Elaine Kauh     (Wisconsin)

Elaine Kauh (Wisconsin)

Elaine Kauh is based at (KRYV) Watertown Municipal Airport, Watertown, Wisconsin. Taildraggers inspired me to start flying! My first airplane ride was in a beautiful Stinson. I was hooked before the engine even started. Before I began my flying lessons, I got many rides in taildraggers and helped restore a Piper Pacer. I did my private pilot training in a C152 (as taildraggers were unavailable for... Read More »

Jeanne MacPherson    (Montana)

Jeanne MacPherson (Montana)

Jeanne MacPherson is based at (KHLN) Helena Regional Airport, Helena, Montana. I am recently retired from Chief of the Safety and Education Bureau, Aeronautics Division, Montana Department of Transportation. I coordinated air search operations, promoted aviation education, and taught mountain flying for more than 15 years. I am now flight instructing in Montana with my company “Mountain Aird... Read More »

Lisa Volk  (Canada)

Lisa Volk (Canada)

Lisa Volk is based at (CPM5) Volks Aerodrome, Ontario, Canada. Lisa operates the ground &  flight school at Volks Aerodrome. I’ve been flying since 1984, built my own Murphy Rebel and painted it.  I fly taildraggers cause I love that they look sleek and neat!  I am an instructor on tailwheels at Check out Lisa’s webpage at Golden Eagle Flight School Read More »

Allison Wheaton    (Indiana)

Allison Wheaton (Indiana)

Allison Wheaton is based in Angola, Indiana. Hi there, I grew up flying taildraggers & love love love that you’ve got a group together to share stories. 🙂  Those crusty boys get to have groups, nice that there’s one for us too. 🙂 My first solo was in a Super Cub, then my dad got a Cessna 170, which I loved dearly.  I received a grant from college which I used to buy fuel & my d... Read More »

Caroline Allmark    (UK)

Caroline Allmark (UK)

2/6/11 I received this update from lady taildragger pilot, Caroline Allmark, and congratulations are in order – we have a new UK flight instructor!! Just a little update for you. I now have a flight instructor rating and have a part time job. Im doing AOPA Aeros course too to then lift my restriction and do aero trial lessons. These will initially be on Fournier RF6 and Slingsby Firefly (whi... Read More »

Ann Elsbach     (California)

Ann Elsbach (California)

Ann Elsbach is based at Murray Field Airport (EKA) Eureka, California and Palo Alto Airport (PAO) Palo Alto, California. I’m so happy to find you all! I started flying in 1973 in a 1943 L-2 Taylorcraft. I bought my first airplane in 1974 in Elizabethtown, KY and flew it home to CA with a little under 100 hours in my logbook. With another 100 hours I would have realized what a crazy thing it ... Read More »

Sneha Harish     (Uganda)

Sneha Harish (Uganda)

Sneha Harish is based at HUKJ, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa and is now a charter pilot & CFI. February 2012 Updated pilot info at Sneha was previously based at Komatipoort Airport (FAKP), Komatipoort, South Africa. From 2010 post…… Hello ladies! I am a 21 year old pilot. I am originally from India. I would be... Read More »

Haylee Furlong    (Virginia)

Haylee Furlong (Virginia)

Haylee Furlong flies out of Warrenton Air Park, 7VGO, Warrenton, Virginia as well as KHWY & KHEF. I’m a CFI out of an airport inside the Washington DC SFRA. I’m a CFI, but working on my tailwheel endorsement. Even after I get the endorsement I plan to fly the Champ often. The novelty of getting to land at the 15 grass strips in the 15 nm radius of my home airport is unreal. As a pr... Read More »

Lorraine Morris    (Illinois)

Lorraine Morris (Illinois)

Lorraine Morris is based at Poplar Grove Airport (C77), Poplar Grove, Illinois. I started flying in 1980 and started flying taildraggers in 1987 when I met my husband.  He had a 1950 Cessna 140A that he had learned to fly in, so he taught me to fly again (in the 140A) after not flying for 5 years before I met him. We have kept the 140A and I think I will go before it goes as it has been in the fam... Read More »

Sarah Patten    (Virginia)

Sarah Patten (Virginia)

Sarah Patten is based at KHWY,Warrenton-Fauquier Airport, Warrenton, Virginia and owns a Cessna 120. I started flying in 1999, just before my senior year of high school, at 17N in southern NJ. I loved my lessons so much that I juggled three part time jobs in addition to school just to afford them! I earned my PPL in December 2000 and spent several years after that working every aviation job I coul... Read More »

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