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Lorna Barrie   (New York)

Lorna Barrie (New York)

Lorna Barrie is based at Clarence Aerodrome Airport, Buffalo, New York. (Here’s an update from Lorna, just sent through her instructor and flying partner, Dennis Borkowski.  Lots of pictures and more…..) * Lorna’s Champ above and Citabria below.  (Very cool, Lorna!) Sent in by Dennis Borkowski;  Hi, Lorna asked me to reply for her because she is so busy at work [managing a kennel... Read More »

Kim Blair Stewart  (Ohio)

Kim Blair Stewart (Ohio)

More great pictures from Kim Stewart of 40I Waynesville, Ohio.  (I sure didn’t get them entered in chronological order but you’ll love them just the same.) Taking daughter, Audrey, for flight  in Champ. Kim Blair Stewart Looks like the perfect wedding day to me! * And Kim wing walking in (or is that “on”) a 220 PT17 Stearman. * Read More »

Nic Orchard    (UK)

Nic Orchard (UK)

Nic Orchard is based at Maypole (EGHB), United Kingdom and “temporarily” flew this Jodel until her Aeronca Champ was rebuilt. Please meet Nic Orchard, our second  trans Atlantic lady taildragger!  Nic’s base airfield is Maypole (EGHB) and tells us she lives in Deal which is a small, old town on the coast north of Dover.  I work on the English Channel on a ferry – not many o... Read More »

Bebe Teichman  (Florida)

Bebe Teichman (Florida)

I love your website. I also have a Champ that I have owned since 1986. I keep it in Venice, Florida and fly almost every day. I bet the the field that you flew out of in Evansville was Skylane. I have been there twice on the way to OSH. More pics & bio pending. Read More »

Dianne Wieman  (Texas)

Dianne Wieman (Texas)

Dianne Wieman’s Aeronca Champ 7AC——-it took her 5 years to put it back together from a pile of pieces! I have a CFII, ASEL with a CFIG (glider).  I am the squadron Commander for ALAMO composite Civil Air Patrol (the composite indicates cadets and seniors!) and have gained another aircraft project to work on!  Just recently I became a registered Professional Engineer in the state ... Read More »

Jessica Beauvais     (New Hampshire)

Jessica Beauvais (New Hampshire)

Jessica Beauvais flies Champ N2505E based at Skyhaven (DAW) in Rochester, NH. I am the treasurer of a local aviation club, the Yankee Ultralight Flyers (don’t let the name fool you, we are associated with all kinds of aircraft. The name is just for nostalgia at this point).  I started flying at the age of 14, soloed at 15 and got my license at 17, just two years after my father got his licen... Read More »

Melissa Adams     (Iowa)

Melissa Adams (Iowa)

Melissa Adams, twin sister to Champ owner Melinda Adams, flies out of Lamoni, Iowa (LWD) and is also a tailwheel pilot. Read More »

Melinda Hopper     (Missouri)

Melinda Hopper (Missouri)

Melinda  flies her 1946 C-65 Champ out of a grass strip in St. Joseph, MO and is pictured with her twin sister, Melissa Adams, also a tailwheel pilot. * My name is Melinda Hopper and I live at St. Joseph, Mo. I fly out of a lovely grass strip a few miles south of town, owned by a private individual. There are 14 hangars there, with mostly ultralights, and one or two homebuilts.I first fell in love... Read More »

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