Kerry Conner is based at NZMS, Masterton/Hood Airport, Masterton, New Zealand.

Kerry Conner with the WWI aircraft, Pfalz D.III

Hello, I am from New Zealand and own a flight training organisation specialising in taildragger training. The only aircraft I have for training ab-initio through to CPL are taildraggers. Available on-line we have a Piper Cub (100hp) no flaps, a Piper Pacer (160hp, 4 seat), a Cessna 180 and a Tiger Moth.

Flying Pfalz D.III being chased by an SE5a in this photo

I have over 3500 hours in taildraggers and love flying and teaching in them. Taildragger aircraft I have ratings in are all those mentioned above plus The Cessna 150 taildragger, Cessna185, Maule, De Havilland Chipmunk, Gardan GY-20, Jodell D11, Thatcher CX4, Percival Piston Provost, North American Harvard, World War I aircraft such as the Pfalz DIII, Fokker DR-1, Airco DH 5, Fokker DVII, and the SE5a. I have also flown a J3 Cub, DH90, Auster, Cessna Bird dog, Beech Staggerwing and the Thorpe T18. I have been flying since 1984 and have over 7500 total hours.

3 Taildraggers I use for flight training

I live and work out of a town in New Zealand called Masterton, which is home to “The Vintage Aviator Collection” of WWI aircraft, which I am very privileged to be a part of as a pilot and get to fly their unique aircraft in airshows.

I am also a member of the NZ Warbirds Assn, NZ Women in Aviation, AOPA and the NZ C180/185 group. 

If anyone wants to come to NZ for a holiday and needs a taildragger fix, please come and see me, it would be great to fly with other women who love taildraggers.  Find me at


Kerry Conner

Masterton, New Zealand


  1. Gail
    September 27, 2012, 9:27 pm   /  Reply

    Hi Kerry,

    I’ll be looking forward to meeting you next March. My husband and I will be joining the Air Safari–in a 172 rented from the Nelson Aero club. At home we own and fly a Bücker, and anything else interesting we can get our hands on. Check youtube, search on 628BJ.


    • Kerry Conner
      October 1, 2012, 11:25 pm   /  Reply

      Hi Gail
      It would be great to catch up in March, I look forward to seeing you. Please come and find me, the safari starts right here on my home aerodrome, so I’m guessing you will be in town for a few days, so would be great to say hi.
      Regards Kerry

      • Gail
        October 7, 2012, 1:04 pm   /  Reply


        We will certainly be looking for you. We plan on getting to Masterton on Sunday. We’ll probably be a bit dazzled by all the stuff to do for the Safari but I’m sure we’ll find you at some point. We are really looking forward to this trip and having a fun time flying all around NZ.


  2. Charlotte
    September 24, 2012, 11:57 am   /  Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit and fly in NZ, even better to do so in taildraggers!

    • Kerry Conner
      October 1, 2012, 11:26 pm   /  Reply

      Hi Charlotte
      Yes, definately are the aircraft to fly – thats for sure. Please come and look me up if you come to visit.
      Regards Kerry

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