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Slick Backcountry Landing

Slick Backcountry Landing

Here’s a tricky approach not meant for the faint of heart. Destination is Simonds airstrip in the Idaho backcountry. The strip is 900′ long x 37′ wide with a 4% to 9% grade, trees all around, and it’s at 5243′ msl. Check out this 1976 Cessna 185 with Sportsman STOL nailing it perfectly. Pilot: Leigh Smith Read More »

Lori MacNichol-Gregory     (Idaho)

Lori MacNichol-Gregory (Idaho)

Lori MacNichol-Gregory is based at KMYL, McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, Idaho. I soloed in a 1946 Champ in 1981 and obtained my private pilots license in 1982 in McCall, Idaho. I soon became a commercial pilot flying as an air taxi pilot in the Frank Church Wilderness in 1989. I now specialize in teaching mountain/canyon flying in tailwheel A/C and every kind of make and model A/C. I founded Mo... Read More »

High Sierra Backcountry Flying

High Sierra Backcountry Flying

This is one of those “WOW” videos you’re gonna love. It’s “10 minutes of fun flying in the northern Nevada desert, following bush pilot Kevin Quinn and a small group into several makeshift airstrips that push the limits of aircraft performance and pilot judgement.” Doesn’t matter if your flying style is off a 10,000′ int’l airport or a 1000R... Read More »

Summer Fun from Amal Ajmi

Summer Fun from Amal Ajmi

OMG, I love getting flying updates from Amal Ajmi! Amal is based at Fairbanks, Alaska and is totally enjoying this summer’s warm weather Alaskan flying! My friend Ann and I spent the weekend flying and thought I would send a note and pictures. There are certain communities in Alaska that have annual events just too good to pass up; Lake Minchumina (MHM) has the annual Rock Skipping Contest. ... Read More »

Sue Schaffer     (Idaho)

Sue Schaffer (Idaho)

Sue Schaffer is based at KMYL, McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, Idaho and sent this update. Congratulations, Sue, on passing your private pilot written exam AND your new Scout, all decked out and ready for the backcountry! “Just wanted to send an update. In my last post I was procrastinating in my studies for the FAA written after my solo in a Supercub in Arizona. I passed my written, and h... Read More »

Charley Tegerdine     (Alaska)

Charley Tegerdine (Alaska)

Charley Tegerdine is based at PASX, Soldotna Airport, Soldotna, Alaska. My name is Charley Tegerdine. I was born and raised here in Alaska. I have flown all my life. My dad and uncles all fly. It’s a way of life up here in Alaska. I fly a PA-18. I can’t explain the way I feel when I’m up in the sky. It’s the biggest rush! I just love it! I love flying out to the middle of n... Read More »

Back Country Pilots 2011 Fly-in Video

Strap yourself down and hold onto your hat to watch this video by Emmet Welch. You can’t miss Emmet, he’s having all the fun flying the blue & white Rans. BCP 2011 Fly-In from Emflys on Vimeo. Read More »

Kalin Kellie     (Alaska)

Kalin Kellie (Alaska)

Kalin Kellie is based at AK28, Chena Marina Airport, Fairbanks, Alaska. I fly a 1946 7AC Aeronca Champ that was converted to a 7CCM. It has a Lycoming O-235 engine (115 hrse). It was my first airplane and my 3rd! I’m just starting to use the big tires the way God intended and am constantly going broke to pay for avgas. I live in Fairbanks Alaska, work as a wildlife biologist and knit wheneve... Read More »

Marie Beaver     (Texas)

Marie Beaver (Texas)

Marie Beaver is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. I learned to fly in a 1939 Piper J-3 Cub in 1992.  Completed my license in a Citabria.  Have owned a Pitts S-2B, 2 Globe Swifts, Bonanza (obviously, no tailwheel), Wilga, Scout, and currently a Maule on bush wheels.  I fly taildraggers because I love the challenge and they look really cool. I’m married and fly... Read More »

Amal Ajmi     (Alaska)

Amal Ajmi (Alaska)

Amal is based at AK28, Chena Marina Airport, Fairbanks, Alaska. Am an avid hunter and fly fisher. I love anything outdoors, especially if I can fly there. I have flown mostly tail “dragger” aircraft, my latest and most favorite being a PA-11. My whole summer revolves around where I can go exploring and fishing. Am working on my instrument and commercials at the moment, so am flying eve... Read More »

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