Howard Hughes sets world record in Jackie Cochran’s Northrop Gamma 2G

Howard Hughes sets world record in Jackie Cochran’s Northrop Gamma 2G

Jackie Cochran is a hero in my mine and I love reading anything I come across about her. Thank you to Ray Johnson for pointing me in this direction and to ‘This Day In Aviation’ for a wonderful read. This first photo is Jackie Cochran posing with her modified Northrop Gamma 2G built in 1934. Jack Northrop designed and built the Gamma as a long-range cargo and mail plane for Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. but the contract was cancelled and several became available to o... Read More »

Jacinta Richards     (Indiana)

Jacinta Richards (Indiana)

Jacinta Richards is based at I80, Noblesville Airport, Noblesville, Indiana. Hi there! I’m a seventeen-year-old who loves being up in the blue sky. I grew up only a mile away from the good ol’ local grass strip airport and I would always see planes in the traffic pattern flying over my house. My first flight was in a Pipistrel Alpha Trainer when I was twelve, and since that day I knew that I was going to be flying for the rest of my life. In 2016, I was very blessed to have been selected as an AOPA high school scholarship winner. Th... Read More »

Cindy  K   (Kenya)

Cindy K (Kenya)

Cindy K is based at HKNY, Nanyuki Airport, Nanyuki, Kenya. I am currently a student at Kenya School of Flying in Kenya. I acquired my PPL license in 2018 and I am now working on my CPL with 120 logged flying hours. I would love to encourage girls in my community to fight for their dreams because no dream is too big to achieve. All it takes is self-drive, discipline, focus and persistence. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. I am extremely grateful to all the people who have supported me (family, friends, Instructors and fel... Read More »

Tess Morris-Paterson    (UK)

Tess Morris-Paterson (UK)

Tess Morris-Paterson is based at EGLK, Blackbushe Airport, Yateley, UK. I’m 32 years old and this year decided that I wanted to change careers and become a commercial airline pilot. It took me 8 weeks to complete my EASA PPL in the stunning Scottish Highlands, and I’m now looking for opportunities to fly different types of aircraft and also build my hours needed for the CPL. I would love to do my acrobatics rating and often dream about it! I would also love to do a mountain rating, having spent a lot of my life skiing, this sounds f... Read More »

Shalyn Applegate-Marchetti    (Missouri)

Shalyn Applegate-Marchetti (Missouri)

Shalyn Applegate-Marchetti is based at 15MO, Applegate Airport, Queen City, Missouri. Hello!! I have been a proud member of LLT since 2014, but so much has happened in the past four years that I feel the need to update my bio. I’ve long been passionate about flying. I was raised on a private airport in Northeast Missouri. I went flying for the first time at 3 weeks old, and I’ve spent many hours in planes since. I spent most of my life knowing that I was going to be a pilot. Fellow LLT member Sharon Tinkler fondly remembers me at age 8 confiden... Read More »

Sara Cameron     (Canada)

Sara Cameron (Canada)

Sara Cameron is based at CYXY, Whitehorse/Erik Nielsen International Airport, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I learned to fly with my dad in his 170 out of Steamboat Springs Colorado where he gave me good mountain training as well as flying through the Idaho Backcountry to go camping with him, my sister and my mom. My dream wedding was always to have my dad fly my new husband and I away in the airplane out of Thomas Creek in Idaho with “Just Married” on the windows and cans hanging off. Little did I know that someday not only would I be flying, but... Read More »

Nicole Lund     (Nebraska)

Nicole Lund (Nebraska)

Nicole Lund is based at KCBF, Council Bluffs Municipal Airport, Council Bluffs, Iowa. I am Nicole, 20 years old, and I am currently attending the University of Nebraska Omaha. I am studying aviation. Ratings: Instrument-rated Private Pilot Aircraft flown: Cessna 150, 172, and 182. Piper Cub and Piper Arrow Dream Taildragger: Champ Read More »

Katie Shields     (Illinois)

Katie Shields (Illinois)

Katie Shields is currently based at KDWF, David Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, TX and is a flight instructor. I started flying a Citabria recently and love it! Just did my first aerobatic flight in a Decathlon! Ratings: CSEL, CMEL, CFI, CFII, MEI Aircraft flown: C152, C172, PA44, 7ECA, 8KCAB Dream Taildragger: Extra 300 Thoughts on taildragging: I love flying with a stick! It feels so much more natural! Read More »

Jordyn Matthews   (Arizona)

Jordyn Matthews (Arizona)

Jordyn Matthews is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, AZ. Hello! My name is Jordyn Matthews. On September 14, 2016 I took a discovery flight in a Piper Archer at a small airport in Chandler, Arizona. Before that day, I was a full-time orthodontic assistant who had once thought that dental was her only destined career path. Everything changed after that first flight… and it was full steam ahead! I knew that I could not sit in an office any longer, when I could be looking at the world from the sky. So I took out a loan and... Read More »

“Any aircraft in our airspace, report!”

“Any aircraft in our airspace, report!”

There’s one thing I’ve noticed recently about my flying – I have a difficult time flying a straight line. Oh, it’s not that I can’t follow the pink line, it’s that a straight line bores me. Whether I’m flying just 38 miles like yesterday to KBAK, or 138 miles or 1380 miles, I’m all over the place! If I see a creek, I follow it. If I see smoke in the distance, I explore it. I’ve lost the ability to fly straight ahead. Absolutely anything and everything interesting on the ground sucks me in an... Read More »

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