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Rhonda Ellisor     (Texas)

Rhonda Ellisor (Texas)

Rhonda Ellisor is based at Sandy Creek, an uncharted grass strip between Huntsville and Conroe, Texas, I became a private pilot on Dec. 31, 2016, learning in my very own 1954 Cessna 170. I also have quite a few hours in my instructor/boyfriend’s Cessna 185, L-19 Bird Dog and his beautiful 1960 Beech G18. He said he would only give me instruction in a taildragger! Read More »

Louise Patterson     (California)

Louise Patterson (California)

Louise Patterson is based at KVNY, Van Nuys Airport, Van Nuys, California, Louise is an instrument rated private pilot and hopes to get her tailwheel endorsement. Teacher, pilot, mom! I didn’t start out liking airplanes very much. At the age of 4, we lived under the approach path for RWY 13 at KSPI. I would hear the loud airplanes (likely a 727 or L10-11) while playing outside. Soon they wou... Read More »

Mary & Dennis Nolan, Married 20 April, 2013

Mary & Dennis Nolan, Married 20 April, 2013

Thank you to Mary Nolan for kicking off our “Flying High Wedding” series so beautifully. Enjoy the story of Mary & Dennis Nolan’s airborne wedding in a Beech 18 — somewhere over Tennessee! Dennis Nolan and I were married on 20 April, 2013 in a Beech-18. We met the year prior because many of our friends believed our backgrounds were a perfect match. Dennis has flown Bona... Read More »

Mary Griffiths:  J3 Cub & Beech 18

Mary Griffiths: J3 Cub & Beech 18

Author:  Mary Griffiths My favorite taildraggers!!   Read More »

Mary Griffiths     (New Jersey)

Mary Griffiths (New Jersey)

Mary Griffiths is based at NO5, Hackettstown Airport, Hackettstown, New Jersey. Been flying for approx. 20 years. I have time in a J3-cub, C-140, Pitts S1C, and a  Beech 18. Absolutely love flying taildraggers for the challenge. Currently restoring a 1930 Waco RNF with my husband and searching for a J3-Cub to play in while the restoration continues.  🙂 *   Read More »

Thanksgiving Hospitality, Texas Style!

Thanksgiving Hospitality, Texas Style!

I’m finding out fast they do things right in Texas, including inviting the Northerners over for Thanksgiving – Texas taildragger style. While in San Antonio we’re the ultimate “tourists” but were tickled to take a break from the sightseeing to meet up with one of my favorite Champ ladies. At the invitation of Texan lady taildragger pilot, Dianne Wieman, Boyd and I spe... Read More »

Twin Beech Fun

Twin Beech Fun

It’s short. It’s sweet. And there’s a lot to love about this little video of two of our lady taildragger pilots! Lady pilots Tina Thomas & Lorraine Morris having fun making a couple of passes at the Poplar Grove Airport in their Beech 18’s. Read More »

Dreaming Happy Taildragging Thoughts!

Sometimes you just wanna dream happy thoughts…. * Beech 18 from your friends at Poplar Grove Airport And from your friends at Red Stewart Airfield Super Cubs sent in by Shannon Gallagher * Jam packed color! * Blue Ice Aviation, AK Super Cub, Blue Ice Aviation, AK * * * * * 2007 Hatz Classic NX230RS, Ron Sieck Read More »

Formation flying a Beech 18 & Cessna 195

I had an amazing day yesterday flying my Rans S7 to Columbus, Indiana where some great old taildraggers were hanging out. Other than the 99 degrees we suffered through it couldn’t have been much better. I gave rides, I got rides, and had a fun time at a hangar party. Did I mention the “I got rides” was flying in this beautiful 1959 Beech 18 accompanied by Rusty Richards in his C1... Read More »

A Twin Beech for Lorraine Morris!!

A Twin Beech for Lorraine Morris!!

I heard from one excited lady today, and when I popped open the pictures she sent along, I understood why.  I’m so happy for you Lorraine – sounds like you and Ken just found the love of your lives! So cool you “lusted” after such a great old twin taildragger and finally have your “beauty” back home. I’m visualizing you and Tina Thomas each flying your Bee... Read More »

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