Cessna 195

Tia Robertson     (Georgia)

Tia Robertson (Georgia)

New pictures from Tia!! Tia Robertson is based at 5GA4, Air Acres Airport, Woodstock, Georgia. I earned my private pilot license in a Luscombe 8E March 8th 1981. A few days later the Luscombe and I were on our way to the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in! I continued to build time and add an instrument & multi-engine rating, commercial, CFI and a few years later was flying Jetstreams for a commuter in Atlanta.... Read More »

Aileen Watkins     (Texas)

Aileen Watkins (Texas)

Aileen Watkins is based at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, (KDWH) Houston, Texas. I am definitely a taildragger girl and made my living early in my flying career as a taildragger pilot. When it was difficult to find a full-time flying job, my experience in conventional gear aircraft allowed me to fill a need at a couple of local flight schools where this skill was needed but hard to come by. A... Read More »

A Fun Sunday at Poplar Grove Airport

If you love Cabin Wacos…. Beech 18s…. Cessna 195s….. T6…… and flying for the fun of flying, sit back and enjoy the next few minutes!  Tina Thomas, thank  you! Read More »

Heather Gamble  (California)

Heather Gamble (California)

Heather Gamble is based at Ramona Airport (KRNM), Ramona, California. Here’s an update from Heather, and thanks, Heather, for sending in these beautiful shots of you and  your Cessna 195 – I’m in love!!! (Judy) One fine looking 195 named “Dimples”!!  Great name for a fun taildragger. ———————- The following from June 2010 post ... Read More »

Gwen Vasenden     (Nevada)

Gwen Vasenden (Nevada)

Gwen is based at O02 in Reno, Nevada and owns & flies a J3 Cub and a Cessna 195. The above photo was just forwarded by Gwen and taken by her daughter on a recent visit to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Looks like a beautiful 195 Gwen.  We’re delighted to see your “other love”! What else have you got stashed in that hangar?!? I fly a J3 Cub and a 195 Cessna, love both.  My husband ... Read More »

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