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Jessica Beauvais – Fly Baby Build

Jessica Beauvais – Fly Baby Build

It’s so great to see a father-daughter team working together on an aircraft rebuild project! Jessica’s working hard and there are plenty of other ladies that don’t mind getting their hands dirty too. Read on to see what Jessica Beauvais from Skyhaven Airport (DAW) in Rochester, NH is up to. My father and I have been building a Bowers Fly Baby. A friend of ours had an old crashed ... Read More »

Project Update from Linda Melhoff: J3 Cub

Project Update from Linda Melhoff: J3 Cub

Thank you Linda Melhoff, for your J3 Cub project update! Looks like another beauty. There’s no better way to spend the winter than some days in a cozy hangar working on your project.  We enjoy some nice tunes, a hangar lunch and airport friends who stop to check on us or lend a hand when needed.   We’ve made a lot of progress and things are getting exciting so I thought I’d share... Read More »

Karen Ellison    (North Carolina)

Karen Ellison (North Carolina)

Karen Ellison is based at Stag Air Park (7NC1) Burgaw, North Carolina. “Just wanted to give you a new photo of my Stinson. We finished the recover project this spring and she is back in the air again!” A few shots of the process…… “Wings done; fuselage ready to recover … this is what a naked plane looks like!” “The plane now has paint! Whoo hoo…... Read More »

Debra Plymate     (Oregon)

Debra Plymate (Oregon)

Debra Plymate is based at 7S5, Independence State Airport, Independence, Oregon. Nothing like being in a Funk! You wouldn’t know by its looks, but the Funk is a very aerodynamic ship. Twin brothers Joe and Howard Funk designed it in the 1930s. They designed the fuselage along the lines of the Fairchild, used a NACA 4412 airfoil, and the same type of oleo strut landing gear as the Waco. What ... Read More »

Recently rebuilt 1946 Champ G-TECC is flying again in the UK

It was a big day in the UK recently when one of our own lady taildragger pilots got to fly her newly rebuilt Champ again! An engine failure forced Nic Orchard to put her Champ down in a cow patch, dead stick, back in July 2008 and the insurance company totaled the aircraft. But that was not to be the end of G-TECC. Nic bought it back from the insurance company and the rest is history. Please take ... Read More »

Linda Buroker-Melhoff     (Oregon)

Linda Buroker-Melhoff (Oregon)

Linda Buroker-Melhoff is based at 7S9, Lenhardt’s Air Haven, Hubbard, Oregon. I was taught to fly in 1975 in a J-3 Cub with my mother as CFI. I was a young mother and there were many spaces between flights. I’m still a low-time pilot and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to fly again and re-bond with a Cub, thanks to the generosity of my husband’s employer and friend who... Read More »

Anna Schwisow     (Idaho)

Anna Schwisow (Idaho)

Anna Schwisow is based at KPUW, Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport, Moscow, Idaho. Hi, my name is Anna. I started flying with a friend in a Taylorcraft when I was 13.  Since, I’ve been flying almost exclusively in taildraggers – I have hardly any tricycle time!  I took some time off from flying for college, but now I’m trying to get back into it. A couple of years ago, my dad and I bought a 1952 Cess... Read More »

Vanessa Jump Nelson     (Oregon)

Vanessa Jump Nelson (Oregon)

Vanessa Jump Nelson flies a J-3 Cub and is based at Stark’s Twin Oaks (7S3) in Hillsboro, Oregon. I had my first flight at 6 weeks old with my dad, who was licensed in 1947, and I grew up taking it for granted that we flew to Grandma’s in Central Washington on weekends, and up to the Puget Sound to get oysters in the seaplane.  I got my Private in 1979 and then didn’t fly for dec... Read More »

Julie Richardson    (Washington)

Julie Richardson (Washington)

Julie Richardson is based at Vancover, Washington (1W1) and flies a Stearman. Hmm.  Stearman. Commercial, instrument, used to be a CFII (let it lapse in 2001). None of that counts, though, since I’m just pleasure flying as a fair weather pilot these days. Airframe mechanic, retired air traffic controller. Live on a grass runway in Vancouver, Washington (about 8 minutes from Portland Oregon P... Read More »

Porterfield NC32412 is better than ever!

By Judy Birchler, host of Of all the things I’ve posted on the website, this one makes me the happiest!  I have a personal connection to this very special bird and I’m delighted old friend and current part owner in this great project, Hank Meador, has sent me photos and details to share. So what’s the story?  This beautifully restored Porterfield is... Read More »

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