Birthday Flight!

Birthday Flight!

Ladies, keep sending in your flying updates. We love seeing what you’re up to! Jeanne MacPherson from Helena, Montana isn’t letting winter get her down. It may be January in Montana but it’s going to take a lot more than that stop her from doing what she loves. Thanks for the pictures and keep it up Jeanne! “Happy New year!  I am having fun flying with great people… p... Read More »

Time to take your pick!

Time to take your pick!

Here’s a link to a story about one of our lady taildragger pilots that is sure to inspire. Fighter pilot, Lt. Col. Jill Long learned to fly the civilian way, then went on to learn to fly “the Air Force way”. A Jill ‘nugget of wisdom’; never take “NO” for an answer. Read More »

Mary Macdonald

Mary Macdonald

November 2011: Mary MacDonald, California. She’s been a busy busy girl! Recently featured in a documentary film by Michigan based production company Airspeed, she appears in Acro Camp 2, a  film that follows first time aerobatic pilots for one week as they learn the art of aerobatic flying. Mary’s also working on getting her Commercial right now! From the Santa Cruz Sentinel: While att... Read More »

Lise Lemeland     (New York)

Lise Lemeland (New York)

Lise Lemeland is based at Hornell Municipal Airport, Hornell, New York and flies a Super Decathlon. I’m an artist and an aerobatic pilot who LOVES to fly upside down. I finally bought my own Super Decathlon this year and have been competing in Northeast aerobatic contests for two years, this year at the Sportsman level. My artwork is all about aerobatics and is in the permanent collection of... Read More »

Casey Erickson    (California)

Casey Erickson (California)

Casey Erickson is based at Redlands Municipal Airport (KREI), Redlands, California. I’m Casey Erickson, by weekday a boring cargo pilot, but on the weekends when I get too play, My Pitts Special S1-S (Wolfpitts 360 deg roll rate) with its 230HP Lycon is what I can be found flying. Oh sure, its short coupled and is the hardest aircraft I have ever landed (a challenge I could not imagine being... Read More »

Colleen Keller     (California)

Colleen Keller (California)

Colleen M Keller is based at KSEE, Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego/El Cajon. I got my private pilot’s license in 1992 after several flights in Navy jets as a civilian analyst convinced me that I wanted to be a pilot. While I was “too old” to join the US Navy to fly, I quickly found that there is a lot of commonality in all types of flying and it was great fun. While still a st... Read More »

Lynn OJala     (Minnesota)

Lynn OJala (Minnesota)

Lynn OJala is based at Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM) Minneapolis, MN. My  husband and I built 2 Christen Eagle homebuilt biplanes together. He passed away in 1998 from cancer 10 days after we finished my airplane. I put my aircraft on display each year during the Oshkosh convention in the commercial area with the Aviat Aircraft Company. I have been flying about 30 years now. I am 57 years old have b... Read More »

Liz Smith     (California)

Liz Smith (California)

Liz Smith is a private pilot based at Reid-Hillview Airport, San Jose, California. I just saw the website and would like to join. I’m a private pilot but only have a couple hours in a Decathlon – but I am HOOKED! I’m saving up to do my official tailwheel transition. I got my license in San Diego, but am now based in Mountain View, California. It looks like I’ll probably be ... Read More »

Jane Wicker    (Virginia)

Jane Wicker (Virginia)

Jane Wicker is based at Warrenton, Virginia and flies her newly restored, prized Stearman, “Aurora”. I have been flying since 1989.  I’m a commercial pilot with my multi-engine and instrument ratings, but my true love has been aerobatics and my tail draggers.  I used to fly competitions in a clipped wing Tayler Craft and a CAP-21.  Then I transitioned to the Stearman.  I am also ... Read More »

Jill “Raggz” Long     (Pennsylvania)

Jill “Raggz” Long (Pennsylvania)

Jill “Raggz” Long was born in Michigan and raised in Oregon and has called many places home; Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; the United Kingdom; South Korea; Tucson, Arizona; Columbia, SC, Wichita Falls, Texas, and Italy… she, husband Chuck, and faithful dog Jackson, recently returned from active duty in Vilseck, Germany.  Hi there, I’m an active... Read More »

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