Shalyn (Shay) Applegate (Missouri)

Shalyn (Shay) Applegate is based at 15MO, Applegate Airport, Queen City, Missouri. Flying has always been in my blood. Both my grandfather and grandmother were pilots, as well as my father and my mother. I actually live on an airport. With flying always being such a part of my life, becoming a pilot was just the next step. When I first started learning to fly at age 18, my father was insistent that I learn to fly in our 1940 J-3. On September 6th of 2013, my flight instructor finally hopped out of the front seat of the Cub and told me to take her around the patch. From that moment, I knew there was no feeling quite like flying my little Cub, cruising low and slow with the wind in my face.  I was sent this way by Mrs. Sharon Tinkler, who has always been quite the inspiration for me. 🙂  I am so looking forward to joining you all. I cannot begin to describe how much I look up to other women pilots. 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity! Shay Applegate Related