Ginger Davidson     (Indiana)

Ginger Davidson (Indiana)

Ginger Davidson lives at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, Indiana. Although not one person in my family flies, I acquired a sense of adventure from my parents since we had traveled as a family to every state except Hawaii (via car) by the time I had graduated from High School. That’s just one of the stories that I tell when asked why I learned to fly. The others involve rebellion and are probably... Read More »

Meredith Tcherniavsky     (Maryland)

Meredith Tcherniavsky (Maryland)

Meredith Tcherniavsky is based at Fallston Airport, W42, Fallston, Maryland. My husband and I just bought a 1938 J-3 Cub. We’re both flight instructors, but now I’m the student as he teaches me how to fly the Cub! I’ve been following your site for a while and am looking forward to being part of your community. Thanks! Meredith Tcherniavsky, CFI-IA Read More »

Pat Ohlsson     (Florida)

Pat Ohlsson (Florida)

Pat Ohlsson is based at 7FL6, Spruce Creek Airport, Dayton, Florida. I started flying in 1974 at Islip Airport, Long Island, New York. Since that time I have had a great time flying and over the years earned Commercial SEL, SES, (Instrument) MEL, (Instrument) Glider, Instructors license and ground instructor. Also ground school for DC8 flight engineer. Passed with a 98%, higher than a friend of mi... Read More »

Jean O’Cuilinn     (Texas)

Jean O’Cuilinn (Texas)

Jean O’Cuilinn is based at E38, Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport, Alpine, Texas. When I had about 30 hrs or so as a student pilot I went to take some aerobatics at Debbie Rihn-Harvey’s place in La Porte, TX in 2004. We flew a Super Decathlon and from that point on I decided that one day I wanted to get one of my own. In the meantime I bought a Cessna 152 and finished my ratings up thr... Read More »

Helen Brennan     (Ohio)

Helen Brennan (Ohio)

Helen Brennan is based at OH15 , Minerva Airport, Minerva, Ohio. I have been flying since 1993, progressing through the customary 152’s, 172’s and Cherokees.  Back in those days (has it really been 18 years already?), ground schools were always full of student pilots and the flight school planes were booked weeks in advance.  That led to the first airplane purchase, a Piper Cherokee, w... Read More »

Lynn O’Donnell     (Florida)

Lynn O’Donnell (Florida)

Lynn O’Donnell is based at (7FL6) Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida. I first flew Cubs as an employee of Piper, then DC-3s in charter and skydiving operations. Years later I bought a Stinson 108-3 Flying Station Wagon which I still have and love. I’ve flown it up and down the east coast, from NJ out to Denver and to Memphis. I’m now hanging out in central FL finding al... Read More »

Kim Ewing    (Georgia)

Kim Ewing (Georgia)

Kim Ewing is based at Gwinnett County Airport (KLZU) Lawrenceville, Georgia. I began flying in 2006, right after I graduated from high school. My aunt and uncle own and operate Bermuda High Soaring School in Lancaster, South Carolina and I learned how to fly in gliders with my uncle as my CFIG. After that, I was definitely “bitten by the bug”. At the time, I was attending college in SC... Read More »

Susan Upchurch     (Florida)

Susan Upchurch (Florida)

Susan Upchurch is based at (KSGJ) St. Augustine Airport, St Augustine, Florida. I started flying in 1965 and by 1968 was lucky enough to fly taildraggers (Champ, Cub, PA12, Bird Dog, etc.) and gliders.  I currently own a Super Decathlon and an R-22 helicopter. Through the years, I’ve been a flight instructor, corporate, and charter pilot flying all types of airplanes. Susan and her Super Dec... Read More »

What’s up with Sneha Harish? (South Africa)

What’s up with Sneha Harish? (South Africa)

Hope all is well on your end of the world and hope you are flying loads! I am enclosing pictures of recent ‘first solo’ celebrations of a few of my students. I love photography and try my best to capture it all for the students because they tend to remember the day they flew solo for the first ever time in an aircraft much more vividly than any other achievement. (I remember mine like ... Read More »

Amy Hoover    (Washington)

Amy Hoover (Washington)

Amy Hoover is based at (KELN) Bowers Field Airport, Ellensburg, Washington. My journey into taildragger flying started in the early 1980’s when my work as a geologist and white water river guide entailed flights into the remote river canyons in central Idaho, and I have been hooked ever since. I obtained my private license in 1988 in Salmon, Idaho and later that year bought a 1947 Cessna 120... Read More »

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