1st Solo

1st Solo for Madeline Norcross!

1st Solo for Madeline Norcross!

Great news everybody, 16 year old Madeline Norcross from Missouri soloed this week! Madeline’s passionate about flying and has been waiting for the “Big 16” to get here so she can solo. Thanks to a very happy dad for sending us the good news and congratulations to Madeline for a job well done. “As a VERY proud dad, I wanted to share with you that Madeline soloed on Monday!!... Read More »

Looks like Madeline Norcross is getting awfully close to soloing

Looks like Madeline Norcross is getting awfully close to soloing

Young ladies that passionately want to fly inspire the heck out of me! Something tells me 15 year old Mandeline Norcross is going to have that effect on a lot of people! One thing I happen to know about Madeline is, she LOVES Wacos. Her dad sent me this note and the link to a short video I have to share with you…. “As a proud dad, I couldn’t help sending you a QUICK VIDEO of  Mad... Read More »

Lucky lad gets to solo his family’s Aeronca C3

Lucky lad gets to solo his family’s Aeronca C3

Looking for someone qualified to solo your 16 year old son in the family’s 1931 Aeronca C3 — who ya gonna call? Lorraine Morris, of course! Hey Judy, Just wanted to let you know I soloed a friend’s son in his family’s Aeronca C3. He did a great job. His grandfather purchased this plane from the factory in 1931.  Here are some pictures! * * I got to do it cause there aren... Read More »

Allison’s first solo cross country …….. was to the Lady Taildraggers Flyin!

Allison’s first solo cross country …….. was to the Lady Taildraggers Flyin!

This is the greatest story! 16 year old student pilot Allison Driver, instructed by her grandfather in his airplane, a Citabria, flies her first solo cross country 99 n.m. to our lady taildraggers fly-in in Savannah, TN. Pretty darn cool! Allison has been flying with her grandfather, CFI Ernest Betencourt, for some time and even registered on LadiesLoveTaildraggers at the ripe old age of 14. She h... Read More »

Jeanne Milton     (New York)

Jeanne Milton (New York)

Jeanne Milton is based at NY0, Fulton County Airport, Johnstown, New York. Picture from my first Cub solo I am a student pilot. I have solo time in a Cessna 120, J3 Cub and just got signed off in a friend’s Cessna 170.  I plan to finish my license in the 170 as the Cub has no radios.  My flight instructor, John Peck, and I just went in on a Cessna 120 project. I’m learning to rivet and... Read More »

Masie Veal     (California)

Masie Veal (California)

Masie Veal is based at KRBL, Red Bluff Municipal Airport (her back yard), Red Bluff, California. “I am 16 years old and love our J-3 Cub. I soloed on my birthday and want to go on to get my commercial pilots license. I lost my brother last year in a plane crash and he had soloed in the same J-3 nine years earlier.” “I love flying taildraggers and would love to have a Stearman som... Read More »

Abbie Parsons     (Ohio)

Abbie Parsons (Ohio)

Abbie Parsons is based at (5D6) Parsons Airport, Carrollton, Ohio, is 16 years old and just soloed!! Abbie lives on the family airport and her dad, uncle, grandfather & sister all fly. “We wanted to share these photos with LadiesLoveTaildraggers.” “Needless to say Abbie hasn’t quit smiling yet! We missed her 16th birthday by one day due to winds gusting to 45 kts…... Read More »

Sydney Barnes     (Tennessee)

Sydney Barnes (Tennessee)

Sydney Barnes is based at 4TN3, Hawks Nest Airport, Moscow, Tennessee. Hi! I have wanted to learn to fly since about age 6. This is also when I decided I would enter the Air Force after college. Since then, I have only slightly modified my decision: I decided on the Navy and the United States Naval Academy when I was eight. My flight instructors, Jimbob Slocum and Steve Vihlen, recommended  that I... Read More »

Gina’s first solo!

Here’s a fun little video of a woman student pilot soloing in an American Legend Cub. “Thanks” to Bruce Bohannan for sending in. Check out her nice landing; I’ve seen old pros who couldn’t get one down this well. Congratulations Gina! Be sure and register on LadiesLoveTaildraggers – you’re one of us now!! From Bruce; “This is Gina’s first solo ... Read More »

Elizabeth Reese     (Colorado)

Elizabeth Reese (Colorado)

Elizabeth Reese is based at KGJT, Grand Junction Regional Airport, Grand Junction, Colorado. I was born in 1976 and grew up in North Carolina. I moved to Colorado in 2001 and bounced around a bit until December, 2005 when I moved back to Colorado to stay. My husband has been a private pilot since he was in high school, and he motivated me to learn to fly after he flew us from Colorado to Montana f... Read More »

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