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Project Update from Linda Melhoff: J3 Cub

Project Update from Linda Melhoff: J3 Cub

Thank you Linda Melhoff, for your J3 Cub project update! Looks like another beauty. There’s no better way to spend the winter than some days in a cozy hangar working on your project.  We enjoy some nice tunes, a hangar lunch and airport friends who stop to check on us or lend a hand when needed.   We’ve made a lot of progress and things are getting exciting so I thought I’d share... Read More »

Julie Vessigault     (California)

Julie Vessigault (California)

Julie Vessigault considers KAUN, Auburn Municipal Airport, Auburn, California her home airport. I’m not a pilot yet. I chase planes. I clean planes. Sometimes I get to tinker on planes. Sometimes I get to ride in planes. So many people learned to fly in the J-3 Cub. I wish that was still a practical way to learn. Taildraggers do the best aerobatics! (Side note from Judy: Seems we should let ... Read More »

“Bella” the Best Biplane!

We flew our WACO Taperwing to the fifth anniversary of the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (WAAAM) in Hood River, Oregon. It was a 3-day event on September 7-9. Over 260 airplanes flew in to enjoy the airplanes, people, food and this amazing museum. This fly-in is the first event we attended since our restoration was finished, and the first ride for me (other than a quick trip ar... Read More »

A Girl On The Go!!

If you need a lesson in how to jam pack every minute of your weekend with fun and flying ,Vanessa Jump Nelson’s your girl. Thanks Vanessa for forwarding all the great pictures. My personal favorite? ……. The Guppy’s good but Eva’s first “little airplane” ride won out! A recent Saturday my husband and I decided to visit the Tillamook Air Museum. We heard the... Read More »

Jessica Stearns     (Florida)

Jessica Stearns (Florida)

Jessica Stearns is based at KAPF, Naples Municipal Airport, Naples, Florida. I learned to fly a PA-18 in 1956 and have been flying since; 56 years on Aug 27th. I was in The USAF for 20 years – Transport Navigator for 5 years and Pilot for 15 years. Flew for People Express and Continental Airlines for 16 years. Capt. Retired but actively flying my PA-J3 and other TW airplanes. (RV-7 & 8) ... Read More »

Thursday: Ladies Love Taildraggers Day in Vintage at AirVenture

Thursday was LadiesLoveTaildraggers Day in “Vintage” at AirVenture and what a cool thing it was! During AirVenture, Ray Johnson hosts the daily program “Vintage In Review” in the Vintage Red Barn area and invited us to select 3 women taildragger pilots to display and speak about themselves and their aircraft. Ray and I got the ball rolling with a short introduction about LadiesLoveTail... Read More »

Jeanne Milton     (New York)

Jeanne Milton (New York)

Jeanne Milton is based at NY0, Fulton County Airport, Johnstown, New York. Picture from my first Cub solo I am a student pilot. I have solo time in a Cessna 120, J3 Cub and just got signed off in a friend’s Cessna 170.  I plan to finish my license in the 170 as the Cub has no radios.  My flight instructor, John Peck, and I just went in on a Cessna 120 project. I’m learning to rivet and... Read More »

Masie Veal     (California)

Masie Veal (California)

Masie Veal is based at KRBL, Red Bluff Municipal Airport (her back yard), Red Bluff, California. “I am 16 years old and love our J-3 Cub. I soloed on my birthday and want to go on to get my commercial pilots license. I lost my brother last year in a plane crash and he had soloed in the same J-3 nine years earlier.” “I love flying taildraggers and would love to have a Stearman som... Read More »

Stephanie Deckro     (Illinois)

Stephanie Deckro (Illinois)

Stephanie Deckro is based at KSQI, Whiteside County Airport, Rockfalls, Illinois. My day job is interior design and have owned my own design business since 1993.  I always wanted to learn how to fly. So in 2005 I signed up for the ground class at the local community college.  I started flying in a Piper Warrior and received my private pilots certificate later that year. I completed my instrument r... Read More »

Jennifer Peña     (Texas)

Jennifer Peña (Texas)

Jennifer Peña is based at 3TE8, C Fulcher Ranch Airport, Terlingua/Alpine, Texas. I’m a 45 year old schoolmarm in Terlingua, Texas. I have always had a fascination with flying and knew that someday I wanted to become a pilot. Before moving to west Texas it seemed there was never enough time or money to tackle my dream. Over dinner one evening about 3 years ago, I told my pilot friend that he... Read More »

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