Marci Haas     (Texas)

Marci Haas (Texas)

Marci Haas is based at KTKI, McKinney National Airport, Dallas, Texas. I just earned my Private Pilot License Friday – April 22, 2016. I do have 6.5 hours in taildraggers! Mostly the Decathlon, but I do have a half hour in a Stearman P-17!! I’m currently looking for a plane – perhaps a Luscombe....

Brittney Miculka     (Texas)

Brittney Miculka (Texas)

Brittney Miculka is based at KHYI, San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas. I have always wanted to be a pilot, even without any flying family members. Thanks to student loans, I was able to earn most of my pilot ratings at the University of Illinois at KCMI. I’m a single and multi-engine commercial pilot and CFI & CFII. I love grassroots general aviation! I have worked at AOPA doing learn-to-fly outreach for 7 years and have recently moved to Austin, Texas to work for Redbird Flight Simulations to build a flight school network. I’ve logged many tailwheel hours, but never consecutively to earn my endorsement. My goal is to get my sign off by the end of the 2015. I have a 10 year old Australian Shepherd who also enjoys flying. I love live music, distance running, and have recently started to train for sprint triathlons. Brittney Miculka Austin, Texas...

Mary Nolan     (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan is based at 2M8, Charles W. Baker Airport, Millington, Tennessee. I’m a FedEx MD-11 pilot who’s been flying Taildraggers all my life. My latest thrill is a Super Decathlon. Tail wheels are so much more fun to fly!!...

Judy Phelps     (California)

Judy Phelps (California)

Judy Phelps is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California. I am the co-owner of CP Aviation, a flight school located in Santa Paula California. I am a CFII and specialize in Tailwheel and Emergency Maneuver Training. My career in aviation began while working at the local airport restaurant where I met my husband Clay Phelps who owned the flight school next door. This was the beginning of an amazing journey and a life changing experience. – In 1999 I earned my Private Pilot Certificate and in 2003 I became a Flight Instructor. I own a variety of taildraggers starting with my favorite a Pitts S2B. In August of 2011 I flew my first airshow, something I thought I would never do. I also fly Decathlon’s, Citabria’s and a Cessna 180. – – It’s official, I am now a part of Ladies Love Taildraggers! Judy Phelps, Master CFI-A, CFII Vice President CP Aviation, Inc “2011 National CFI of the Year”  ...

Jean O’Cuilinn     (Texas)

Jean O’Cuilinn (Texas)

Jean O’Cuilinn is based at E38, Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport, Alpine, Texas. When I had about 30 hrs or so as a student pilot I went to take some aerobatics at Debbie Rihn-Harvey’s place in La Porte, TX in 2004. We flew a Super Decathlon and from that point on I decided that one day I wanted to get one of my own. In the meantime I bought a Cessna 152 and finished my ratings up through CFI (just this past January) and still have that plane and am using it to now train my students. Just soloed my first student last Thursday evening! I took more acro lessons off and on in a Pitts and Super Decathlon and eventually flew w/ a CFI out near El Paso in the plane that you see posted here – 102GD. He needed to sell it and my husband encouraged me to go for it so we bought it! I’m now in the process of learning to fly her and LAND her (without screeching inside each time) and am having a great time. Frankly, I’m still working on wheel landings in Rosy (the SD).  I’m just jeeky about it – afraid of a prop strike mostly.  But, it’s getting better.  I’m fine in the middle of the air 🙂 ! A friend of mine told me about this web site and when I checked it out last night I thought I’d better register and join in the fun. My planes both have names. The C152 is Julie and the 8KCAB is Rosy- short for LaRosa which stands for “loops and rolls on Sunday afternoon”. I like acro but I don’t think I’ll ever compete. Might go help with a competition as a volunteer some day though. My friend Jeff is the Pres. for the chapter in Austin and they host the Llano Hammerfest each year. The picture  was taken when he came out to Alpine and I got to go fly with him in the Sukhoi. Just added that in because I don’t have a picture of me w/ Rosy and well, the Suk is a tailwheel aircraft and I flew it- sure haven’t landed it though. HA. I’m seriously considering flying Rosy up to McCall Idaho next summer to take the Mountain Canyon Flying seminar. Doubt I’ll use her for the backcountry strips – I’ll probably fly the Super Cub and that will mean that I’ve gotten to fly another tailwheel plane.” Jean O’Cuilinn...

