Mary Ellen Thomson   (Pennsylvania)

Mary Ellen Thomson (Pennsylvania)

Mary Ellen Thomson is based at 07N, Bermudian Airpark, Kralltown, Pennsylvania. I own a 1969 Citabria 150 hp … sweet fast plane, fly 125+ hrs a year..commerical license… Hubby flies a Stearman 1943 and we are always at Bermudian Airpark 07N…. people stop by and hang, it’s a very friendly place…every weekend! *   Read More »

Lorna Barrie   (New York)

Lorna Barrie (New York)

Lorna Barrie is based at Clarence Aerodrome Airport, Buffalo, New York. (Here’s an update from Lorna, just sent through her instructor and flying partner, Dennis Borkowski.  Lots of pictures and more…..) * Lorna’s Champ above and Citabria below.  (Very cool, Lorna!) Sent in by Dennis Borkowski;  Hi, Lorna asked me to reply for her because she is so busy at work [managing a kennel... Read More »

Jill Baker     (California)

Jill Baker (California)

Jill Anne Baker, CFI, MEI, lives in San Diego, California and sent in this new picture update.  Jill says “My good friend Buckels  and I flying his Cub!!” Although Jill is based at San Diego, she makes frequent trips to Indiana.  When I met Jill a year ago she was flying this GCAA 1970 Citabria out of Columbus Municipal Airport in Indiana.  Sadly, on a rental flight, it was forced to m... Read More »

Lorrie Penner’s Pawnee Flying

Lorrie flies out of Red Stewart Airport, Waynesville, Ohio. Lorrie’s June 2, 2010 Update: I haven’t updated for awhile, so will let you know that I flew the Pawnee on Mother’s Day, got my 10 t/o and landings in and 3 supervised tows. Then the next two Sundays I’ve been officially towing – once for the CAP kids who came over for a camp-out at the glider club and this Sunday for my own crew. T... Read More »

Jan Johnson, Citabria 7ECA

Jan Johnson, Citabria 7ECA

Jan Johnson, San Jose, California. I’m relatively new to flying, but have been around airplanes my entire life. I earned my private pilot certificate in October 2009, flying a Piper Cherokee Warrior, then immediately jumped into learning to tame a taildragger. I currently fly a Citabria 7ECA, but am eager to move up to the 7KCAB and eventually the Decathlon. I’m learning aerobatics rig... Read More »

Diana Richards     (Missouri)

Diana Richards (Missouri)

Diana Richards keeps Citabria N4216Y at the private grass farm strip she and her husband, Tom, share in southwest Missouri, Identifier O8MO.  Rumor says her favorite airplane is named “Citabriaberry”!  Diana flies aerobatics and competes in her “beloved” Citabria.  Check out a few of her pictures from the POA website and links she has provided. Diana tells me her first less... Read More »

Lori Adams     (Texas)

Lori Adams (Texas)

Lori Adams, 81, of  Smithville, Texas flies a 1967 Citabria and has logged 29,000 hours in 55 years.  She continues to fly aerobatics in Smithville. By Andrea Lorenz AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF The red-headed pilot takes precautions before she flies the 1967 single-engine Citabria she co-owns with friend and former student Austin Wambler. She checks the fuel and oil, gives the plane a once-over and n... Read More »

Lorrie Penner     (Ohio)

Lorrie Penner (Ohio)

Lorrie Penner flies a 1974, 150 hp 8KCAB Decathalon out of Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville, Ohio.  (Identifier 40I)  She’s a private pilot SEL and earned a Glider rating last year.  Lorrie is currently Secretary of IAC Chaper 34, former National IAC Secretary, and has been actively involved with her husband, Gorden Penner, in IAC Chapter 34 for many years.  She and Gordon write the Chapt... Read More »

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