Deb Ings     (Colorado)

Deb Ings (Colorado)

Deb Ings is based at 1CO8, Everitt Airport, Parker, Colorado. I’ve been an airplane freak since I was ten years old. I started flying gliders in college and then flew in the Air Force for 12 years. I have been a pilot for United for almost 20 years. Flying a taildragger keeps me “on my toes”… Literally! Any airline pilot will tell you how lazy our feet get! I love my Pacer ... Read More »

Carolyn Ridley     (Virginia)

Carolyn Ridley (Virginia)

Carolyn Ridley is based at KCJR, Culpeper Regional Airport, Culpeper, Virginia. I am a CFII MEI and ATP pilot and of course teach in my Citabria.  I have a Cessna 172 and a twin Comanche too. I especially enjoy teaching kids to fly.  My best student is a 14 year old girl.  Taildraggers are never boring and still represent the romance and awesome gift we have of flying. – Carolyn Ridley Read More »

Valerie Thal-Slocum     (Tennessee)

Valerie Thal-Slocum (Tennessee)

Valerie Thal-Slocum is based at 4TN3, Hawks Nest Airport, Moscow, Tennessee. I am an MD 11 Captain for FedEx. I grew up flying taildraggers,  Beech 18’s, DC-3’s, and I own a Cessna 195. My husband, Jim is also a taildragger pilot and he recently soled our two daughters, Holly (age 15) and Heather (age 14) in a 2-26 glider. It is kinda a taildragger! – I love networking and encour... Read More »

Andrea Eldridge     (California)

Andrea Eldridge (California)

Andrea Eldridge is based at KCNO, Chino Airport, Chino, California. FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  Assistant Editor Warbird Digest magazine.  Former Trans World Airline pilot. My husband built this 1947 Luscombe for me and now we are restoring a Luscombe Phantom from the Golden Age of Aviation! – Andrea Eldridge FAA Designated Pilot Examiner   Read More »

Casey Erickson    (California)

Casey Erickson (California)

Casey Erickson is based at Redlands Municipal Airport (KREI), Redlands, California. I’m Casey Erickson, by weekday a boring cargo pilot, but on the weekends when I get too play, My Pitts Special S1-S (Wolfpitts 360 deg roll rate) with its 230HP Lycon is what I can be found flying. Oh sure, its short coupled and is the hardest aircraft I have ever landed (a challenge I could not imagine being... Read More »

Marie Beaver     (Texas)

Marie Beaver (Texas)

Marie Beaver is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. I learned to fly in a 1939 Piper J-3 Cub in 1992.  Completed my license in a Citabria.  Have owned a Pitts S-2B, 2 Globe Swifts, Bonanza (obviously, no tailwheel), Wilga, Scout, and currently a Maule on bush wheels.  I fly taildraggers because I love the challenge and they look really cool. I’m married and fly... Read More »

Lynn O’Donnell     (Florida)

Lynn O’Donnell (Florida)

Lynn O’Donnell is based at (7FL6) Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida. I first flew Cubs as an employee of Piper, then DC-3s in charter and skydiving operations. Years later I bought a Stinson 108-3 Flying Station Wagon which I still have and love. I’ve flown it up and down the east coast, from NJ out to Denver and to Memphis. I’m now hanging out in central FL finding al... Read More »

Susan Upchurch     (Florida)

Susan Upchurch (Florida)

Susan Upchurch is based at (KSGJ) St. Augustine Airport, St Augustine, Florida. I started flying in 1965 and by 1968 was lucky enough to fly taildraggers (Champ, Cub, PA12, Bird Dog, etc.) and gliders.  I currently own a Super Decathlon and an R-22 helicopter. Through the years, I’ve been a flight instructor, corporate, and charter pilot flying all types of airplanes. Susan and her Super Dec... Read More »

Kathy Royer, C180

Kathy Royer, C180

Kathy Royer is based at (7FL6) Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida. I’m an Airbus Captain and Check Pilot for United Airlines. I also own a 1965 C-180, which I’ve had for 11 years. Prior to that I owned a Luscombe for 3 years. Tailwheel airplanes are more fun to fly and keep your skills honed. * Read More »

Carolyn Pasqualino    (Illinois)

Carolyn Pasqualino (Illinois)

Carolyn Pasqualino is based at Poplar Grove Airport (C77), Poplar Grove, Illinois. I started flying in 1974 and ended up marrying Mark, my flight instructor.  We have owned our 1946 Cessna 120 since 1990 and it shares the hangar in our back yard with a Beech Debonair and Beech T34-B.  We have lived at Bel Air Estates on the Poplar Grove Airport, since 1997 and love living on a residential airport.... Read More »

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