Susan Upchurch     (Florida)

Susan Upchurch (Florida)

Susan Upchurch is based at (KSGJ) St. Augustine Airport, St Augustine, Florida. I started flying in 1965 and by 1968 was lucky enough to fly taildraggers (Champ, Cub, PA12, Bird Dog, etc.) and gliders.  I currently own a Super Decathlon and an R-22 helicopter. Through the years, I’ve been a flight instructor, corporate, and charter pilot flying all types of airplanes. Susan and her Super Decathalon By far, the taildragger is the most fun.  Doing aerobatics makes it even more fun. I love to do tailwheel endorsements because it’s great to see pilots learn what the rudder pedals are for and become better pilots.  Their eyes light up when they finally learn crosswind and wheel landings. I’ve just learned about your organization, and I’m looking forward to being involved and meeting as many of you taildragger pilots as possible. Susan Upchurch...

Nancy McCurry     (Pennsylvania)

Nancy McCurry (Pennsylvania)

Nancy McCurry is based at Quakertown, Pennsylvania. 25 years ago I soloed in a 1946 Aeronca Champ, N2247E, also known as “Champy”. Champy’s still flying and so am I, most recently in a Super Decathalon. I am so grateful to my instructors for their skill and patience in teaching me to be a competent pilot, it’s really a gift I love to share with others. Nancy McCurry...

Jan Oreck     (Louisiana)

Jan Oreck (Louisiana)

Jan Oreck is based at (MS88) Oreck Airport, Poplarville, Mississippi and (KNEW) Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana. So happy to see other lady taildraggers!! My husband wanted me to learn how to fly in a “real airplane” so he bought me a Super Decathlon. Am I a lucky girl or what!!! We are based in the New Orleans area with hangars at Lakefront (KNEW) and our farm (MS88) which is near Poplarville, MS. I currently serve as Chair Chick for the New Orleans chapter of the 99’s. We have a very active chapter, getting together for regular chapter meetings and our annual Top Gun slumber party in November.  While learning how to fly I was advised that I needed to name my airplane. As is turns out, the tower provided me with the perfect name…ATC kept referring to me as a de Havilland which was of course close but not correct. Since she is a Decathlon, her name is Olivia…Olivia Decathlon....

Becky Way    (Oklahoma)

Becky Way (Oklahoma)

Becky Way is based at Sundance Airpark (KHSD), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hi everyone, I fly a 1977 Decathlon that I have had for the last 13 yrs and love it. I fly it mostly to breakfast every Saturday I can, and then on short or not so short trips to places around Oklahoma City. I am also a professional artist and use the the Decathlon for trips to painting locations.   There are several other female pilots at our airport but only one other female taildragger pilot and she flies a Pitts S2B....

Jeanne MacPherson    (Montana)

Jeanne MacPherson (Montana)

Jeanne MacPherson is based at (KHLN) Helena Regional Airport, Helena, Montana. I am recently retired from Chief of the Safety and Education Bureau, Aeronautics Division, Montana Department of Transportation. I coordinated air search operations, promoted aviation education, and taught mountain flying for more than 15 years. I am now flight instructing in Montana with my company “Mountain Airdance LLC”. Prior to working for the State of Montana, I was a freight pilot and flight instructor. I am a commercial pilot and CFII with SEL, MEL, and SES ratings. I am member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) as well as the FAA FAASTeam, and have been trained in the Emergency Maneuver Training Program developed by Master CFI-Aerobatic Rich Stowell. I was greatly honored in 2003 with The EAA Freedom of Flight Award (the Experimental Aircraft Association’s highest achievement award) for having flown more than 3,400 Young Eagles.   Jeanne MacPherson and Student  I now fly a Super Decathlon and soon my husband and I will own a Cessna 180. This is a very nice site. Thank you! Jeanne Mountain  Airdance llc Website:

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