AirVenture 2012

I’m home from Oshkosh!

I flew back home to Indy yesterday from Oshkosh and my Rans spent her first night hangared in a week. She rode out one hell of a storm there but my Claw tiedowns kept her planted firmly. Before departing I got a weather briefing at the FSS station then turned around to see my friend Wayne Bressler with a big ol’ smile on his face. I adore Wayne, not just because he’s obsessive about ta... Read More »

Thursday, July 26 at AirVenture

It’s LadiesLoveTaildraggers day today in Vintage at Oshkosh! I’m heading there next to meet Meredith Tcherniavsky and her Cub, Lisa Haag and her Stearman and Deb Ings and her Pacer. Presentation at 11:00. Should be fun!! Read More »

Wednesday, July 25 at AirVenture

I just keep bumping into more and more lady taildragger pilots! For the guy that told me several years ago “Honey, lady taildragger pilots don’t exist”, boy do I have news for you!! This is Shona Hirota with her 1995 Glasair and she flew this beautiful bird all the way from her home in Vancouver, BC. Hope to hear more from Shona very soon. This rare aircraft was on display for 24... Read More »

Tuesday, July 24 at OSH just gets better and better

So, if fabulous taildraggers and old friends haven’t gotten you to AirVenture 2012 yet, maybe the incredible, hot, homemade donuts fried up every morning will. Trust me, I know a great cake donut when I have one and guarantee you won’t find one as mouth watering as these yummies anywhere else. Get there early or you may miss out! I’ve been told by several people that the EAA have... Read More »

Tuesday, July 24 at AirVenture

I can’t wait till tonight to show you pics from today’s LLT lunch so here goes from my iphone. 15 lady pilots today along with a few guests of the opposite sex. What a great group of interesting adventurous people! * * * We’re doing it again on Friday at: Hilton Garden Inn Rooftop Restaurant Take the North 40 bus Come if you can!! Read More »

Cubs to OSH 2012

Cubs to OSH 2012

Lady taildragger pilot Elaine Kauh emailed this great story. Hartford is the airport about 40 miles south of Oshkosh where the Cubs gathered for their mass group flyout to OSH on Sunday morning.  Cubs To OSH 2012 Vanessa Jump Nelson flew her Cub from Oregon along with another J-3 piloted by Robin Reid. They were 2 of the 75 making the anniversary flight from Hartford to Oshkosh on Sunday. * I had ... Read More »

Oshkosh Bound? Wind Shear this morning around Chicago

I flew to Oshkosh yesterday and think it was a much better day for going past Chicago than today! SEE “WIND SHEAR”.  Although it lets up some after 10 AM EDT this would have been a bumpy hand full! I’m happy all those Cubs are on the ground at AirVenture this morning and not still trying to make their way around the Chicago area. For the rest of you, take a look at this. Forecast... Read More »

On the Ground at AirVenture

Today I ARRIVED… Oshkosh. It must be capitalized because if you fly into AirVenture, understated words just don’t work. It’s way too awesome, spectacular, scary, intense, and dozens of other unspoken words to describe quickly. Let’s just say I have the ultimate respect for every single pilot that plots their course and flies their aircraft to AirVenture. I flew solo but... Read More »

I’m off for Oshkosh!!

I’m SO ready to get this taildragger in the air and headed towards Oshkosh! For the next week I’ll be blogging from AirVenture and plan on seeing lots of old friends and meeting lots of lady taildragger pilots. As always, I’ll be wondering up and down every single row in Antique, Vintage and Homebuilt so if you see me, grab me! I’d love to chat with you. I got to my airport... Read More »

AirVenture, OSH Tower Feed Link & VFR arrival videos

AirVenture is one short week away kicking off on July 23 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. My plan (but I’m flexible) is to arrive the day before it officially begins and stay for the week. I’m flying up solo, a big adventure, and I’m already second guessing whether I’ll be hitting Ripon at the same moment a dozen other airplanes do too. It happens. I’ve been in the mix of it se... Read More »