Follow up to “What taildraggers do the ladies fly?”

Follow up to “What taildraggers do the ladies fly?”

re·cal·cu·late /rēˈkalkyəˌlāt/ Verb. To calculate again, especially in order to eliminate errors or to incorporate additional factors or data. Alrighty people, because of comments and emails about the “official” numbers posted regarding what taildraggers the ladies love to fly, I’m back with this update. As always, your comments are very much appreciated. I’ve recalculated, grouping similar taildraggers together… within reason. This time I’m reporting actual “numbers” vs. “percentages” but again, don’t take my numbers to the bank. As Natalie McHaffie wrote in her comment, “And here’s a good example of “you can’t keep up to date”. I sold my Pitts last weekend!”  My goal is to get as close as I can to reality and not shortchange any taildragger types! Starting with the third most popular group… Cessnas #3; 120, 140, 150TD, 170, 180 & 185 – Total 49 —- Aeroncas #2; Champ, Chief, Citabria & Decathlon – Total 54  — And at Number One Pipers #1; J3, J5, PA-11, PA-12 & PA-18 (only tandems) – Total 68. (Add in Cub clones & you’re up to 74) What I thought was the most interesting is that over 50% of our members fall into one of these groups.  And for the many onesie, twosies like a Warner Air Sportster, Whittman Tailwind and Summer Martell’s Student Prince – you’re in the rarer breeds that we love to read about. Keep flying and send in your updates ladies!!

And The Winner Is…..

And The Winner Is…..

The numbers are in and we have a winner on the “9 Lady Taildraggers Pilots – 9 Types of Taildraggers” contest!! At 216 Votes, Kelly Jeffries’ RV8 garnered the most votes. 2nd Was Dana Bain’s Supercub with 156 votes And 3rd place was a 3-way tie with 129 votes each for…. * * Thanks everyone for participating and voting!! Other than Kelly’s RV8, all the votes were very close and all the aircraft not mentioned here were only a few points behind. Congratulations Kelly….. & L.D. An RV8’s an outstanding aircraft and yours is sure a beauty! I hope there’s one in my future!!...

Jessie Fisher     (Texas)

Jessie Fisher (Texas)

Jessie Fisher, formerly from Crest Airpark, Kent, Washington has relocated and is based at  Bulverde Airpark in the San Antonio, Texas area. With both parents small plane pilots, one could say that “flying is in my blood.” Growing up I spent most of my time in 180, 210 or Bonanza (more family transport friendly commutes). However, both my parents’ hearts belonged to the classic Luscumbe Silvaire. When it came time for me to get my “wings,” learning in a taildragger was a must. Although it’s not a Luscombe, I’ve grown to love my little rag wing Cessna 140. Just under a month ago I received “my ticket.” I’m from the North West, and have been based out of Crest airpark for the last year. Recently moved to San Antonio, Texas and am excited to get involved in the huge G.A. community down here. Love trailtraggers! Jessie Fisher...

Priscilla Repton     (Colorado)

Priscilla Repton (Colorado)

Priscilla Repton is based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. I started having an interest in flying about a year ago. I told my husband I wanted to learn to fly and he thought it was a great idea. So, we decided a Taildragger would be the best plane to learn in because it would be the hardest and if I had to fly anything else it would make it easier. I also love the look of taildragger planes. I love polished planes. We used to own a Decathalon but I never had a desire to fly aerobatics because I got really ill. From that experience I didn’t think I could fly a plane. Brian Landsburgh taught my husband to fly tailwheel so he said “Talk to Brian”. So, I did. He said he could fix that illness thing and here we go. I am able to fly longer and longer without feeling ill. I am really enjoying it and want to continue on. As I am over 40 (not by much) they say it is harder to learn but… I will prevail! This is too much fun not to…. Thank you, Priscilla Repton...

Jeannie Phillips     (Massachusetts)

Jeannie Phillips (Massachusetts)

Jeannie Phillips is based at 2B1 Cape Cod Airport, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts. My name is Jeannie Phillips, I am a new tailwheel pilot and I love your website! My passion for aviation started when I discovered skydiving and I traveled all over the U.S. and Europe jumping out of all sorts of cool planes and helicopters. I eventually learned to land with the plane and earned my private pilot’s license a few years ago. My husband and I recently bought a 1946 C-140 and it is based at 2B1, a beautiful, old, grass airport on Cape Cod. I just received my tailwheel endorsement so I am very excited to start flying around and hopefully I will get to come to your LLT Fly in next year. Thanks, Jeannie Phillips...

