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Rachel Conklin     (New York)

Rachel Conklin (New York)

Rachel Conklin is based at 06N Randall Airport, Middletown, New York. Pilot Update/August 2016 “Congratulations Rachel on your “sweet” purchase!” I recently became partial owner to a wonderful little Aeronca Champ. She’s a sweet little yellow thing and I can’t wait to get more time in her! I’m now a (very) proud owner to a taildragger. A literal dream come true.... Read More »

From Austria, an update from Conny Paulusberger

From Austria, an update from Conny Paulusberger

From Austria, here’s a picture update of some of Conny Paulusberger’s 2012 flying. This girl adores flying gliders! Watch the pigtails! * “Flying over the beautiful countryside and the lakes of Upper Austria.” * * “I hope you have a great year and wish you many happy hours in the sky for 2013!” “Greetings from Austria,” Yours Conny 🙂 Read More »

Louise O’Grady     (Australia)

Louise O’Grady (Australia)

Louise O’Grady is based at YBLA, Benalla Airport (BLN), Benalla, Victoria, Australia. My first ever flight was in a Chipmunk, when I was an Air Cadet at 13! Well before my first flight, I had a fascination with aviation. I am not really sure where it came from, as none of my family or friends where involved in Aviation. Amy Johnson was from my home town, Hull, Yorkshire UK. I use to walk pas... Read More »

Jessica Stearns     (Florida)

Jessica Stearns (Florida)

Jessica Stearns is based at KAPF, Naples Municipal Airport, Naples, Florida. I learned to fly a PA-18 in 1956 and have been flying since; 56 years on Aug 27th. I was in The USAF for 20 years – Transport Navigator for 5 years and Pilot for 15 years. Flew for People Express and Continental Airlines for 16 years. Capt. Retired but actively flying my PA-J3 and other TW airplanes. (RV-7 & 8) ... Read More »

Sydney Barnes     (Tennessee)

Sydney Barnes (Tennessee)

Sydney Barnes is based at 4TN3, Hawks Nest Airport, Moscow, Tennessee. Hi! I have wanted to learn to fly since about age 6. This is also when I decided I would enter the Air Force after college. Since then, I have only slightly modified my decision: I decided on the Navy and the United States Naval Academy when I was eight. My flight instructors, Jimbob Slocum and Steve Vihlen, recommended  that I... Read More »

Kathy Devine  (Pennsylvania)

Kathy Devine (Pennsylvania)

Kathy Devine is based at DYL, Doylestown, PA and flies a Maule MX-7. I’ve been flying since 1992. Started out in gliders and got licensed in 1995 after a slight delay due to giving birth to my beautiful daughter. Started flying in airplanes around that same time after my husband bought a Cessna 140. That plane taught me a lot but we sold it before I could get licensed in it. We purchased a p... Read More »

Pat Ohlsson     (Florida)

Pat Ohlsson (Florida)

Pat Ohlsson is based at 7FL6, Spruce Creek Airport, Dayton, Florida. I started flying in 1974 at Islip Airport, Long Island, New York. Since that time I have had a great time flying and over the years earned Commercial SEL, SES, (Instrument) MEL, (Instrument) Glider, Instructors license and ground instructor. Also ground school for DC8 flight engineer. Passed with a 98%, higher than a friend of mi... Read More »

Lisa got her Glider rating!

Yep, Lisa Martin is now Commercial Glider Rated! Way cool, Lisa and congratulations from ALL of us. You send the BEST pictures!! It was a great weekend…now that it’s over! I get really stressed about checkrides and to really ice that cake, the weather was not ideal, but I made it. Whew! Flying the Super Cub. The next pictures is Matt taking off for his first flight of his checkride (He... Read More »

Lynda Lee LaBerge    (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge is based at (GA75) Meadowlark Airport, Concord, Georgia. Learned to fly in a Piper Cub and Piper Pacer. Owned a Globe Swift with a 210 Continental. Flew King Air and Diamond Jets for charter company with my husband. Now operate a glider flight school with my husband and do all of the towing in our 260hp Piper Pawnee. * Read More »

Jeannie Batto    (New Hampshire)

Jeannie Batto (New Hampshire)

Jeannie Batto flies out of Rochester, NH (KDAW) and Lebanon, NH (KLEB). I fly all sorts of airplanes but I like the fun simple mission of an Aeronca Sedan. It has the cool factor of a tailwheel, the Vintage to be antique, and the unique factor that makes people wonder what it is. I fly gliders, tow gliders, and looking forward to teaching. I’m living my dream of being a certified airport bum... Read More »

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