C-5 All Female Crew

OK, so it’s not a taildragger, but you’ve got to love it anyway!! Captain Judith Campbell and her all female crew departing for Afghanistan. “We no longer call it the cockpit – it’s the box office.” Read More »

Who’s faster – a Rans or a Champ?

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com already knew the answer before heading out on this very loose formation flying weekend but who knew they would fly circles around us?!! Sure enough, the Rans S7-S LSA did just that – there they were, down low, up high, up front, way behind and all the while powering way back to stay with our Champ 7EC/FC. Now don’t get me wrong – I have no interest in giving up my beautiful blue and white, way fun, happy little Champ but I CAN see the attraction with all that airspeed! Our t... Read More »

Deb McFarland    (Georgia)

Deb McFarland (Georgia)

Deb McFarland flies a 1948 Luscombe 8E named “Lester” and is based at Pickens County Airport, JZP, in Jasper, Georgia. I started flying in 1997 as an empty nester because I was tired of being an airport widow. My husband, Henry, has been a pilot for 35 years and has owned his Luscombe 8A, Lucy, for nearly that long. I have about 1600 hours flight time now with most of them in Lester, my 1948 Luscombe 8E. We have a great airport gang (The Front Porch Gang) at our base airport, Pickens County Airport, JZP, in Jasper, Georgia. For year... Read More »

2009 Blakesburg Fly-in

From Travis Gregory on the Fearless Aeronca Aviators list, “This is quite artistic and turn up your sound for a Great Moody Blues classic. You”ll like this, trust me.” Read More »

Tina Thomas     (Illinois)

Tina Thomas (Illinois)

Tina operates Poplar Grove Airmotive with her husband, Steve, at Poplar Grove Airport (C77) in northern Illinois. Tina says “Love to fly taildraggers that we’ve worked on as projects! Currently flying a 1930 Brunner Winkle Bird, a 1941 SRE Waco and a Twin Beech.  Here’s a picture of Andrew King and I at Brodhead,WI “Grassroots “ Fly-In in September. His Pitcarin and my 1930 Bird. Both have a Kinner on the front and apparently there is some old advertising with the two competing for short takeoff and landing capabilities. I got... Read More »

Mary Ann Lebold     (Oregon)

Mary Ann Lebold (Oregon)

My taildragger is a Cessna 170B — N3519D.  I am based in Salem, Oregon. INFO AND PICTURES PENDING. Read More »

Dianna Ingram (Illinois)

Diana is based at Yorkville, IL I currently fly Learjets and King Airs for an air ambulance company but for fun I rent a Decathlon, although I’m taking a break currently to save up for a Pitts that I can use in competition.  I have a lot of time in a Stearman, Piper Cub and various Cessna taildraggers. Pictures pending 9/25/09 Read More »

Two sisters and a Champ

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com Champ N7569E pilot, Judy, and willing adventure seeker (& sister), Karen, want to share a few pictures we snapped. We spent  2 fun days together flying what seems like “all over” Indiana, Illinois and even a little Missouri .  We tallied up 10 hours 35 minutes of flight time visiting 7 airports,  zipping along at speeds as low as 63 mph all the way to a not too shabby 106 mph.  The goal was “don’t rush, just fly and have fun” and we sure did. FYI, we’ve... Read More »

Fly/In Drive/In 2010 at Marion, IN

Saturday, Sept. 5:  Ray & Judy Johnson hosted the Fly/In Drive/In (for the 19th time)  and if you were there, you know it was a great time and a beautiful day.  I flew the Champ in with my very relaxed husband looking for traffic from the rear.   A very generous resident pilot and owner of a large hangar provided a  BBQ  dinner on Friday night  for all the earlybirds like us,  the B-17 crew, and the Pulse owners & enthusiasts. (if you know who this guy is send me a note so I can post here and thank him).    Friday evening was clear and ... Read More »

Rachel Aukes     (Iowa)

Rachel Aukes (Iowa)

Rachel lives in Des Moines, Iowa and is based at AMW. I’m a new pilot (well under 100 hours yet) and have just started working on getting my first rating – a tailwheel endorsement.  I fly a 1943 Stearman PT-13 (Army colors). I fly whenever I get the chance, which is never enough. I’ve been lucky enough to fly and catch rides in a variety of birds, and I’ve even started a website to track my – and my husband’s – adventures www.halffastadventures.com. I love fly-ins of any kind… from small potlucks ... Read More »

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