Mary Ellen Thomson     (Pennsylvania)

Mary Ellen Thomson (Pennsylvania)

Mary Ellen Thomson is based at 07N, Bermudian Valley Airport, Kralltown, PA. Hello Ladies!! 20 years ago when my husband was just finishing up his ticket, I asked him one day; what is ALL the fuss about flying?? He said “why don’t you take a lesson”? Well the rest is history – I have been hooked ever since and I’m very passionate about anything that has to do with fly... Read More »

Amal Ajmi and Sheefish on the Kobuk, Alaska

Amal Ajmi and Sheefish on the Kobuk, Alaska

From Amal Ajmi, “Biggest fish I have ever caught!!! No lying.” This is the highlight of my summer so far!!! I have been dreaming about Sheefish on the Kobuk for a couple of years now and only this year did I feel I had the experience and skill needed for the gravel bar landing and takeoff required. I flew with a friend of mine, me of course in my bird and he in his beautiful red Citabr... Read More »

Deb Nelson     (Arizona)

Deb Nelson (Arizona)

Deb Nelson is based at Casa Grande Municipal Airport, Casa Grande, Arizona and KEPM Eastport, Maine. Here’s a very cool email I received from Steve Trieber, the happy guy that’s married to Deb Nelson. I really want to meet them both! If you read through these updates, all sent by Steve, you’ll understand why I think husbands just don’t come any more supportive than him!  &#... Read More »

Katie Mullins-Schultz     (Louisiana)

Katie Mullins-Schultz (Louisiana)

Katie Mullins-Schultz is based at St. Landry Parish Airport – Ahart Field, Opelousas, LA. My husband completed his private pilot’s license in December 2011, and took me up for a ride as his first passenger, which was only my 2nd time ever being in a small plane. I immediately started asking questions about what the different gauges did and what he was doing. After kindly answering seve... Read More »

Heather Jay     (California)

Heather Jay (California)

Heather Jay is based at KCIC, Chico Municipal Airport, Chico, California. I recently purchased a Citabria 7KCAB and love it! I want to work on my stick and rudder skills and begin working on basic aerobatics. I have my instrument rating, my single & multi engine commercial ratings and am now working towards my CFI rating.  I enjoy flying and love any ferrying opportunities that come my way. Read More »

Kelly McClure     (Kansas)

Kelly McClure (Kansas)

Kelly McClure is based at KICT, Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, Wichita, Kansas but still considers 5B6, Falmouth Airpark, Falmouth, Massachusetts her “home” field too. I am a born and raised taildragger girl, having gone by the airport immediately after being born to see my father’s Staggerwing, even before going home. The taildragger bug was bound to stick after exposure like th... Read More »

T. Determan     (Washington & Minnesota)

T. Determan (Washington & Minnesota)

T. Determan flies out of  KYKM, McAllister Field, Yakima, Washington. I first learned to fly taildraggers with Gus Pooler. He’d always ask me what the ball was doing… because I never had it centered. After many patient hours of his tutelage, I was ready to fly! Most of my taildragger experience is in Citabrias and Decathlons. My favorite flights are with my Mom, she has such an appreci... Read More »

Hannah Elliott     (California)

Hannah Elliott (California)

Hannah Elliott is based at KRNM, Ramona Airport, Ramona, California. HI, my name is Hannah Elliott. I am 17 years old and I am learning to fly in a Citabria. I LOVE IT!!!! I should be able to solo hopefully this month. I am looking to make a career out of flying. I will be a senior in high school this fall. I live in a small town in the mountains outside of San Diego, CA. Thanks 🙂 Hanna Elliott &n... Read More »

Allison’s first solo cross country …….. was to the Lady Taildraggers Flyin!

Allison’s first solo cross country …….. was to the Lady Taildraggers Flyin!

This is the greatest story! 16 year old student pilot Allison Driver, instructed by her grandfather in his airplane, a Citabria, flies her first solo cross country 99 n.m. to our lady taildraggers fly-in in Savannah, TN. Pretty darn cool! Allison has been flying with her grandfather, CFI Ernest Betencourt, for some time and even registered on LadiesLoveTaildraggers at the ripe old age of 14. She h... Read More »

McKenzie Manning      (Tennessee)

McKenzie Manning (Tennessee)

McKenzie Manning is based at 2M8, Charles W. Baker Airport, Millington, Tennessee. I’m a 16 year old student pilot. I did my first solo on my birthday in December. Learning to fly my grandfather’s Citabria 7GCBC has been such an amazing bonding experience for us. He’s such a great instructor! I hope to get my license on my birthday in December!! – – – McKenzie M... Read More »

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