Dianna Stanger is based at (KPKV) Calhoun County Airport, Port Lavaca, Texas.

Dianna Stanger Waco flying

I started flying taildraggers a mere three years ago after locating my grandfather’s 1942 Waco UPF-7. After restoring it I learned the wonderful world of tail wheels!  I have now added a Husky to my portfolio and enjoy flying it at the grass strip put in just for it at our ranch.  In addition to these two I am also piloting a Premier 1A and an EC120 but a moonlit night in a taildragger is classic!

Dianna & Kevin

My love of aviation is starting to consume me as I also own two flight schools.  Along with our local school system I host an aviation day at our airport and spend the day with 350 kids and about fifteen displays.  It is a great way to see a young mind start to click when they look up to the sky.  It is the single most rewarding day of my year.


This is the first year I will be entering the ARC 2011 and I plan on doing it in the Husky. There are other planes I could enter but the thought of anything but a stick and rudder plane is out of the question for us. We have a team called the Racing Aces. Keep an eye out for us – we are out for glory!

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  1. Susan
    February 11, 2011, 10:41 pm   /  Reply

    Yipppeee Dianna! Another Lady Waco Pilot!! Please post some more photos of the UPF-7! It looks lovely from what I can see! Welcome to the group and I hope we will see you at some fly-in soon!!


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