Kim Huntington (California)

Kim Huntington is based at KSMX, Santa Maria Public Airport/Capt G Allan Hancock Field, Santa Maria, California.

My Champ!

I have been flying taildraggers for over 30 years and other than float planes, they are just too much fun not to fly them. My husband and I converted his 1962 150 into a taildragger, but I just had to have my own. In 2009 an opportunity arose to purchase a Champ (my 6th 7 series), converted from a 7AC to a 7CCM w/the C90. This aircraft has history with my husband and was a 4 time award winner in the early 90s. In late 2010 we had to pull the engine (it was way overdue) and finished a bootcowl forward restoration in January of 2011.

My husband and I flying formation

We can be found on any weekend flying formation locally or to exotic and not-so exotic locations around the Central Coast of California.

 The day we bought my Champ, included in the KCCB newsletter

Kim Huntington

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  1. William
    April 11, 2019, 3:39 pm   /  Reply

    Hi Kim,

    I think you have (had?) a device to lock a Cessna window from the outside (so that you can properly latch the door by reaching through the window.)

    I am interested. Can you tell me more?



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