Jill Sprockett  (Ohio)

Jill Sprockett (Ohio)

Jill Sprockett’s got a beautiful new airplane! Yep, a fine looking 1946 C85 Cessna 140. Jill is based at 62D, Warren Airport, Warren, Ohio. From Jill, “I went to the Lockhaven flyin in Pennsylvania and was walking by checking out all the planes and came across a 140. I really liked the looks and the profile of the airplane and talked with the guy who owned it. He told me nothing but great things about the airplane so I went to Barnstormers and found this one. Left Lockhaven and went to Zanesville, Ohio and fell in love with this plane. A few days later went back and bought it!” The following is a previous post dated June 9, 2010: Hello my name is Jill and I fly a Taylorcraft F-21. I am new to the world of aviation and feel very blesssed to meet so many wonderful people. I am in the process of preparing for my check-ride, I just need to complete my cross-country. I am looking forward to attending many flyins and meeting more amazing people! * Thanks, Jill Sprockett...

Abbie Parsons     (Ohio)

Abbie Parsons (Ohio)

Abbie Parsons is based at (5D6) Parsons Airport, Carrollton, Ohio, is 16 years old and just soloed!! Abbie lives on the family airport and her dad, uncle, grandfather & sister all fly. “We wanted to share these photos with LadiesLoveTaildraggers.” “Needless to say Abbie hasn’t quit smiling yet! We missed her 16th birthday by one day due to winds gusting to 45 kts…go figure.” – “Thanks, David (dad) & Abbie Parsons”...

Martine Hammonds     (Wisconsin)

Martine Hammonds (Wisconsin)

Martine Hammonds is based at 6P3, Waunakee Airport, Waunakee, Wisconsin. My husband and I own a Cessna 140 that we fly out of our backyard, just north of Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve been inactive fore quite some time and want to get back into flying this year, mostly so I can fly for Pilots ‘n Paws, a rescue group. What a great “N” number for a Cessna 140, N140! Great website!! Martine Hammonds...

Cessna 140 vs the Mud Mouse

Have I got an interesting story for you! Actually, it’s Ken & Lorraine Morris’ story but I’m passing it along with pleasure!  This is one they’re going to be telling for years to come and I’d like to be there for the telling! So Ken… Lorraine…. the lady taildraggers fly-in’s coming up?! At the end of February we purchased a Cessna 140A in California, sight unseen, with the intent to restore it. Ken bought it, took off, and within 15 minutes the engine quit. He had a choice of landing in the San Francisco Bay (cold, wet water) or landing in the Dumbarton Mud Flats (cold, wet tidal mud). He chose the flats and made a great landing. The ground was soft and as soon as the main wheels hit the mud they stopped. Unfortunately the rest of the plane kept moving and it went over and ended up on its back. He jammed his finger and thankfully that was the extent of personal injuries but the poor little 140 got a bit of gear damage. We found out that the mud flats were in a protected area for some endangered stupid mud mouse, and the California Fish and Wildlife department head had a major fit when he found out Ken had the audacity to lose his engine power and do an emergency landing in HIS mud! The insurance company hired a helicopter to remove the plane because God Forbid any other vehicles dared transgress through the Protected Mud Mouse’s territory (Ken never saw ONE)! The helicopter picked the plane up by its gear, upside down, and brought it back to an airport where is was dismantled and loaded on a trailer to be trucked to Illinois. We have already repaired the damage.  It turns out it is a good thing we had to do the repairs.  The forward bulkhead was completely corroded through, and we would never have found it if we hadn’t had to do the repairs.  The corrosion was hidden by a metal support angle and we would never have removed it except for the damage repair.  We put on a new cabin top, mostly because there were antenna holes all over. The plane is in the paint shop now, and we will be putting it back together this month.  Hope to have it flying early March.  It is already sold, and we are fixing it up specifically for the new owner. If you happen to get any of the EAA magazines, or Flying, there is an ad in there for EAA insurance, and they use our plane with the helicopter above it as the full page ad. Lorraine...

Lorrie Nebrig Hasler     (Arizona)

Lorrie Nebrig Hasler (Arizona)

Lorrie Nebrig Hasler is based at KPRC, Ernest A. Love Field Airport, Prescott, Arizona. Hi…my name is Lorrie Nebrig and I am a taildragger pilot. I own the 1948 Cessna 140 that I bought with my father over 30 years ago.  I am based in Prescott, Arizona at KPRC.  The 140 is hangared here in Prescott, and I am enjoying watching my 10 year old son learning how to fly the 140 as well as our Grumman Cheetah.  We enjoy flying the 140 and doing a lot of air camping throughout the Southwest. Thanks, Lorrie...

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