olmsted Aviation, Santa Paula, California, March 12, 2012. “Congratulations to Rowena Mason on her successful completion of our S1 Checkout, which concluded with her first solo in her own S1-S this afternoon!” From http://olmst... Read More »

April Gowan’s Flight of Five formation flight

April Gowan says, “Had a great time flying a J3 Cub last week with friends. 5 total! We were just out for a ride around our town. Awesome stuff!!” hold Hold Read More »

Carolyn Ridley     (Virginia)

Carolyn Ridley (Virginia)

Carolyn Ridley is based at KCJR, Culpeper Regional Airport, Culpeper, Virginia. I am a CFII MEI and ATP pilot and of course teach in my Citabria.  I have a Cessna 172 and a twin Comanche too. I especially enjoy teaching kids to fly.  My best student is a 14 year old girl.  Taildraggers are never boring and still represent the romance and awesome gift we have of flying. – Carolyn Ridley Read More »

Vanessa Jump Nelson and her J3 flight!

Vanessa Jump Nelson and her J3 flight!

This was sent in by our very own, and totally cool, Vanessa Jump Nelson for your viewing & reading pleasure. Vanessa says, “I just have to share!” Independence in the truest sense of the word!  Since my first Cub solo several weeks ago I’ve been flying several times a week.  I took my Cub in to Aurora airport when “Nine o’ Nines” the B-17 was visiting, and I... Read More »

Jennifer Treese     (Arizona)

Jennifer Treese (Arizona)

My name is Jennifer Treese and I live in Tucson, Arizona and fly out of the Marana Regional Airport (AVQ). I’ve been flying for just over three years now and received my private in July 2008. I started tailwheel training in January 2009 in a friend’s RV-6 but didn’t finish my training because the plane had to go back to Oregon where her parents live. I finished my tailwheel endor... Read More »

3 Yellow Cubs Formation Flights!

Diana Votaw’s getting darn good at creating great little videos and here’s a new one to prove it! Of course, how could they help being great, she’s flying low over the OK18 area with 2 other Cubs! In the video, the tag “April Lands” is April Nesin flying with Diana and she might be a new LLT to come? Oh, and when you see something strange coming out of one of the Cubs... Read More »

Lynn O’Donnell     (Florida)

Lynn O’Donnell (Florida)

Lynn O’Donnell is based at (7FL6) Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida. I first flew Cubs as an employee of Piper, then DC-3s in charter and skydiving operations. Years later I bought a Stinson 108-3 Flying Station Wagon which I still have and love. I’ve flown it up and down the east coast, from NJ out to Denver and to Memphis. I’m now hanging out in central FL finding al... Read More »

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