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Stephanie Stephenson’s new bird AND new digs

Stephanie Stephenson’s new bird AND new digs

Thank you to Stephanie Stephenson for sending an update. We love to get pretty new pictures of planes, people and more! Stephanie tells me she not only has relocated to an airport community, Kelly Airpark, CO15, Elbert, Colorado, she’s also the proud parent of a beautiful J-3 Cub too. With AirVenture 2014 upon us, you may remember Stephanie was one of two ladies we featured at last year̵... Read More »

Stephanie Stephenson     (Colorado)

Stephanie Stephenson (Colorado)

Stephanie Stephenson is based at KEIK, Erie Municipal Airport, Erie, Colorado. A new Pilot Profile was added for Stephanie March 2013 but we didn’t have a picture of Stephanie to post! We finally have a face to put with the name! Thank you Stephanie for forwarding pictures. Stephanie will be displaying her C195 at “Vintage in Review” at AirVenture on Wednesday, July 31. Stop by a... Read More »

Jan Johnson and Elsie, her beautiful Cessna 195

Jan Johnson and Elsie, her beautiful Cessna 195

Here’s an update from Cessna 195 owner Jan Johnson, based at KSQL, San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, California. Jan affectionately named N4026A, her beautiful 1952 CESSNA 195A, “Elsie”. Dreamed of flying since I was a kid. Mom planted the aviation seed in my head back then. Her first husband was a fighter pilot with the Air Force. I grew up hearing all the stories of his flying. I... Read More »

Ladies love to fly taildraggers!

Ladies love to fly taildraggers!

The ladies are out there everyday, everywhere, doing what they love and proving ladies really do love taildraggers! Aune Price (Illinois) Pilot Profile Amy Gesch (works for Wipaire Inc.) Cathy Page (Arizona) Pilot Profile Jan Johnson (California) Pilot Profile Casey Erickson (California) Pilot Profile Diana Votaw (Missouri) Votaw Aviation Pam Fowler (North Carolina) Pilot Profile   Read More »

Oshkosh Seaplane Base 2012

Oshkosh Seaplane Base 2012

If I have any regrets about AirVenture 2012 its that I never made it over to the Seaplane base. I kept bumping into people all week long who’d taken the EAA bus over and they were raving about the picturesque seaplane base, the aircraft and talking about the slower, laid back pace compared to the high activity & noise level at AirVenture. Turns out there were some taildragger beauties ha... Read More »

Formation flying a Beech 18 & Cessna 195

I had an amazing day yesterday flying my Rans S7 to Columbus, Indiana where some great old taildraggers were hanging out. Other than the 99 degrees we suffered through it couldn’t have been much better. I gave rides, I got rides, and had a fun time at a hangar party. Did I mention the “I got rides” was flying in this beautiful 1959 Beech 18 accompanied by Rusty Richards in his C1... Read More »

So….. what’s the scoop on the Lady Taildraggers fly-in??!!

WOW, I’m back in Indy tonight and back on-line……and I’ve got great internet service again!! Hotels are great, especially when they have water views like Pickwick Landing St. Park Inn, but there’s nothing like fast internet to keep me happy! Check out this update on our Fly-in. I know not everyone was able to make it home today but hopefully return flights have been st... Read More »

Jeanne Milton     (New York)

Jeanne Milton (New York)

Jeanne Milton is based at NY0, Fulton County Airport, Johnstown, New York. Picture from my first Cub solo I am a student pilot. I have solo time in a Cessna 120, J3 Cub and just got signed off in a friend’s Cessna 170.  I plan to finish my license in the 170 as the Cub has no radios.  My flight instructor, John Peck, and I just went in on a Cessna 120 project. I’m learning to rivet and... Read More »

Valerie Thal-Slocum     (Tennessee)

Valerie Thal-Slocum (Tennessee)

Valerie Thal-Slocum is based at 4TN3, Hawks Nest Airport, Moscow, Tennessee. I am an MD 11 Captain for FedEx. I grew up flying taildraggers,  Beech 18’s, DC-3’s, and I own a Cessna 195. My husband, Jim is also a taildragger pilot and he recently soled our two daughters, Holly (age 15) and Heather (age 14) in a 2-26 glider. It is kinda a taildragger! – I love networking and encour... Read More »

Nancy Warren     (Indiana)

Nancy Warren (Indiana)

Nancy Warren is based at KBAK, Columbus Municipal Airport, Columbus, Indiana. Many years ago I was checked out in a Citabria, 7-ECA (part-owner), also flew right seat in DC-3s and Beech 18s, currently fly a Cessna Cardinal 177. – I was a member of the 99s for 25 years, currently member of the United Flying Octogenarians (UFO), serve on its Board of Directors and as Area Director for the Stat... Read More »

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