Jamie Lay (Alaska)

Jamie Lay is based at PASX, Soldotna Airport, Soldotna, Alaska.

I moved to Alaska after graduating from the University of Colorado with a BS in Biochemistry for my first job. I was living on a lake and immediately fell in love with taildraggers! Throughout the summer float planes were constantly taking off and landing, and in the winter many of my neighbors had their taildraggers on skis! All of my friends in Alaska fly and have their own planes, and when I began traveling by plane into remote areas with them, I felt the urge to learn how to fly!

In January I quit my job and bought a Piper J5A to learn in, while also finishing my masters online in Clinical Nutrition. This fall I’ll be attending Yale University for medical school, and hope to one day be a doctor of aeronautical medicine!

I’m currently a student pilot and will be taking my checkride May 1, 2018.

Aircraft flown: Piper J5A

Dream Taildragger: Super Cub 180!

What do you love about taildraggers? Their off airport capabilities.

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