Anne Moore    (Virginia)

Anne Moore (Virginia)

Anne Moore is based at KFRR, Front Royal-Warren County Airport, Front Royal, Virginia.  Like Judy Birchler, I am a Type I diabetic diagnosed 47 years ago when I was 25, after the birth of my first child. I have been on the pump for 22 years. I am a classically trained artist and art educator and have had my own business for many years. I enjoy helping to keep “Kate”, our Cessna 140, clean and well maintained. I’m as old as she is and we keep getting better! I have trained for several hours learning to land from the right seat.... Read More »

Lang Wu     (California)

Lang Wu (California)

Lang Wu is based at KPAO, Palo Alto Airport, Palo Alto, California. I’m a new tailwheel pilot. I moved the US from China then start my PPL training in 2015. In Last September, I started to think that it’s time to make my flying more precise instead of rely on AP. So I jumped to a Citabria. It was so frustrating in the beginning. But finally I got my endorsement. I’m so glad to be a tailwheel pilot which my instructor calls a “real pilot”. Can’t wait to join this amazing community. Ratings: PPL with Instrument... Read More »

Anna Rusinowski     (Canada)

Anna Rusinowski (Canada)

Anna Rusinowski is based at CZBA, Burlington Executive Airport, a small, privately operated general aviation registered aerodrome in rural Burlington, Ontario west of Toronto. Anna is a 2019 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner! My name is Anna Rusinowski and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I completed my PPL in 2014 and have been flying recreationally ever since. More recently I have started commercial ground school in hopes of becoming a flight instructor in the next couple of years. I have never had airline aspira... Read More »

And the LLT 2019 Scholarship Winners Are…..

And the LLT 2019 Scholarship Winners Are…..

The list of LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ scholarship winners took a giant leap forward in 2019. This year we’re awarding an incredible 12 scholarships, amazingly twice as many as last year! As you know, the mission of our organization is to encourage more women to fly taildraggers and that’s exactly what we’ve focused this year’s scholarships around. We also want to encourage top-notch taildragger flying so advanced training scholarships have also been awarded. Here’s how it shakes out. 10 Scholarships went to wel... Read More »

Go to the Freakin’ Airport!

Go to the Freakin’ Airport!

Lucky you, you picked just the right day to visit LadiesLoveTaildraggers! Today I’m kicking off the first in a series of observation articles by flier, film maker, and founder of … not to mention one of the best tailwheel instructors I’ve come across, Brian Lansburgh. A former airshow performer, Brian has a writing style all his own. When it comes to aviating, he doesn’t mince words and leaves you with no doubt what side of the fence he stands on. “I feel that modern flight instruction f... Read More »

Cheryl Kraemer     (Texas)

Cheryl Kraemer (Texas)

Cheryl Kraemer is based at 2KL, Sunrise Beach Airport, Sunrise Beach Village, Texas, and looking forward to getting her tailwheel endorsement. I got my private in 2000. Life was busy working full time and flying took the back seat. When I retired in 2015 we bought a Grumman Tiger, I got current and got back in the left seat! Now our flying is just local and we are no longer into the long cross country trips. We sold the Tiger and have a Cub to fly. I have been in the 99s for many years and love how we support each other. I also am active with t... Read More »

Jennifer Nelson     (Kentucky)

Jennifer Nelson (Kentucky)

Jennifer Nelson is based at KLOU, Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky. Hi! I am a career change pilot currently working on my CFI/CFII. I have never flown a tailwheel, but hope to join in on the thrill soon! Ratings: PPL, Instrument, CSEL, CMEL Aircraft flown: Cessna 172, Piper Archer, Beech Bonanza, Piper Seminole Dream Taildragger: Piper Cub Read More »

Invitation to the Migratory Bird Fly-in, Havana, IL

Invitation to the Migratory Bird Fly-in, Havana, IL

This year the birds are back by the thousands according to Mike Purpura, the Illinois State Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation. Mike invites our members to this one-of-a-kind event — the Migratory Bird Fly-in, Saturday, March 16, 2019. That’s right – fly your bird to the charming town of Havana, IL, land at their grass strip and spend a fun day in the company of other bird loving pilots. “We are gearing up for our Annual Migratory Bird Fly-in at 9I0 Havana, IL on March 16th. Attendees will have a guided tou... Read More »

Jessica Vanderzwaag     (Missouri)

Jessica Vanderzwaag (Missouri)

Jessica Vanderzwaag is based at 1MO, Mountain Grove Memorial Airport, Mountain Grove, Missouri. I am a veteran of the Air Force and was introduced to flying by an old friend. I had no idea my PPL was an option and made it work, even though it took a little while. I come from a big family whose parents taught me to work hard for my dreams – that I am capable of anything if I put my mind to it. Ratings: Private Pilot 🙂 I have flown a Cessna 152, 150, 172. I have also flown a Luscombe and Globe Swift (but never taken off or landed these two ... Read More »

Kelsey Hare     (Pennsylvania)

Kelsey Hare (Pennsylvania)

Dream taildragger: A Ruby Red Top Cub! Read More »

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