There’s Always Room For Another Pair Of Shoes!

There’s Always Room For Another Pair Of Shoes!

LadiesLoveTaildraggers Haunted Flying Tour Checklist Stakes Simple snacks Stripper Stilettos! That’s right, a pair of slinky, sexy, girly high heals will be our calling card at all the airports we visit. We’ll proudly position them in front of our wheels every night (26″, 29″ or 31″ bush wheels, 850’s, whatever ya got) and tuck them back into our baggage compartments for our next stop. And no, it wasn’t my idea but I love it! A very fun lady taildragger pilot who’ll be part of our Flying Tour sugg... Read More »

The ‘Haunted Flying Tour’ Facts and Figures

The ‘Haunted Flying Tour’ Facts and Figures

Great news! Right now we have 27 aircraft (48 people) registered to participate in our Haunted Flying Tour. Ladies are coming from far and wide, and a few men to boot! Incredibly, 19 states are represented: MI, OH, AZ, PA, OK, TX, LA, CO, MD, IN, MS, LA, WI, IL, ID, FL, CA, KS, NY and Ontario! And best yet, the list of taildraggers and nosewheel aircraft they’ll be flying are spectacular; a Pitts S1-T, Supercubs, RV6, RV7, RV8, Champs, Rans S7, Harmon Rocket, Decathlon, Maule, Thorp T-18, Scout, C180, Stinson 108, Globe Swift, Luscombe Si... Read More »

DeAnne Wiese     (Ohio)

DeAnne Wiese (Ohio)

DeAnne Wiese is based at 9OH2, Toussaint Airpark, Genoa, Ohio. Hello, I’m an advocate for all general aviation. I promote mostly Grass-roots flying, Bush Plane Aviation, Big Tire planes, Short Field Airports, Corn Field Airports, etc. You get the picture. I live on my own 2400′ Turf strip and fly my Aeronca Super Chief regularly off it. I enjoy vintage restorations, and Experimental aircraft projects. I’ve flown Bi-Planes across America and enjoy our Navy N3N with a passion. I’m also Transgender and involved in several s... Read More »

Pat Hange: Support one of our own!

Pat Hange: Support one of our own!

The name ‘LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ leaves no doubt about this group of gals … we love flying and we LOVE our taildraggers! Time and again, our members come together, friend each other, seek each other out, meet & fly together, and are a true community who support each other as individuals and pilots. Ours is an awesome group of ladies who I am happy to call friends. More than anything, I hope new members recognize the value of friendship and camaraderie, and seek out like-minded ladies for support and encouragement. We are ... Read More »

Elizabeth “Scottie” Manzo     (Georgia)

Elizabeth “Scottie” Manzo (Georgia)

Elizabeth “Scottie” Manzo is based at KAUO, Auburn University Regional Airport, Auburn, Alabama. I am from Gainesville, Georgia and a sophomore in the aviation program at Auburn University. My grandfather started teaching me to fly taildraggers when I turned 13 years old. Now I am excited to pursue a career in aviation, but maintain my hobby in tailwheel aircraft and aerobatics! Ratings: Private Pilot, SEL & SES, Instrument Rated Student Pilot, Gliders Aircraft flown: Cessna 150 (with a tailwheel conversion) Boeing PT-17 Stearma... Read More »

Flying what some consider “the best home-built aerobatic kit-plane ever designed”

Flying what some consider “the best home-built aerobatic kit-plane ever designed”

Get out and fly ladies! Fly for the fun of it, fly for the adventure of it, and fly for the opportunity to meet awesome pilots everywhere you go. On our recent flight around the rim of America we stopped at KOMN, Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, just north and under the Class C airspace of Dayton Beach International. KOMN is a controlled field and, for those that think “real flying” only happens at grass strips and uncontrolled fields, KOMN will prove you wrong. Within minutes of arriving, we found Lady Taildragger pilot Gail Burch w... Read More »

Kaitlyn Gallegos     (California)

Kaitlyn Gallegos (California)

Kaitlyn Gallegos is based at KCRQ, McClellan-Palomar Airport, Carlsbad, California. I am a huge AvGeek! I have been flying since I was 14 years old and can’t get enough of it! I took Private Pilot Ground School at Palomar College and passed with the highest grade in the class. I then was a recipient of the AOPA AV8RS Scholarship and the San Diego Antique Aircraft Association Scholarship. Additionally, I am the current Operational Vice President of San Diego Aviation Explorer Post 120! I also am a member of WAI, AMA, IAC, and AOPA. My goal... Read More »

Mia Langford     (North Carolina)

Mia Langford (North Carolina)

Mia Langford is based at KPYG, Pageland Airport, Pageland, South Carolina and lives in Mint Hill, North Carolina. I’m relatively new to aviation; I’ve been flying for about a year and a half now. I’m currently working on getting my IFR rating. My goal is to make a career in aviation, flying corporate or charter, although a taildragger job would be absolutely a dream come true! Ratings: Private Pilot Certificate Aircraft flown: Cessna 182, 172, 150 Citabria Champ 7AC Super Cub L-2 Grasshopper L-19 Birddog Dream taildragger: Waco YMF Though... Read More »

Mikki Kline     (Georgia)

Mikki Kline (Georgia)

Mikki Kline is based at 48A, Cochran Airport, Cochran, Georgia. Working on my Instrument rating and new owner of a warbird – not a taildragger, but it’s mine!  It is Japanese… a Fuji Nikko LM-1 My husband and I bought it from a local guy, in our little town of 5,000 people. Crazy how we ended up with it, but I love it. Ratings: PPL Aircraft flown: Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Pa-28, Fuji Nikko LM-1 Dream taildragger: DC-3 Thoughts on taildragging: It scares me a little, but determined t... Read More »

Gillian Morse     (California)

Gillian Morse (California)

Gillian Morse is based at KSBA, Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, Santa Barbara, California. I am an engineer living in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally from Chicago, I went to Purdue University where I earned a private pilot license and a BS in aeronautical engineering. After college I lived in Fort Worth, TX working as an engineer at Lockheed Martin on fighter jets. While I haven’t flown an actual F-35 or F-16, I have certainly flown the simulators many times! I earned my tailwheel endorsement in Fort Worth in an Aeronca Champ and have been capti... Read More »

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