Cessna 120

Terri Minter     (Oregon)

Terri Minter (Oregon)

Terri Minter is based at Starks Twin Oaks Airport, 7S3, near Hillsboro, Oregon. Check out this update and the new bird Terri’s flying! I’ve owned four airplanes, all of which have been Cessna taildraggers. My current airplane is a Cessna 170B, customized for camping. Ratings: PPL, High Performance Aircraft flown: Cessna 120, Cessna 140, Cessna 170B Dream taildragger: My current airplan... Read More »

Kaitlin Mroz     (Texas)

Kaitlin Mroz (Texas)

Kaitlin Mroz is based at KGKY, Arlington Municipal Airport, Arlington, Texas.  I live and breathe aviation. I’ve done everything from loading aircraft, working an airline’s ticket counter, dispatching, aircraft routing, flight following, flight instructing, and flying jumpers. I had a goal of owning an aircraft by the time I reached 25 so I typed “airplane” in to Craigslist... Read More »

Lisa Grant     (Indiana)

Lisa Grant (Indiana)

Lisa Grant is is a student pilot based at KGFD, Pope Field, Greenfield, Indiana. Lisa Grant & 1947 Cessna 120 I have been married for 26 years and was introduced to planes through my husband. Almost all if them were tail wheels, which of course I found out were the best and the most fun to fly in. It will be amazing once I get my pilot’s license and can go up on my own. Lisa works at Ind... Read More »

Carol Levine    (Texas)

Carol Levine (Texas)

Carol Levine is based at KTKI, Collin County Regional Airport at Mc Kinney, Dallas, Texas. I have been involved with general aviation since 1998 and obtained my PPL August 31, 1999. I started thinking about flying taildraggers a few years ago while volunteering with the warbird community. In 2010 I received my endorsement in a Citabria. However, I did not have the privelage to fly it solo. Unfortu... Read More »

Summer Martell

Hey, a quick note from Summer Martell and a “commute to work” picture!  Summer was, and still is, the envy of many pilots for flying her Student Prince biplane 3,400 miles RT to our Lady Taildraggers flyin last year! Commuting to work in the Puget Sound in my “modern” airplane. A 1946 Cessna 120. All the amenities, an electric starter, lights, radios, a heater and a roof! &... Read More »

Sarah Dickerson     (Missouri)

Sarah Dickerson (Missouri)

Sarah Dickerson is based at KGPH, Midwest National Air Center Airport, just outside Kansas City, Missouri. I’m a professional photographer who also does a bit of flight instructing on the side. I own a 1947 Cessna 120 with my husband, Jim, and we presently base the plane at KGPH (Midwest National Air Center) just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. I teach at ATD Flight Systems at the Kansas C... Read More »

Carolyn Pasqualino    (Illinois)

Carolyn Pasqualino (Illinois)

Carolyn Pasqualino is based at Poplar Grove Airport (C77), Poplar Grove, Illinois. I started flying in 1974 and ended up marrying Mark, my flight instructor.  We have owned our 1946 Cessna 120 since 1990 and it shares the hangar in our back yard with a Beech Debonair and Beech T34-B.  We have lived at Bel Air Estates on the Poplar Grove Airport, since 1997 and love living on a residential airport.... Read More »

Theresa Berthelsdorf    (Oregon)

Theresa Berthelsdorf (Oregon)

Theresa Berthelsdorf is based at McMinnville Municipal Airport (KMMV), McMinnville, Oregon and flies an Interstate Cadet. I learned how to fly back in the 1980s in Piper Colts and Cherokees in Annapolis, MD. But a Cessna 120 stole my heart and for twenty years N89658 was my airplane of choice. I started an aerial photography business in MD and the 120 was the perfect photo platform for my work. I ... Read More »

Sarah Patten    (Virginia)

Sarah Patten (Virginia)

Sarah Patten is based at KHWY,Warrenton-Fauquier Airport, Warrenton, Virginia and owns a Cessna 120. I started flying in 1999, just before my senior year of high school, at 17N in southern NJ. I loved my lessons so much that I juggled three part time jobs in addition to school just to afford them! I earned my PPL in December 2000 and spent several years after that working every aviation job I coul... Read More »