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Sara Williams     (Idaho)

Sara Williams (Idaho)

Sara Williams is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho. I mostly fly floatplanes due to my job with Aerocet and I love it! However, I grew up in 170B’s and have a soft spot for all 170’s. Living up in northern Idaho has given me great opportunity to be around massive bodies of water as well as some amazing backcountry flying down in the Frank Church Wilderness area. I hope... Read More »

Rhonda Ellisor     (Texas)

Rhonda Ellisor (Texas)

Rhonda Ellisor is based at Sandy Creek, an uncharted grass strip between Huntsville and Conroe, Texas, I became a private pilot on Dec. 31, 2016, learning in my very own 1954 Cessna 170. I also have quite a few hours in my instructor/boyfriend’s Cessna 185, L-19 Bird Dog and his beautiful 1960 Beech G18. He said he would only give me instruction in a taildragger! Read More »

Karen Sheppard     (Michigan)

Karen Sheppard (Michigan)

Karen Sheppard is based at KMBS, MBS International Airport, Saginaw, Michigan. My husband, Steve, and I were lucky enough to come across an airplane club with a taildragger. So I embraced the moment, and earned my private pilot license in a 1956 Cessna 170A. I am a Mechanical Engineer by day and the rest of the time I live and breathe flying. Michigan is incredibly scenic, and by air, it is breath... Read More »

Heather Hiller     (Arkansas)

Heather Hiller (Arkansas)

Heather Hiller is based at KHOT, Memorial Field Airport, Hot Springs, Arkansas. “I’m a single mom of 4. I home-school my kids and one thing I want them all to learn is how to Fly!” From Judy; I got a kick out of Heather's registration picture - she's wearing her brand new yellow LLT t-shirt and lookin' good! Must like it 'cause she just ordered a white and blue LLT tshirt too! &n... Read More »

Summer Fun from Amal Ajmi

Summer Fun from Amal Ajmi

OMG, I love getting flying updates from Amal Ajmi! Amal is based at Fairbanks, Alaska and is totally enjoying this summer’s warm weather Alaskan flying! My friend Ann and I spent the weekend flying and thought I would send a note and pictures. There are certain communities in Alaska that have annual events just too good to pass up; Lake Minchumina (MHM) has the annual Rock Skipping Contest. ... Read More »

Margot Taylor     (Hawaii)

Margot Taylor (Hawaii)

Margot Taylor is based at LIH, Lihue Airport, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. What a fun group!  I own a Cessna 170A in Hawaii. I learned to fly initially in gliders in college. One summer in college a friend and I designed, built and test flew our own ultralight auto-towed wing-in-ground effect vehicle. After finishing college I started my airplane training in a Citabria and learned to fly aerobatics which... Read More »

Rose B. Ganim     (Massachusetts)

Rose B. Ganim (Massachusetts)

Rose B. Ganim is based at 7B2, Northampton Airport, Northampton, Massachusetts and flies a Cessna 170B. I spent a few days flying a J-3 Cub on skis at Andover-Aeroflex in New Jersey which was some of the most fun ever — even rivaling floats! Damian DelGaizo is a great instructor and is a terrific resource about bush flying and taildragger love right here in the northeast. Some of the photos ... Read More »

Colleen McKeage     (California)

Colleen McKeage (California)

Colleen McKeage is based at KJAQ, Westover Field / Amador County Airport, Jackson, California. Shortly after receiving my Private license about 10 years ago, I obtained a Cessna 170A, N5416C. She was in pieces and had sat for many years waiting for someone to put her back in the air! After 7 months of work inclusive of new interior, a major overhaul of the engine back to factory new specs, and muc... Read More »

Sandy Walther     (Pennsylvania)

Sandy Walther (Pennsylvania)

Sandy Walther is based at New Garden Airport, N57, Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania. Last week I purchased a 1955 Cessna 170B! I am the treasurer of EAA Chapter 240, based at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon, PA.  The airport used to be owned by the DuPonts. I enjoyed seeing that picture of Alice DuPont on your website. The following is an article I wrote for my EAA chapter newsletter. My New Bab... Read More »

Cathy Page    (Arizona)

Cathy Page (Arizona)

Cathy Page is based at Ryan Field Airport, (KRYN) Tucson, Arizona and flies an RV6. I found out about your site from my friend Summer Martell who flew her Student Prince out to Ohio from West Washington last summer for the LLT fly in. Looking forward to meeting some as time goes on. I may even be able to piece together coming out to the fly-in coming up next month, if the stars align. Maybe even f... Read More »

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