Poem in Your Pocket Day

Who would guess – there’s a day called “Poem in Your Pocket Day” and it just happened to be this week. (You can learn a lot listening to PBS while driving to work!)  The day slid by unnoticed on the blog but it got me thinking about the lovely poem, written by our very own lady taildragger pilot Melinda Hooper, that says it all so beautifully. ODE TO A CHAMP In the fall of ... Read More »

Introducing a daughter to the wonderful world of aviation!

I’d like to introduce you to college student Alicia Brenhag and her dad Jeff Brenhag, and welcome them to Ladies Love Taildraggers. You’ll realize as you read the following comments that it was Jeff who sent in the info about his daughter Alicia who is not yet a pilot. Jeff  flies out of Winsted (10D) & Hutchinson (KHCD) in Minnesota and is passionate about aviation and anxious to ... Read More »

Barbara Kirmsse     (California)

Barbara Kirmsse (California)

Barbara Kirmsse us based at KRIR, Flabob Airport, Riverside, California. I am Barbara Kirmsse, 67 years young, live in Alta Loma, CA and learning to fly a tail dragger.  Having never flown before it is a huge challenge to say the least.  My first dreams of flying began with my father when I was just a little girl growing up on a farm in Iowa.  My dad never became a certified pilot but he is a pilo... Read More »

Recently rebuilt 1946 Champ G-TECC is flying again in the UK

It was a big day in the UK recently when one of our own lady taildragger pilots got to fly her newly rebuilt Champ again! An engine failure forced Nic Orchard to put her Champ down in a cow patch, dead stick, back in July 2008 and the insurance company totaled the aircraft. But that was not to be the end of G-TECC. Nic bought it back from the insurance company and the rest is history. Please take ... Read More »

I GOT TO FLY THE RNF!!! (Susan Theodorelos)

Susan Theodorelos wrote up a fun little story about her Saturday aviation adventures. Thanks for sharing with us Susan. Sure was fun finally bumping into you and ALL your friends!  Judy Got up yesterday morning…. met Brad down at the airport and hopped in the Grumman (yeah… I know…) and flew up to Urbana for breakfast to meet Daun and Kathy (visiting from Canada, eh?) who had alr... Read More »

Pilot Update; Dianne Wieman

Dianne Wieman from Texas writes; “Judy, other than being one of the out of job statistics, my Champ and I are doing great! We do not fly very far lately (even gas costs money!) although we have visited the glider field and took several ladies for special rides.” Link to Dianne Wieman’s January 2010 Pilot Profile Read More »

Judy’s birthday fun!

OK, so this isn’t exactly big news, but a great birthday that involves taildraggers just has to get some face time!  I’m actually amazed any kind of flying happened at all since I’ve been on jury duty all week, meaning I was calling in every evening to see if my number “13” was called.  I slipped by Monday and Tuesday with the last number called being “12”... Read More »

Anybody want a ride?!!?!!

At an airport cookout tonight I hollered “Anybody want a Champ ride?!!” and I heard an immediate, overwhelming, absolute chorus of  “YES”…. from the gals gathering side of the hangar!! Giving Champ rides! So away we went, 3 Champ flights, 3 gals who I swear LOVED it, on a perfect blue sky, silky air evening. Geez, I almost missed my slow cooked ribs but it would have ... Read More »

Diane Wieman’s San Antonio to Middletown, Ohio Flight to the National Aeronca Association’s Fly-in

Flying a Champ from San Antonio Texas to Middletown Ohio!   If the Champ had a memory it would not have a problem finding its way on this trip as it has made the trip 5 times so far!  Most folks would think this would be a daunting task, but a friend of mine said——“just think of it as a group of cross country flights put into a somewhat of a straight line”. Before Shreeveport LA a... Read More »

Susan & Judy go flying!

Hope all of your Memorial Weekends were as filled with flying fun as mine! Susan Theodorelos invited us to meet her and husband, Andy, along with a few other friends, for lunch at Grimes Field, Urbana, Ohio.  Its a one hour, plus, flight in my Champ, and I’ve been there enough to know it has a great restaurant on the airport (that serves delicious homemade pies) and makes it a good spot to m... Read More »

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