YES! Share those toys!

YES! Share those toys!

I think Jeannie Phillips found the secret of passionate flyers…… sharing the blessings. She sent this note with picture and was obviously happy as heck to be on the receiving end of an amazing flight. “Thanks to a very generous DC-3 owner I got the unforgettable experience of flying it!” Jeannie Phillips Jeannie’s regular ride is a 1946 Cessna 140 based at Cape Cod Ai... Read More »

Tony Buttacavoli: Random things I love about flying a taildragger

It’s MEN’s day on LadiesLoveTailddraggers with several guys telling us what it is they love about flying taildraggers! Tony  Buttacavoli is from Commerce, MI and flies a Douglas DC-3C/C47D 1945. Here’s Tony’s 8 random things he loves about flying the DC-3/C47D. Tony says “The DC3 and I go back 25 years, I flew them for love and money the first 10, now its just for lov... Read More »

Nancy Warren     (Indiana)

Nancy Warren (Indiana)

Nancy Warren is based at KBAK, Columbus Municipal Airport, Columbus, Indiana. Many years ago I was checked out in a Citabria, 7-ECA (part-owner), also flew right seat in DC-3s and Beech 18s, currently fly a Cessna Cardinal 177. – I was a member of the 99s for 25 years, currently member of the United Flying Octogenarians (UFO), serve on its Board of Directors and as Area Director for the Stat... Read More »

Ginger Davidson     (Indiana)

Ginger Davidson (Indiana)

Ginger Davidson lives at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, Indiana. Although not one person in my family flies, I acquired a sense of adventure from my parents since we had traveled as a family to every state except Hawaii (via car) by the time I had graduated from High School. That’s just one of the stories that I tell when asked why I learned to fly. The others involve rebellion and are probably... Read More »

Aileen Watkins     (Texas)

Aileen Watkins (Texas)

Aileen Watkins is based at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, (KDWH) Houston, Texas. I am definitely a taildragger girl and made my living early in my flying career as a taildragger pilot. When it was difficult to find a full-time flying job, my experience in conventional gear aircraft allowed me to fill a need at a couple of local flight schools where this skill was needed but hard to come by. A... Read More »

Lynda Lee LaBerge    (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge is based at (GA75) Meadowlark Airport, Concord, Georgia. Learned to fly in a Piper Cub and Piper Pacer. Owned a Globe Swift with a 210 Continental. Flew King Air and Diamond Jets for charter company with my husband. Now operate a glider flight school with my husband and do all of the towing in our 260hp Piper Pawnee. * Read More »

AOPA Pilot Magazine Article on Gulf Oil Spill

You may want to check out the November 2010 issue of AOPA Pilot Magazine and read the article “Above the Spill”.  Lady taildragger pilot Sheila Mabbitt is mentioned on page 70, and pictured on page 68.  The article is about GA flying the Gulf oil spill. Link to August 2010 post: Gulf Oil Spill * Read More »

Lorraine Morris    (Illinois)

Lorraine Morris (Illinois)

Lorraine Morris is based at Poplar Grove Airport (C77), Poplar Grove, Illinois. I started flying in 1980 and started flying taildraggers in 1987 when I met my husband.  He had a 1950 Cessna 140A that he had learned to fly in, so he taught me to fly again (in the 140A) after not flying for 5 years before I met him. We have kept the 140A and I think I will go before it goes as it has been in the fam... Read More »

Greetings from the Gulf Coast from Sheila Mabbitt

Sheila Mabbitt has been working in the gulf coast area full-time with the clean up efforts pertaining to the oil spill. She will most likely be demobilized  later this week, however, before heading home she sent us these amazing pictures to post on Ladies Love Taildraggers.  These are incredible pictures – thanks Sheila for forwarding these and the information about your experience. After mu... Read More »

Kelly Jeffries   (New Hampshire)

Kelly Jeffries (New Hampshire)

Here’s an update from Kelly Jeffries who is based at NH69, Windsock Village Airport  in West Ossipee, NH.  Thanks, Kelly, for sending in this incredible pic!  What a blast for both you gals and your husband – and how cool to see your very own RV right there beside you! “Here’s a picture that was taken in 2006 at Sun-n-Fun.  My husband is flying my RV but I’m flying co... Read More »

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