Me, Public Speaker? No Way!!

Me, Public Speaker? No Way!!

Have I mentioned before that not so long ago it was agonizing for me to stand up in front of a handful of people and speak, even just to introduce myself? I was the perfect candidate for Toastmasters but the last person actually willing to show up at a meeting. I’m guessing if we’ve met, you must be gasping out-loud right now since today there aren’t many clues that person ever existed. Thinking way back, I have memories of a long, restless night the evening before giving a speech to my high school speech class. My last name w... Read More »

Ashley Benton     (Oklahoma)

Ashley Benton (Oklahoma)

Ashley Benton is based at KPWA, Wiley Post Airport, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Been flying for a few years now and on my way to the Airlines. I had so much fun in Alaska flying last summer getting my tailwheel endorsement. One day I would love to own a Carbon cub! Ratings: Commercial, Instrument single engine, High performance, Tailwheel Endorsement, Complex, Spin training Aircraft flown: C-172, C-152, C-182, Grumman Cheetah, Piper Cherokee, Piper Apache, Cessna 310, Piper Arrow, C-150, and Stinson Dream Taildragger: Carbon Cub What do you love a... Read More »

Marion Love     (New York)

Marion Love (New York)

Marion Love is based at NY94, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Rhinebeck, NY. Growing up on the rocky runway of a true Flying Circus, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, shaped my belief in “what’s possible.” It took me awhile into adulthood to realize how many capabilities were formed at the airport: you can fix anything, you can harness the forces of nature, you can learn anything from scratch, you can engage interesting people from all over the world, you can build on the wisdom of geniuses, and it’ll be really fun! The flying culture p... Read More »

Dianna Leason    (California)

Dianna Leason (California)

Dianna Leason is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California. I’m a transgender woman. 65 years old. Flown my whole life. Built three EAB (experimental amateur built) airplanes. Worked for Burt Rutan for 12 years. Aero Engineer is my day job… I love aviation in all of its forms! RC Model builder/designer. Ratings: PPL, SEL, Glider Aircraft Flown: Ercoupe, VariEZe, Gemini (original design twin engine Canard), EAB Super Cub, Stearman, AT-6, Bucker Jungmeister, Bonanza, Grumman Tiger, Pitts S-2A Dream taildragger: My EA... Read More »

Michelle Messersmith     (Pennsylvania)

Michelle Messersmith (Pennsylvania)

Michelle Messersmith is based at KBVI, Beaver County Airport, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. I own a 1955 Cessna 170B (N4491B) with my father. I come from a long line of female pilots, including my mother who has 100’s of hours in the Cessna 170, Cessna 195 and many other cool birds. I have attended EAA AirVenture every year since I was born and am also a member of Women in Aviation. Ratings: Private Pilot Aircraft flown: Cessna 170BCessna 195PA-11 Piper CubNA T-6 Dream taildragger: Owning the T-6 that we had when I was a child Read More »

Diane Kraudelt     (North Carolina)

Diane Kraudelt (North Carolina)

Diane Kraudelt is based at BQ1, Gilliam – Mc Connell Airfield, Carthage, North Carolina.  So you have had a successful career or two and you’re not too young nor ready for an affordable care center, now what? With an airport less than 2 miles away from work, how about an intro ride? At the airport, having never even seen a small GA aircraft, I was a bit, (ha! a lot) hesitant; they sure are small! But I climbed into the left seat of a Cessna 152 and we’re off! I loved the takeoff and was not so thrilled with the straight and le... Read More »

Law of Primacy

Law of Primacy

First, I must thank Brian Lansburgh for allowing me to post another in his series of excellent articles. This particular article delves into flying the most efficient and safest pattern among your options. As a pilot, you can fly a pattern that’s a virtual cross-country on downwind with a ridiculously long final or you can operate your aircraft so at any given point in your pattern, with total engine failure, you can safely glide to the airport. Granted, if you lose an engine on take-off, your options are limited, but once on downwind, yo... Read More »

Bonnie Ritchey     (California)

Bonnie Ritchey (California)

Bonnie Ritchey is based at E45, Pine Mountain Lake Airport, Groveland, California.  I’ve been flying 10 years, starting in a Citabria 7ECA. Right after I got my PPL I bought a Pitts S2A and love every minute of flying that plane! I now live at E45, a beautiful airpark with an active aviation community near Yosemite National Park. Ratings: PPL, Instrument Rated Aircraft flown: 7ECA, 7KCAB, 7GCBC, 8KCAB, Pitts S2C, S2B & S2A, Extra 300, V35B, C172, C170, C182 Dream Taildragger: Waco UPF-7. I tracked down the one my grandfather trained i... Read More »

Julia Clare Cornay     (Tennessee)

Julia Clare Cornay (Tennessee)

Julia Clare Cornay is based at KLUG, Ellington Airport, Lewisburg, Tennessee. I live in Franklin, TN and have a 1949 Aeronca Champ! I love hopping around Tennessee and flying cross-country. Last summer, my dad and I flew the champ from Columbia, CA all the way to Lafayette, LA and back to Franklin, TN in five days. Talk about spending a long time in a little plane!! I am currently working on my commercial certificate and CFI. Can’t wait to meet some awesome ladies who love to fly 🙂 Ratings: Private Pilot, Instrument Rated, Taildra... Read More »

Sara Schwerin     (Montana)

Sara Schwerin (Montana)

Sara Schwerin is based at KBZN, Bozeman Yellowstone Intl Airport, Bozeman, Montana. I got my private pilot’s license about 20 years ago but took a long break from flying to focus on my career in NYC, working in Mergers & Acquisitions. I stopped working in 2014, got my instrument rating, and the next year, I flew my Lancair Columbia 300 to Montana where I now live with my husband (also a pilot) and two children. I spend part of my time sitting on boards of non-profits trying to make the world a better place, and the rest of my time... Read More »

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