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Katie Pribyl, cover article, January 2017 AOPA Pilot Magazine

Katie Pribyl, cover article, January 2017 AOPA Pilot Magazine

Pick up the latest edition of AOPA Pilot Magazine, the January 2017 issue, and you’ll see a surprising sight; an aerial shot of a worn, old Cessna 180 Skywagon, not the usual award winning aircraft you’re expecting. The beautiful old bird is polished aluminum with faded and chipped black & aqua blue paint – and it is magnificent. When I saw it, my interest soared and complete... Read More »

Maureen Sherwood     (California)

Maureen Sherwood (California)

Maureen Sherwood is based at KSBP, San Luis County Regional Airport, San Luis Obispo, California. I started taking flying lessons as a young wife of a Navy Pilot back in the early 1970s. My husband really wanted me to learn to fly so I decided to take flying lessons while he was deployed. We bought our first airplane, a J3 Cub, upon his return from his second tour to Viet Nam. At first I was intim... Read More »

Taming the Taildragger: 1955 Cessna 180

Taming the Taildragger: 1955 Cessna 180

Jan Liberty sent in these fun pictures to celebrate the holiday. “Happy 4th of July!! Sharing  pictures taken of me a few years back with my 1955 Cessna 180 while camping at Sullivan Lake (09S) located in NE Washington State.” P.S. The boots were fun for the picture—but I don’t fly in them. Read More »

Katie Pribyl    (Virginia)

Katie Pribyl (Virginia)

Katie Pribyl is based at KFDK, Frederick Municipal Airport, Frederick, Maryland. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana and much of my early exposure to GA was backcountry flying in taildraggers. So when it came time to make my first airplane purchase, it’s where I naturally gravitated. I purchased my 1956 Cessna 180 in October 2014 and have loved every single hour in it. I foresee spending ... Read More »

Vicki Coles     (Washington)

Vicki Coles (Washington)

Vicki Coles is based at KVUO, Pearson Field Airport, Vancouver, Washington. My first flying lesson was in 1975 in a Taylorcraft at Evergreen Field, Vancouver, WA. I soloed in the Taylorcraft and then “moved on” to the Aeronca Champ. (One didn’t “move UP” to the C150 until one had mastered the taildraggers.) I earned my Private in 1977, my Commercial in 1978 and my CFI... Read More »

Shannon Perdue     (Texas)

Shannon Perdue (Texas)

Shannon Perdue is based at 50F, Bourland Field Airport, Fort Worth, Texas. I’m a third generation pilot, thanks to dad and grandpa before me! I’ve been around planes my whole life, but didn’t find my passion for it until I was 18. I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m currently trying to get my Instrument rating and finish up my last semester of college and commission into... Read More »

Darcy Groves    (California)

Darcy Groves (California)

Darcy Groves is based at 1C9, Frazier Lake Airpark, Hollister, California. 1955 Cessna 180, N180HB and am a student pilot. Read More »

A Smile a Mile Wide

A Smile a Mile Wide

I frequently receive interesting and enjoyable emails from people but this recent one from Dee Ann Ediger was extra special. Dee Ann attended our LLT flyin at Gaston’s and sent this one I just have to share. I think you’ll love it as much as I do. On Saturday afternoon at the Gaston’s flyin, a young lad with his grandparents visited the airport in order to see the airplanes. When you a... Read More »

Susan Dusenbury     (North Carolina)

Susan Dusenbury (North Carolina)

Susan Dusenbury is based at her own strip, 13NR, Dusenbury Field Airport, Walnut Cove, North Carolina. I currently fly my Cessna 180 and Taylor J-2 “Cub” out of my private airstrip located here on my farm in North Carolina. I began flying at the age of 15 and have always flown taildraggers. My main interest in aviation is in vintage aviation. I also own a Culver “Cadet” and... Read More »

Carolina L. Anderson     (Florida)

Carolina L. Anderson (Florida)

Carolina Anderson is based in Daytona, Florida. Currently my husband and I own ( and fly)  a Pitts S1T, a Cubcrafters Cub S-2, a Cessna 180, an Aircam and a Piper Pawnee tow-plane. I have several hundred hours giving instruction in tailwheel and aerobatic airplanes, such ad Champs, J-3 Cubs, Extra, Decathlon, Pitts and Super Cubs. We own a small company that provides glider tows and glider instruc... Read More »

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