It’s Official: The 2010 Lady Taildraggers Fly-In a Success!!

It’s hard to pick just the right picture – the ONE picture that says “We’re lady taildragger pilots and we beat the weather gods! We beat the 95+ degree heat! We wormed our way around rain showers and thunderstorms and poor visibility! We flew our taildraggers into Moraine Airpark and, even though you could cut the heat & humidity with a stick, we got there and we had a... Read More »

Let the fun fly-in begin!

What a fun thing to see when I taxied in Thursday morning.  It looks great, Susan! Had a great flight over and Susan was waiting for me, camera in hand! The Happy Champ just waiting for its buddies to line up too… Susan took this picture Thursday evening chasing me in the Champ! Gorgeous night! Then all tucked in with the big boy Wacos Thursday night. Notice Andy’s new “Waco̶... Read More »

More great Oshkosh pictures

Photo by Brent Clark; Seaplane Base Oshkosh * Photo by George Widener; Oshkosh DC-3’s in the break over Airventure after dropping the Liberty Parachute Team; Duggy, Jungle Skipper, and Spirit of Alaska. * Fabulous photo by Jim Tanis at Oshkosh * Jim Tanis photo; This was probably the least attended event at Oshkosh. See for more info. He flew this setup to a height of over... Read More »

Our own Lady Taildraggers’ photos from Oshkosh

Lady taildragger, Carol Levine, soaking up the good stuff at Oshkosh!! * Carol Levine photo from OSH * Carol Levine Oshkosh photo * Julie Richardson at OSH; Okay, my blues cruise friends! You’re in the bag with me in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the largest fly-in in the country. If you haven’t noticed, us aviators have never been known for our political correctness, as may be apparent from ... Read More »

Lady Taildraggers Fly-in Countdown……

* August is finally here and that means Susan and I are counting down the days till the Lady taildraggers fly-in! Fly your taildragger to Moraine Airpark, I73, Dayton, Ohio for what’s sure to be a fun few days with the girls and their birds!  Fly in solo – bring your husband – bring your kids – bring your friends, just get there! See you Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Augus... Read More »

Lady Taildraggers meet up at Oshkosh!

Tuesday, the gals from Ladies Love Taildraggers met up for lunch with the Back Country Pilots group. The above picture includes Lynn Gardner, Judy Birchler, Bonnie Ritchie, Dianne from Back Country Pilots, Lynn’s tailwheel friend whose name I’ve misplaced!, Jan Johnson, Linda Guthrie, Susan Theodorelos & Heather Gamble. Shortly after we took the group picture, Kelly Jeffries and he... Read More »

Oshkosh, Monday morning

Alive & thriving at Oshkosh!  Come on up while the weather’s still good!  Here’s a few tidbits from Monday… Met this couple from Germany in their RV7 flying around the world – we’ll hear more about them soon * Met McKinley Siegfried right after she landed in her Texas Sport (from California) * I met Lee & Carl Lane who flew their 108-2 Stinson from Valporaso. ... Read More »

Susan reports the National Waco Club Fly-in is a big success!

We had a fabulous time…. 32 Wacos made it with two new restorations showing up with less than an hour on each plane! Cliff Hogan and his family (Famous Hogans of Hamilton Ohio) have been working on 14052 for nine years — Cliff worked like a dog until 10 PM Friday night and gave up and drove up to Mt. Vernon.  His cousin and brother stayed behind working on the plane and about noon on S... Read More »

National Waco Club Fly-in

Did you know the National Waco Club is in the midst of their 51st Reunion and the members are celebrating at a fly-in at 6G4 south of Mt. Vernon, Ohio? Susan Theodelores is spending the bigger part of a week over there and no doubt having a great time.  Probably much to do helping her husband, Andy Heins, who is president of the club. Susan’s keeping us connected! Steve and Tina Thomas made ... Read More »

Sun ‘N Fun 2010 -Thursday

Sadly, we headed back home Thursday afternoon thanks to a flu “bug” that tried to ruin my otherwise very fun visit. The famous "Green Apples" retractable Mustang II I’m hanging in there and thought I’d add a few observations on what I saw at Sun ‘N Fun. – the poor economy and the windy weather made for a poor turnout, at least early in the week (totally unoffici... Read More »

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