Karen Greenfield     (Maryland)

Karen Greenfield (Maryland)

Karen Greenfield flies a Pitts Special from Annapolis, Maryland. Portions of an article in the Baltimore Sun by reporter Jonathan Pitts June 14, 2009 “Sometimes, people would say things like, ‘Why are you here? Why aren’t you home with your family?’ ” she says, sounding less bitter than intrigued. “It did make you kind of angry for a while. But you learn to let it roll off you. The best thing is to show you know what you’re doing. Then it’s just not an issue. I suppose I did that.” She retir... Read More »

Melissa Adams     (Iowa)

Melissa Adams (Iowa)

Melissa Adams, twin sister to Champ owner Melinda Adams, flies out of Lamoni, Iowa (LWD) and is also a tailwheel pilot. Read More »

Lori Adams     (Texas)

Lori Adams (Texas)

Lori Adams, 81, of  Smithville, Texas flies a 1967 Citabria and has logged 29,000 hours in 55 years.  She continues to fly aerobatics in Smithville. By Andrea Lorenz AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF The red-headed pilot takes precautions before she flies the 1967 single-engine Citabria she co-owns with friend and former student Austin Wambler. She checks the fuel and oil, gives the plane a once-over and never flies in bad weather, except for occasions like two weeks ago at the Smithville Municipal Airport Fly-In, when, despite looming clouds, she gave ... Read More »

Lorrie Penner     (Ohio)

Lorrie Penner (Ohio)

Lorrie Penner flies a 1974, 150 hp 8KCAB Decathalon out of Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville, Ohio.  (Identifier 40I)  She’s a private pilot SEL and earned a Glider rating last year.  Lorrie is currently Secretary of IAC Chaper 34, former National IAC Secretary, and has been actively involved with her husband, Gorden Penner, in IAC Chapter 34 for many years.  She and Gordon write the Chapter 34 newsletter and maintain that much visited website. These shots were all taken June 7, 2009 at the kick off meeting for new IAC chapter based in ... Read More »

Pat Wegner (Wisconsin)

Pat Wegner owns and flys a 108 h.p. 1948 Stinson Voyager with a  Franklin engine based in Milwaukee, WI.  Please see her story provided by our friend, Ray Johnson, from the 2008 Marion, Indiana Flyin Drivein. Bright House Networks, Inge Harte, speaks with lady taildragger pilots Pat Wegner & Marge Balaz about their flying activities.  Both of these lady taildragger pilots encourage other women to get into flying and aircraft ownership. Read More »

Melinda Hopper     (Missouri)

Melinda Hopper (Missouri)

Melinda  flies her 1946 C-65 Champ out of a grass strip in St. Joseph, MO and is pictured with her twin sister, Melissa Adams, also a tailwheel pilot. * My name is Melinda Hopper and I live at St. Joseph, Mo. I fly out of a lovely grass strip a few miles south of town, owned by a private individual. There are 14 hangars there, with mostly ultralights, and one or two homebuilts.I first fell in love with flying when I got on an airliner in October 1989 at the age of 37. A year later, a friend took me up in his Aeronca Champ, and then I WAS hooked... Read More »

Kathy Norris     (Indiana)

Kathy Norris (Indiana)

Kathy flies out of her family’s private grass strip near Liberty, Indiana.  She flies a Rans 7 with a 100 hp Rotax 912 engine.  Kathy and her huband, Wayne, built their Rans 7 from a kit, start to finish time just a few short months.  It’s the 3rd of 4 airplanes they have built. Adventures: My trip to Florida Read More »

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