Cessna 185

Monica Delgado     (Columbia)

Monica Delgado (Columbia)

Monica Delgado is based at SKCL, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, Palmira, Colombia. I like to fly SuperCub and C185. I am happy to find a community that likes to fly taildraggers. It’s great to know other woman that like the same as me.   Read More »

Pilot update from Christine S Mortine

Pilot update from Christine S Mortine

Pilot updates are a great way to stay in touch while freshening up the information you originally submitted to LadiesLoveTaildraggers. Feel free to search your name and review what’s on-line within LadiesLoveTaildraggers. If anything’s changed – you’re flying a new bird, have a new rating, or just having a blast flying – send it in! Thank you to lady taildragger pilot... Read More »

Slick Backcountry Landing

Slick Backcountry Landing

Here’s a tricky approach not meant for the faint of heart. Destination is Simonds airstrip in the Idaho backcountry. The strip is 900′ long x 37′ wide with a 4% to 9% grade, trees all around, and it’s at 5243′ msl. Check out this 1976 Cessna 185 with Sportsman STOL nailing it perfectly. Pilot: Leigh Smith Read More »

Amanda Rutland    (New Zealand)

Amanda Rutland (New Zealand)

Amanda Rutland is based at CHC, Christchurch Airport, New Zealand. Pictures included are the C185 and the Tiger, as that’s what I’ve done the bulk of my flying in over the years. We have a lot of female pilots here in NZ, but unfortunately taildragger pilots in general (male or female) are becoming exceedingly difficult to find. If you want to get a rating on a new type it’s very... Read More »

Carol Anne Murray   (Hawaii)

Carol Anne Murray (Hawaii)

Carol Anne Murray is based at Hilo International Airport (KHTO), Hilo, Hawaii. These were all captured by some friends who fished at Karta River Wilderness Area in southeast Alaska. I flew a Cessna 185, exclusively on straight floats, in Alaska. Now living in Hawaii, so put “Rosalyn” on wheels and packed her into a 40 foot container. A wingless airplane parked in the driveway makes a g... Read More »

Winter Flying

Hope you’re staying nice and toasty this winter … in the pilot’s seat of your favorite taildragger! This is what Indiana looked like this weekend from the front of the Champ – at 15 degrees outside! * Judy and the Happy Champ. No problem keeping warm – got the heat wide open up front! * That’s what it’s all about this time of year. The people I know that a... Read More »

Three Tricky Little Cessna 185 Airstrips

This video is from the New Tribes Mission blog and forwarded to me by Cy Galley. The pilot is Brian Pruett who along with his wife are missionaries serving in the Philippines with Aviation. Brian says “This post is for all the pilots and dreamers who enjoy this kind of stuff. I filmed some landings and takeoffs at three of our more interesting airstrips. We are getting into rainy season now ... Read More »

Linda Fore     (Oregon)

Linda Fore (Oregon)

Linda Fore is based at Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3), Hillsboro, Oregon, and flies a Super Cub and Cessna 185. Private and Instrument rated pilot. Retired US Navy. My husband and I own a 1979 Cessna 185F and 1968 PA-18.  I fly both but love the Super Cub!   We love flying the Idaho backcountry! I recently moved to Oregon and am enjoying all the grass runways but looking for more.  If you k... Read More »

Skywagon Video over SFO by Nigel Ellis

It’s only recently I’ve become a fan of Cessna 180s & 185s but my love affair (from afar) goes back a lot longer with 190s and 195s. Don’t confuse any of these with a Cessna 175 which I used to jump out of. It had a nose wheel and a geared engine – and I’m NOT including that on any of my favorites lists! I happened on this wonderful video of a Cessna 185 Skywagon ... Read More »