Tracy Salmi     (Texas)

Tracy Salmi (Texas)

Tracy Salmi is based at 44TE, Shirley Williams Airport, Kingsland, Texas. * Tracy Salmi with her Cessna 170 Neil Salmi and I were married in January and we have bought a hangar home on 44TE in TX. I sold my home and hangar in KS. Still have the C170.  Am a CFII multi engine instrument  land /single engine sea. I enjoy flying and the people that fly and build airplanes. Read More »

Cynthia Laddon Kaase    (California)

Cynthia Laddon Kaase (California)

Cynthia Laddon Kaase is based at KMYF Montgomery Field Airport, San Diego, California and flies a Decathlon CS. I am the proud owner of a wonderful little airplane, a Decathlon CS.  I am a dual rated instrument pilot in helicopter and fixed wing. I am a CFI in helicopter and am currently working on add-on ratings for my Commercial license and my CFI certificate * * I love flying both tailwheels an... Read More »

Jill Baker     (California)

Jill Baker (California)

Jill Anne Baker, CFI, MEI, lives in San Diego, California and sent in this new picture update.  Jill says “My good friend Buckels  and I flying his Cub!!” Although Jill is based at San Diego, she makes frequent trips to Indiana.  When I met Jill a year ago she was flying this GCAA 1970 Citabria out of Columbus Municipal Airport in Indiana.  Sadly, on a rental flight, it was forced to m... Read More »

Marla Simon Boone   (Ohio)

Marla Simon Boone (Ohio)

Marla Simon Boone flies a Waco (and more) and is based at Troy Skypark Airport (37I), Troy, Ohio. I enjoy flying anything, but especially love my straightwing WACO.  I also fly a tailwheel Colt and a Pacer.  I am a CFII and hold SEL, SES, MEL ratings as well as advanced and instrument ground instructor ratings. I also am an A&P mechanic.  I enjoy restoring antique aircraft. Read More »

Chelsea Engberg  (California)

Chelsea Engberg (California)

Chelsea Engberg is based at Mesa Del Rey Airport, (KKIC) King City, California. I’m a CFI and MEI focusing on aerobatics now. I typically fly an Extra 300L and sometimes a Pitts S2C and S2B. I also have opportunity to fly a J3 Cub and am in the process of selling a Cubcrafters Sport Cub for my company. I think taildraggers are the best aircraft out there and am absolutely enthralled with aer... Read More »

Bobbi Boucher  (Virginia)

Bobbi Boucher (Virginia)

Meet Bobbi Boucher,  A&P, IA, & CFI based at  Shannon Airport (EZF) Fredricksburg, VA and builder, pilot and owner of this RV-4. This white, pink and gold RV-4 pictured was built and test-flown by Bobbi Boucher over a period of six years – all 14,820 rivets; no quick-build for this girl!  The plane first flew in January 1998 and has since accumulated 402 hours.  N2QT is powered by a ... Read More »

Freya Shiller  (Texas)

Freya Shiller (Texas)

Freya Shiller  is based at KLBX, Brazoria County Airport, Angleton/Lake Jackson, Texas. I learned to fly in a 1947 C140.  I was lucky enough to think everyone flew one.  My first and only instructing job was in tailwheels. I came up thru the ranks as a CFI, ferry pilot and commuter pilot to find myself flying 757 and 767.  I tell people that pays for my AVGAS.  Currently I own a M20E and a Pitts S... Read More »

Diana Votaw     (Missouri)

Diana Votaw (Missouri)

“I am 53 years old born 06-15-60, got my PPL when I was 17 and my CFI at 19.  Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Own and operate my own airplane (Cubcrafters Sport Cub S2) and airplane business.  I Love to take pictures and I’m trying to get better at aerial video!  Have three children and my oldest daughter, Julia, has her PPL and flies taildraggers when she can.”... Read More »

Lori Adams     (Texas)

Lori Adams (Texas)

Lori Adams, 81, of  Smithville, Texas flies a 1967 Citabria and has logged 29,000 hours in 55 years.  She continues to fly aerobatics in Smithville. By Andrea Lorenz AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF The red-headed pilot takes precautions before she flies the 1967 single-engine Citabria she co-owns with friend and former student Austin Wambler. She checks the fuel and oil, gives the plane a once-over and n... Read More »

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